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What are you wearing today?

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hollysteers Sat 04-Apr-20 11:50:17

I keep reading about making an effort during lockdown. Alone at the moment, I wearing a cosy fleece over a T shirt and black jogging trousers. BUT, I put on my bright red lipstick and best specs plus earrings for video calls. Haven’t washed my hair for a couple of weeks and acrylic nails need attention, so filing them down myself. No bra?.
I draw the line at slippers out of the bedroom, so am wearing comfy, battered boat shoes. And that dab of scent.
Apologies if this is a repeat of someone else’s post.

Urmstongran Sat 04-Apr-20 12:30:30

After my shower I put on clean underwear (bra too) and a fetching pair of soft trousers with a swirling print. So far so okay. Then because it’s a bit chilly, I’ve put on a Breton top in red & white stripes.

Good job I can’t be seen!

SalsaQueen Sat 04-Apr-20 16:36:28

Showered, washed my hair (I usually do it daily but it's been 3 days). Make-up (first time since Wednesday, usually daily). Navy trousers, a camisole top, cardigan, trainers.

Chewbacca Sat 04-Apr-20 16:41:10

Well I'm not working today so won't be sat at a pc all day and so don't need the fleecys. I'm in charcoal leggings and a white cami underneath a pale blue boat neck slouch sweater. And I'm wearing a bra today! This is pretty dressed up for me these days! grin

Whitewavemark2 Sat 04-Apr-20 16:42:37

Grey wool trousers, pink silk shortsleeved top, pink cashmere cardigan.

I’m looking forward to putting away the winter woollies.

craftyone Sat 04-Apr-20 16:47:09

shower, washed hair, made the bed. A smart and bright sweatshirt and black nina leonard trousers, earrings. I had watering to d, baking and a nice cycle ride. Felt comfy all day and not sloppy also suitably supported

tanith Sat 04-Apr-20 16:53:02

Showered hair washed clean undies, denim jeggings, thin lilac sweater peach Skechers. No make up or jewellery. I’ve been outside most of the day.

rosenoir Sat 04-Apr-20 17:07:07

This morning trousers that fit perfectly last week but are too tight today and a t shirt as I thought it was warmer than it is.

This afternoon baggy linen trousers and a jersey top, 9 oclock it will be pjs and dressing gown.

CherryCezzy Sat 04-Apr-20 17:09:56

Usual shower routine and then clean underwear with bra donned a pair of denim jeggings and lightweight cotton top, navy with deep red daisy like flowers on. I do have slipper booties on - my excuse - it stops the shoes for outdoors bringing dirt into the house.

LadyGracie Sat 04-Apr-20 17:20:32

Long sleeved vest and polo neck jumper, fleece lined jogging bottoms and long socks.

maddyone Sat 04-Apr-20 17:30:03

Clean underwear, bra and pants as every day, then Heatgen long sleeve top, grey joggers, and a thin blue grey polo neck jumper. Cotton socks, grey, and sheepskin slippers. No earrings today and no makeup, haven’t bothered with makeup since the lockdown, but do cleanse and moisturise morning and evening. Later it will be pyjamas and fleecy dressing gown.

grannysyb Sat 04-Apr-20 17:44:29

Started in black cashmere jumper and black crepe wide legged trousers. Put gardening trousers and t shirt on when I tackled the front garden. Have changed back now and waiting for my g and t!

merlotgran Sat 04-Apr-20 17:54:28

Grey jeans and red T shirt in the garden but will probably put my navy jumper on now it's a bit cooler.

MawB Sat 04-Apr-20 18:15:19

What a well-dressed bunch you all seem to be! All that cashmere and silk!
As I have been weeding I am only in my second-best pearls
And a pair of jeans and a stripy velour Breton top to preserve my modesty.

BlueSapphire Sat 04-Apr-20 20:43:23

Showered, washed hair as I do every day. Light cotton jeans and long sleeve t-shirt. Matching cardigan this evening as it's got cooler. Cannot wear stuff that doesn't match!

Chardy Sat 04-Apr-20 20:48:04

Been a slob of late. Today did the washing, hoovered, got dressed in clean clothes (jeggings and long top) and put a bit of makeup on, all before 9am.
I did feel better for it, and will try to do the same tomorrow.

MiniMoon Sat 04-Apr-20 21:00:05

I'm wearing my usual outfit. Jeans and a jumper. Today's is a hooded sweatshirt type thing. It's not very warm here in Northumberland, 8° was the best it managed today.

etheltbags1 Sat 04-Apr-20 21:00:35

Im in my jamas as usual but I have been wearing leggings with a tunic and thick card I onvthe top. I can't see the point of make-up, perfume or jewellery apart from my earnings which I can't remove. However I do shower ever day and wash my hair. The opening poster hasn't washed her hair for 2 weeks. I can't believe that is disgusting. I assumed everyone did their hair with a daily or bi daily shower.

Nortsat Sat 04-Apr-20 22:21:39

Black leggings and black vest top.
Grey and white waterfall cardigan.
Black Monica Vinader earrings and grey beaded necklace.
Black ballerina slippers.
Molton Brown Eau de toilette
Clinique moisturiser.
Big smile - staying positive ?

etheltbags1 Tue 07-Apr-20 18:43:37

Today I'm sitting in the Sun in my channel top, black linen trousers by Donna Karen, my shoes are Jimmy choos and my hat is monsoon. It is so hot I'm drinking chambers. Quite a different day to yesterday. Oops am I overdressed for gransnet just normal for a council estate.

annodomini Tue 07-Apr-20 19:21:28

Grey joggers, Blue stripey long-sleeved tee, bright pink cardi which I bought on line by mistake and wouldn't wear in public; navy sneakers and socks.

SalsaQueen Tue 07-Apr-20 19:25:19

This morning, for work - black trousers, black ankle boots, a pink blouse that's got dark pink, white and black dots on. A full face of make-up.

Since I got home at lunchtime - a beige t-shirt, black jogging trousers, socks, bare face.

In an hour, I'll be in my "Grumpy Cat" pyjamas, and my unicorn slippers, face cream grin

BlueBelle Tue 07-Apr-20 19:28:44

I can’t imagine not washing my hair every day I stick to my same routine make the bed shower /hair brush teeth (all in shower) wear whatever I would have normally worn, put on make up (don’t wear much) and earrings and that happens wether I m staying in or going out I do put my pyjamas on early though, about now, looks like comfy time is beckoning

TrendyNannie6 Tue 07-Apr-20 19:29:08

Black trousers monochrome blouse hair washed and styled make up on, necklace earings

EllanVannin Tue 07-Apr-20 19:40:58

Just changed from shoes to slippers as I don't like wearing slippers in the daytime.
I've got a jumper and a cardigan on now as well, it's gone a bit nippy, heating's gone on too. I wish the atmosphere would warm up like it does abroad when you feel the heat hit you. It never seems to do that here.