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Lurkers' week: calling crafty gransnetters!!

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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Wed 11-Mar-20 15:00:27

We’d love to know what creative projects you are in the middle of - or have finished recently. Be it knitting, sewing, art, upcycling… tell us more. Or better still, show us.

For those who haven’t added a photo to the site before, this is how you do it…

1. Click ‘add a comment’
2. Type any text you want to include in the box that says message
3. Click on the ‘choose file’ button (next to the word ‘Images’)
4. Select whichever file you want to upload from your computer
5. Press ‘post message’

(And before you ask where our creations are...let’s just say it’s a pretty poor show at GNHQ. One of us - ok, me blush - had to be cut free from a chair during their only attempt at knitting and that seems to be par for the course round these parts.)

mary51 Wed 11-Mar-20 20:18:00

I've nearly finished a rooster just two more tail feathers to sew on
From Knitted Farm Animals by Sarah Keen.

However looking at him from the front one eye is higher than the other
So he is literally cock eyed and will need some delicate surgery.

GrannyLaine Wed 11-Mar-20 20:34:29

This is the shawl I knitted for my baby granddaughter. Knitted in 2 ply, it tested my patience like nothing has ever done before but I am very proud of the end result.

Chewbacca Wed 11-Mar-20 21:41:51

GrannyLaine, that is stunning! You should be very proud of that; it's heirloom quality.

GrannyLaine Wed 11-Mar-20 21:49:56

Thank you Chewbacca. It should have a label attached that says 'please return to Mum for washing'
P.S. I'm slightly embarrassed that the teddy appears to have lady parts.

Chewbacca Wed 11-Mar-20 22:01:45

Oooh! I missed the teddy's genitalia so went back to have a look! And you're right! grin

Which just goes to show that I was more enthralled by your beautiful handiwork than the teddy!

Purpledaffodil Wed 11-Mar-20 22:09:20

Interesting Teddy?But absolutely amazing shawl. Something to be very proud of GrannyLaine

GrannyLaine Wed 11-Mar-20 22:13:18

You are very kind! I started it when my DD was having difficulty conceiving and was very upset. I thought I would stare fate in the eye and throw down the gauntlet, so to speak. There were many times when I was ready to email Patons to tell them their pattern was b----y wrong. But fate was kind and of course, I take all credit for the gift of that baby girl.

Purpledaffodil Wed 11-Mar-20 22:25:16

Well that focussed optimism makes it all the more special. And what a special recipient too!?

Gransooz Wed 11-Mar-20 22:27:08

The shawl is just beautiful! Like Chewbacca, I didn’t notice anything different about the teddy and went back to see - and see I did! ? I think a lot of patience would be needed to knit your shawl but totally worth it. It really will be something worth keeping and passing on. My mum knitted beautiful shawls for my two daughters and I have them carefully wrapped in my loft. Although one of my daughters has two sons, she wouldn’t have had the time or patience needed to look after hers and only used it for the christening. Hopefully they will be used again some day.

Gransooz Wed 11-Mar-20 22:31:19

GrannyLaine of course it was your shawl and teddy that I was talking about! ?

Gransooz Wed 11-Mar-20 23:39:54

This is what I’m doing just now. I’m hoping it’ll end up as a snood. I’ve never used a “fluffy” yarn before but with a bit of patience I’m getting there. I have had a couple of mistakes that I’ve had to take back and that is difficult with that yarn but hopefully I’ll get there - maybe in time for next winter! ?

Marydoll Wed 11-Mar-20 23:47:38

GrannyLaine, the shawl is stunning. I used to knit a lot, but I could never have achieved something so complicated. You must have endless patience.

Feelingmyage55 Thu 12-Mar-20 00:11:27

grannylaine Exquisite. Is your name a play on “wool”?

Beechnut Thu 12-Mar-20 07:35:56

That’s a beautiful shawl GrannieLaine

GrannyLaine Thu 12-Mar-20 07:49:21

Thank you all for such lovely comments
Feelingmyage55 do you know, I'd never thought of that connection? It isn't, but I can be a bit woolly at times........

GrannyLaine Thu 12-Mar-20 07:54:01

Gransooz that looks lovely and cosy. I know what you mean about taking back fluffy knitting....confused

travelsafar Thu 12-Mar-20 08:46:09

Granny laine how beautiful. I really hope that all your hard work is going to be treasured by the family for many generations ahead. A true work of art. I do knit myself but would never have attempted something like this. Well done you. smile

Angelwings Thu 12-Mar-20 10:44:06

I upcycled this bentwood coffee table. It was chucked out in a car park just as I was parking up and was offered to me for free.
Originally it was plain wood with chips out of the edges and colourful scribbling from felt tip pens on the top.
I painted it and covered the top in a wallpaper which I then lacquered, and now it’s back in use.

Nortsat Thu 12-Mar-20 12:11:41

I enjoy counting cross stitch and making cross stitch cushion covers. It only requires low grade concentration and I can chat/listen to music/watch television and keep my hands busy with cross stitch.
(Beautiful shawl GrannieLaine and teddy made me howl ...)

Tricia247uk Thu 12-Mar-20 12:22:58

That's beautiful Angelwings. You've inspired me to try something similar. The wallpaper is exquisite, where is it from? And what paint did you use?

Chewbacca Thu 12-Mar-20 12:55:06

I do card making, scrap booking, knitting and counted cross stitch. These are a couple I did a little while ago.

Farmor15 Thu 12-Mar-20 12:58:45

My first attempt at rag-rugging.

joolzy Fri 13-Mar-20 10:29:03

I'm just learning crochet so my projects have all been small, some hand warmers, a neck warmer, coasters and a bowl. On with a soap bag for my daughter at moment

Yorksherlass Fri 13-Mar-20 11:29:05

Latest production ?