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What is your favourite tv programme?

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Brendaj Sat 27-Oct-18 21:20:10

I enjoy watching tv but in the winter there does not seem to be anything interesting to watch expect soaps as usual. All the programmes seem pretty boring on average. I enjoy watching strictly come dancing though. it reminds me of going dancing when I was in my teens. Happy days.

sodapop Sun 28-Oct-18 08:36:08

I thought programmes improved during the winter, at least for me. I enjoy a good thriller
or drama series. Anything animal related is good for me. I really enjoy the Yorkshire Vet series as it reminds me of home as well.

Grandma70s Sun 28-Oct-18 08:43:26

I like University Challenge, Only Connect, Have I Got News for You and Would I Lie to You. Not Going Out is mildly funny. I never watch soaps, and drama only rarely.

If there’s nothing else I watch the BBC News Channel.

kittylester Sun 28-Oct-18 08:51:05

I enjoy Strictly, Pointless and non violent dramas. I watch the news a lot and switch between BBC and Sky. We watch Breakfast every morning, in bed, with our tea!

I am also addicted to Stenders because I'm nosey.

I enjoy radio 2 during the day.

Grandma70s Sun 28-Oct-18 09:05:22

Oh yes, I watch Breakfast too. I’d forgotten that.

Panache Sun 28-Oct-18 09:11:05

My favourite of all time is "Escape to the country" because I love all programmes snooping around houses, renovation,moving homes,design each one of these also has a tick!
Medical programmes are also close to my heart, especially the "real thing".
Whilst anything to do with dogs,quizes and Documentaries.

joannapiano Sun 28-Oct-18 09:22:56

We like Sky Art’s landscape painter competition, Only Connect and Would I Lie To You. DH very keen on Salvage Hunters on the Quest channel.

henetha Sun 28-Oct-18 09:28:36

I'm a telly addict, ( unashamedly, it's harmless! ), although I rarely watch it in the daytime, except for Escape to the Country, but in the evenings I enjoy almost everything.
I'm easy to please, loving EastEnders and Corrie, then any wildlife documentaries, quizzes like Mastermind and University Challenge, drama series (recently enjoyed The Cry), and of course the News... I love all news and current affair programmes. And at present I love Strictly and the X Factor. And any baking or cooking programmes. And lots of comedies, especially Have I Got News For You. Upstart Crow is brilliant..... I could go on..... and on...... grin

sunseeker Sun 28-Oct-18 09:43:36

I rarely find anything I want to watch on TV. I don't like soaps, "reality" programmes or all the property/baking/antique programmes. I do watch the news (national and local) and then it's either switch off and read a book or watch a DVD

Teetime Sun 28-Oct-18 10:01:34

University Challenge- so I can fantasise about Jeremy
The Post - was terrific - some more please
Police dramas without too much violence
Gentle murder mysteries - e.g. Midsummer Murders
House and Garden shows (not Monty what a bore)
A good film
Strictly - largely because there is nothing else on Saturday evenings
More on Netflix than anything else

jusnoneed Sun 28-Oct-18 10:10:28

I watch BBC breakfast for an hour or so then telly goes off until around 8 in the evening. Then it goes onto Sky, although nice to have Only Connect back this week so will watch that.
I watch the Aussie version of Masterchef, much better than UK one which I never watch these days. A couple of US series I like, Criminal Minds, Instinct.
Sports - Superbikes and some Golf, Tennis.

OH likes things on Quest/Discovery such as Gold Hunters (I think it's called) etc but he watches that in his room.

Hate things like Strictly/X Factor and so called Reality shows. All the Antique things and house selling/doing up/gardening done to death. Never watch any of the soaps now.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 28-Oct-18 10:17:22

Haven't watched any of the soaps for about 15 years.

Love Strictly, Bake off and most of the cookery related shows.

Like quizzes Husband and I are quite competitive especially with University Challenge.

I loved The Crown on Netflix, I do not like anything with unnecessary or gratuitous violence in.

Husband loves Game of Thrones and War related/Historical documentaries.

Izabella Sun 28-Oct-18 10:59:36

Ours is very rarely on. But HOYS. Not sure what Netflix is either really. I do enjoy a trip to the cinema though and meeting friends there.

Grammaretto Sun 28-Oct-18 11:35:40

I've gone off soaps too. Maybe an age thing.
I enjoy house programmes like grand design and Phil and Kirsty.
Countryfile, have I got news fy, some quizzes, coast, timewatch, most history progs, who do you think you are, that house programme along the same lines, bake off, throw down, sewing bake off, one off dramas.
Downtown Abbey, late night arts progs.
We don't have Netflix but often go to the cinema.

Brendaj Sun 28-Oct-18 11:55:34

I would like to thank everybody who has replied to my makes me feel that I am not alone I have SKY and sky cinema.watched some really good films This includes black panther and Deadpool. Although it is quite expensive there over 1000 films to watch. That is if I had more time.

tiredoldwoman Sun 28-Oct-18 11:57:35

Housey programmes , Salvage Hunters and First Dates .

annodomini Sun 28-Oct-18 12:09:10

University Challenge and Only Connect, to exercise the little grey cells
Super vet - Noel Fitzpatrick is irresistible.
Strictly - it has become a habit!

Liz46 Sun 28-Oct-18 12:40:44

The Last Leg

Brendaj Sun 28-Oct-18 12:43:48

did anybody watch Versailles ? when it was on really enjoyed it wish they would make another series.

Marmight Sun 28-Oct-18 12:48:51

I don't watch any soaps or reality programmes. I like a good juicy murder/thriller, dramas like Downton, Versailles & Poldark, documentaries and for a little light relief, Antique Road show, Something for Nothing and Location x3. I watch most of these on the iPad on catch up. I'm just catching up on Killing Eve. (from behind a cushion 😯)

BBbevan Sun 28-Oct-18 12:50:34

I have watched UC for years and now Only Connect as well. I have enjoyed Upstart Crow and like various 'cop' programmes like Vera and Rebus. One series I very much enjoyed but can't remember what it was called , was about how detectives solve crimes. And of course Strictly,

Marmight Sun 28-Oct-18 12:50:47

Brenda. There is one more series of Versailles I believe and then that's it.

Brendaj Sun 28-Oct-18 15:30:56

brilliant marmight
do you know when it will be starting?

TerriBull Sun 28-Oct-18 16:11:01

I don't watch any soaps so I don't have anything ongoing to keep up with, it's really a question of whatever is good at the moment. Any superior drama, particularly with a cliffhanger in the vein of "The Bodyguard/Line of Duty/The Unforgotten/Killing Eve/Keeping Faith" I'm hoping the new drama tonight "Little Drummer Girl" will be worth watching. I'm also enjoying Simon Reeve's Mediterranean travel programme. Enjoyable regulars would be "HIGNFY/Would I Lie to You/Bake Off" Gone off Strictly, have it on in the background, it's a habit though. I like period dramas thought the recent "Vanity Fair" was very well done. On Netflix I enjoyed "The Good Wife" and "The Crown" which is definitely more than a little bit special, also some of the superior Scandi and French dramas that come our way from time to time, but only their really good stuff.

My guilty secret is "Four in a Bed"

jeanie99 Sun 28-Oct-18 16:22:18

Natural History/Comedy/Lifestyle/X Factor
Loved Downton, Versailles,Game of Thrones/Lord of the Rings/ Field and Track/Olympics
Never watch
Soaps/Game Shows/shopping channels/Alternative Comedy/Strictly/Antique Road Show/football etc mainly group sports

Never thought about it before but a mixed bag
We have such a huge amount of choice with On Demand and Netflix, it seems we need to be entertained all the time.