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Anniebach Fri 16-Jun-17 09:03:57

Have to stop cross stitching, I am lost. Arthritis in hands.

Cannot crochet , have tried many times . Holding pens difficult.

I have to rest for long periods and am so bored.

Any suggestions welcome

whitewave Fri 16-Jun-17 09:09:15

Try watercolour. You can start with some primary colours that you can mix and some water colour paper and give it a go. Start by copying something simple from say a Christmas card or similar.

Angela1961 Fri 16-Jun-17 09:29:41

Decopatch perhaps ? Try looking in your local Hobbycraft. They have lots of wooden/MDF items such as animals,trinket boxes, pots etc . They also sell high decorated thin tissue which you cut or tear and blue onto the item. I'm sure your hands would manage doing it.

Angela1961 Fri 16-Jun-17 09:30:11

Not blue. Glue !

PoshGran Fri 16-Jun-17 09:32:01

Have a look at Tatting on YTube; two techniques, shuttle & needle.
I taught myself to needle tat (the basic grip is different) last year under similar circumstances to you. I use fine threads but it is possible to use wool & thicker needle & get a crotchet-like finished items.
I posted a pic of examples under title New Year, New Craft on this Forum when I first joined GN.
Hope you you find something you like. smile

LadyGracie Fri 16-Jun-17 10:43:45

Jigsaws, when I broke my wrist I passed away many a happy hour, time flies by. Reading too.

Elegran Fri 16-Jun-17 12:18:29

There are online jigsaw sites too. I used to do lots of them from They come in all kinds of pictures and patterns, and all sizes and difficulties and numbers of pieces, and you won't drop any bits down the side of the sofa.

I liked the symmetrical patterns, they could be difficult enough to present a challenge but without those vast areas of sky that get boring.

NanaandGrampy Fri 16-Jun-17 12:22:07

Is it the handle of the crochet hook that foils you Annie or the crotchet itself?

I ask , because my late MiL had an issue with badly arthritic hands and we solved it by used some sort of mouldable foam on the hook which was then covered with a stocking. It meant she could still do it although it was a faff to get the hook just right to start with.

Elegran Fri 16-Jun-17 12:36:45

There are several types of crochet hooks with thick soft handles for arthritic hands on Amazon at

Elegran Fri 16-Jun-17 12:38:18

Although they didn't like me searching for "arthritic hands" and asked "Did you mean arthritis hands?"

NanaandGrampy Fri 16-Jun-17 13:41:28

That's so much better Elegran . The link not the phrasing smile

HildaW Fri 16-Jun-17 13:54:20

Rag Rugging works for me - its even good for poor eye-sight.

Jalima1108 Fri 16-Jun-17 14:40:30

Watercolours painted with a big brush can be quite satisfying and very absorbing.

Ron Ranson's style of painting with a hake can produce some good results unless you are the kind of person who likes small, intricate detail. However, even if you are it is sometimes good to get away from the finer detail.

Anniebach Fri 16-Jun-17 14:48:44

Nannaandgrampy, I cannot crochet , have tried many times .

I live fifty miles from Hobbycraft! And we have no craft shops in the town.

I am so grateful for all your suggestions, feel more cheery now ?, I am not use to just sitting and not an avid telly viewer .

Thank you all X

Alima Fri 16-Jun-17 16:21:42

Maybe not exactly a hobby but could you use audio books on your tablet/phone/iPad? There are apparently loads of websites/apps for these. Should be good for passing the time while you have a rest. We were looking into these when DH was going in for his hip op. With some, like book beat, you can start with a months free trial, others are free.
Have you done your family tree, I can spend hours on that.
Make up a scrapbook of your family to give to your children.
All I can think of at the mo, hope you find something.

willsmadnan Fri 16-Jun-17 18:07:00

Not much good if you suffer from arthritic hands, but I find decoupage is a great stress reliever, all that cutting and glueing can be very therapeutic . Unless you're foolish enough to agree to having a craft stall at the School fete in July, like me. Dining table is now covered in wooden boxes of all shapes and sizes in various stage of completion, and the kitchen work tops have become my workbench!
I'm thinking of having a go at making rag door wreaths for Christmas HildaW. Once the School fete is out of the way, that is.

NanaandGrampy Fri 16-Jun-17 18:14:53

There is an app called Kindeo where you can record videos for generations to come Annie. It's free I think. And gives you loads of ideas about what to talk about. You could do it without hurting your hands and would be wonderful for your grandchildren and beyond .

Granof11 Fri 16-Jun-17 19:43:59

Anniebach, I often enjoy your posts, your take on some of the threads that appear on Gransnet. Have you thought of Creative Writing if you don't do it already? I think you'd be good at it and you could get by with only using one or two fingers to type.

Good wishes to you and I hope the hands improve.

Granof11 Fri 16-Jun-17 19:45:18

Sorry, the word 'this' went astray.

Anniebach Fri 16-Jun-17 21:12:18

I have audio books Alima, enjoyed listening whilst stitching ,sob.
Have worked in my fsmily tress for about fifteen years, have a few brick walls remaining.

willsmadnan, decoupage has always fascinated me but at present scissors are out.

Nananandgrampy , I will certaintly look up that ap.

Granoff, how kind, I am not educated enough to consider creative writing , have you not noticed my spelling ? I have written a few articles for a family history magazine, I did five years of transcribing for a county here in Wales, the introduction of the Poor Law gripped me , and made me cry, this took me to delving into the archives to learn more about workhouses , brutal.

How kind you all are, I have much I now want to try working on, and rabbiting away here have thought of family members I knew when young , an eccentric great Aunt, a g grandfather who had many newspaper reports for work he did as a minister,

See I have talked too much again, it's a Welsh thing, why use one word when you csn use ten. Thank you all, how blessed to meet such kind people X

grandMattie Sat 17-Jun-17 09:46:03

S.d the spelling, Annie, just get on with writing your memoirs - or the stories of the eccentric aunts, uncles, grandparents etc. You would make a lovely job of it - even if it is for your family's eyes only.
And if you are too embarrassed, make sure you swear a trustworthy member of the family to hold on to the writings and not to look at the result for at least ten years after you die.
Good luck

Kim19 Sat 17-Jun-17 09:50:44

Anniebach I have found some strategic and mind-bending games and quizzes on my I-pad as well as the simple fun ones. Usually simple screen touch stuff. Good luck and thanks for your many posts which I find so interesting.

Coco51 Sat 17-Jun-17 10:07:51

How about writing, Anniebach if regular pens are difficult there are quite a few nice 'fat' pens around. Cult pens have a lovely fat wooden one (at a price but as a stationsry geek I'd buy it!). E-bay, and Amazon are worth a look as well as the shops that sell disability aids. You could write your family history, or keep a journal. Mine contains my rages against what is happening in the world, along with getting things off my chest, or sometimes a pain log. Bullet Journalling is a big thing now - lots of tips on Pinterest for really pretty designs.

Outofstepwithhumanity Sat 17-Jun-17 10:45:33

How about simple jewellery making - beading, macrame, simple bracelets with elastic, see Jewellerymaker TV & website. Many of the designers also have arthritic hands & there are lots of tools to make it easier to grip. I too have arthritic hands & "bent sausage" fingers, I find knitting helps to keep everything moving. I've also failed at crochet repeatedly - why? when I seem to manage most other crafts. Oh, also lace making, you only have to move bobbins around. Good luck!

Outofstepwithhumanity Sat 17-Jun-17 10:50:52

Oh, and by the way, bollocks to you're being "uneducated" - poor spelling isn't necessarily a sign of being either thick or uneducated. Your political & social posts & comments display a pretty good knowledge & you are obviously bright enough to be well informed - so there!