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patp Tue 24-Sep-19 10:24:25

Just heard I am to be a first time Grandma!!! I keep oscillating between making things, as my mother did, and just buying some really nice little bits and pieces. My son in law is a bit of a "designer is best" kind of chap.
My dilemma was answered when my daughter bought me, for my Birthday, a crochet course!
Please can anyone advise if I am likely to learn how to crochet something like a pram blanket before the baby goes to school? I can knit albeit very slowly.

midgey Tue 24-Sep-19 10:32:55

No answer for you but wish you luck! I started making a patchwork quilt for my daughter as a teenager....then it was for her eighteenth then twenty first! When she married and hit thirty I threw it away!

Farmor15 Tue 24-Sep-19 10:34:28

Yes - crochet is quicker than knitting. You should be able to make blanket within reasonable time! Crochet is better for something like that than clothing. Your knitting skills may improve if you try a simple cardigan - I only took up knitting again after grandchildren started to arrive. However, check with parents as some modern ones don't want handknits - mine really like them.

Amee Tue 24-Sep-19 10:43:23

Congratulations! Maybe start with something small, a pair of booties, or a hat. There are some great patterns on Ravelry, just mark the boxes for crochet and free patterns and see what comes up. Good luck and hope you enjoy your new craft smile

kircubbin2000 Tue 24-Sep-19 11:57:33

It's easy. When mine were small I made a coat of many colours and even lined it.No one else had one like it.

Barmeyoldbat Tue 24-Sep-19 12:28:29

Yes crochet is much quicker, especially something like a babies blanket. You will be able to pick it up, do a few lines and then put it down with no trouble. Good luck

Thorntrees Tue 24-Sep-19 18:10:48

A crochet baby blanket will be quickly mastered, just make a granny square- plenty of tutorials on u tube and keep going until it’s the size you want.
Baby wool makes a lovely soft blanket, double knit using a 4mm hook.
If you have a flower loom you can make some to decorate it or make some bows with satin ribbon.
Give it a go,I’m sure it will become a treasured gift for your new grandchild.