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Foxglove painting

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Purplepixie Sun 19-Jul-20 16:21:42

Hi all
I’ve just finished this painting of some foxgloves which has kept me sane during this lockdown.

Thank you for looking.

Glorybee Sun 19-Jul-20 16:24:54

That’s beautiful, Purplepixie.

Peardrop50 Sun 19-Jul-20 16:26:38

wow Purplepixie, that's lovely. What is the medium?

Maggiemaybe Sun 19-Jul-20 16:28:35

Lovely, Purplepixie. We’ve had a brilliant display of foxgloves in the garden this year (we’ve not had them before). I was surprised when a friend said that they’re toxic- I can remember putting my fingers in the flowers when I was little, pretending they were my gloves.

Purplepixie Sun 19-Jul-20 16:34:02

Thank you. It's painted using watercolours.

Carillion01 Sun 19-Jul-20 16:35:34

Purple that is beautiful. You are so talented. X

Carillion01 Sun 19-Jul-20 16:40:21

I would give anything to be able to paint it must be so rewarding. The closest I ever got to something like your beautiful painting was an embroidery which was not in the same league as your painting. Do you have any other flower paintings?

Liz46 Sun 19-Jul-20 16:43:29

That's beautiful. We have some in the garden and the bees don't seem to know they are toxic! It's very noisy when the bee gets right inside a flower.

avitorl Sun 19-Jul-20 16:44:12

Beautiful. what a brilliant talent to have .It must bring you pleasure and peace in these difficult times.

Peardrop50 Sun 19-Jul-20 16:49:28

Purplepixie I hope it's going to take pride of place on your wall.

Esspee Sun 19-Jul-20 16:54:03

I love the painting. It would look wonderful on fabric, I’m thinking cushion covers.

Maggiemaybe, they are indeed toxic if eaten but apparently they taste horrible so that rarely happens. It is best to wear gloves when dealing with them as the poison can enter through an open wound. The cardiac glycosides produced are used in heart medicine. As the leaves are sometimes mistaken for comfrey it is usually people attempting “alternative medicine” who suffer.

EllanVannin Sun 19-Jul-20 16:54:20

How beautiful. I love paintings and so love the foxglove too such a beautiful flower. Well done. Frame it , behind glass and hang it and enjoy it too.

Chewbacca Sun 19-Jul-20 16:59:39

That is just beautiful Purplepixie; you're a very talented artist. I'd be delighted to have that displayed in my home.

Purplepixie Sun 19-Jul-20 17:02:25

Thank you so much for the lovely words. Yes, I have done some other flowers in the past.

BBbevan Sun 19-Jul-20 17:36:26

That is just lovely. Well done

Nortsat Sun 19-Jul-20 17:40:25

How lovely.
Thank you for sharing.

Maggiemaybe Sun 19-Jul-20 18:58:29

Thank you for the information, Esspee, that’s very interesting.

ginny Sun 19-Jul-20 19:02:32


Purplepixie Sun 19-Jul-20 19:45:40

Thank you

Greyduster Sun 19-Jul-20 19:52:10

Lovely painting, Purplepixie! Not an easy medium, watercolour.

Callistemon Sun 19-Jul-20 19:55:09

Lovely and delicate Purplepixie

Did you 'drop in' the colours?

Purplepixie Sun 19-Jul-20 20:00:03

I dropped some of the colours in as well as using salt on the back ground.

Callistemon Sun 19-Jul-20 20:04:31

Oh, I'd forgotten that! It's quite a while since I did any painting, in fact I was just looking at my books and wondering whether to give them away or try again.

seacliff Sun 19-Jul-20 20:32:43


Purplepixie Tue 21-Jul-20 17:51:54

I also use cling film for the background at times, but this is rock salt.