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Can I stop faux fur fabric shedding?

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teabagwoman Sun 26-Nov-17 17:33:27

I’m hoping that one of you lovely people can help this newbie to the world of crafting. My granddaughter needs a sheep costume for the village nativity. I’ve used Emma Hardy’s very simple pattern successfully but the fabric is shedding everywhere. Is there any way to stop this? For once Google has been unhelpful. With thanks in advance.

Hollycat Wed 29-Nov-17 17:30:54

I should just explain to your GD that it's the time of the year when sheep moult smile

Nelliemoser Wed 29-Nov-17 18:08:28

Hollycat grin
I have a wee 2.5 .yr grandson who wants to a be Dr right now. If you go into his house you get your blood pressure taken.
I have been asked my his mum to make some theatre scrubs more work and I haven't done any shopping yet.

I have just got some old sheeting out of my stash of the odds and ends in my loft to make a template.
Grannies work is never done.

Jalima1108 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:11:16

Unfortunately, grandad's stripey shirts went to the charity shop when he retired (and would only reach our shepherd's knees, if that anyway).

Jalima1108 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:11:48

I always have a stash of fabric, yarn, bits and bobs, buttons etc but never quite the ones I need

ellenemery Wed 29-Nov-17 18:34:56

Jalima1108 if you have time and a few charity shops close by may be lucky if someone has sent in a stripy summer dress or shift. Perhaps a friend or neighbour has a candystripe sheet in their ragbag. Best of luck with costume.

Jalima1108 Wed 29-Nov-17 18:36:49


Candy striped sheets went ages ago too. hmm

silversurf Wed 29-Nov-17 19:08:54

Sorry about the hair lacquer post, the fire risk with a child didn’t occur to me.

dumdum Wed 29-Nov-17 22:32:46

If you need an animal there are many animal onesies around that would fill the bill, not too expensive, and continued use after the event.

Katek Wed 29-Nov-17 22:49:17

Recent experiences with faux fur fabric..... I thought the cats were bad but this was 10 times worse!

DotMH1901 Wed 29-Nov-17 23:22:28

Teabagwoman - oh that took me back years! I was Mary's Little Lamb in a Christmas play in Junior School. Most Mum's would have just bought a lamb face mask and perhaps made a woolly jacket - no - not my Mum. She spent hours shaping wire coat hangers into a realistic version of a sheep's head then covered it with a sheepskin rug one of my Aunts had given her. On the night I was boiled alive in my costume and must have given the little kiddies in the audience nightmares - it was quite realistic!