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Lilypops Sat 26-Dec-20 19:15:04

I started to crochet yet another blanket , I had no one in mind to give it too, it just kept me busy during the early days of lockdown,
Now I have learnt my nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby in May , What I want to ask GN,s. Is , Do young parents like hand crocheted blankets or are they old fashioned now , I know a lot of babies sleep in sleep bags now and don’t need blankets. I would hate to give them something they don’t like or need. This one would be cot sized by the time it’s finished. What do you think ?

Knittynatter Sat 26-Dec-20 19:31:30

That will be a lovely gift for them. My grandson is 18 months old and will go fetch his blanket when he is ready fir his afternoon nap. Go ahead and make one: don’t put yourself off by trying to guess what they will think. ?

bridie54 Sat 26-Dec-20 19:31:41

Go for it Lilypops. Am crocheting a blanket just now but mine is for the cats in the local shelter. My grandchildren are older and abroad now but they had their blankets here. Most mums will love a blanket, tucked round the baby in their car seat or pram, or in their cot. You’ll have the satisfaction of making it too.

ginny Sat 26-Dec-20 19:34:02

Definitely, a lovely gift. They seem to be becoming more and more popular.

Lilypops Sat 26-Dec-20 19:41:18

Thankyou Knittynatter am guessing by your name that you are a keen knitter? Thankyou Bridie54. , I will give it to my nephew and wife. As you say it will be handy for the car as well as afternoon naps. Also I was thinking when Mum is up in the night for feeds , maybe it will keep her warm whilst feeding.
Thanks for your encouraging thoughts

Callistemon Sat 26-Dec-20 19:46:36

I'm on about my 6th, lilypops, mindlessly crocheting whilst watching TV!

If I was making one for a baby I would use a close stitch rather than a traditional "granny blanket" as I always wonder if babies could get their little fingers caught up in a looser type crochet.

I'd use a single crochet stitch I think.

Callistemon Sat 26-Dec-20 19:52:22

You know them well, lilypops but, judging by my family, they would love one (unless mine are just being polite ?).

Knitted or crocheted baby clothes are always a bit more subjective.

Lilypops Sat 26-Dec-20 19:56:38

Callistemon. I have already started the blanket in Granny blanket but I have done it all round not individual squares,

Lilypops Sat 26-Dec-20 19:58:33

Callistemon. I only learnt to crochet last year , I could never master the corners, now there is no stopping me. I love doing them , I have made 4 ,

Alexa Sat 26-Dec-20 21:04:21

What a lovely thing to make Lilypops! I'd like to see a photo of it.

Grandma11 Sat 26-Dec-20 21:12:25

Knitted and Crocheted Blankets are quite a popular trend with new mum's at the moment. For the last couple of years, some of my Daughter's friends have asked if I would make them one after seeing what I made for DGd. The only specific feature they requested was the Colour scheme, often to match the Baby's Nusery.
Modern day trends are often very different to the traditional pastel shades of years gone by, the last one I made for a Hairdresser friend was Grey, White, and Bright Yellow at her request!

Teacheranne Sat 26-Dec-20 21:15:17

I make lots of crochet blankets and sometimes sell them to friends for a few pounds for a local charity. I also give them away as I run out of space to keep them all! I find that they are useful to wrap baby up on when nursing or in the pram but also very handy as a play mat on the floor. I sometimes make them in pastel colours but my daughter tells me that Mother’s now favour ones in bolder colours.

This is a lap blanket I have made, probably going to keep this for myself.

Lilypops Sat 26-Dec-20 23:00:10

Thankyou all for your input on the crochet blanket I am making, I will give it to my nephew and his wife as you have all been so kind in encouraging me and persuading me that younger mums do like them.
Alexa I will try to put a photo on for you but I haven’t done a photo on here yet, I will get the manual out and try to do it tomorrow , as well as the others I have done x

Lilypops Sat 26-Dec-20 23:01:52

Teacher Anne. Your blanket has lovely colours in it. I don’t blame you for wanting it for yourself. I kept my first one too ,

Callistemon Sat 26-Dec-20 23:15:01

Teacheranne's style of blanket would be perfect, it is a close stitch without large holes.

I must try to progress !

Teacheranne Sun 27-Dec-20 02:13:18

If you are interested in making colourful blankets, have a look at Attic 24 online. Lucy has several patterns all using bright colour ways, I used the Dahlia Spike pattern using a yarn pack called Aria. Wool Warehouse sell packs of the 15 colours used, mainly in Stylecraft Special DK, for slightly less than the cost of 15 individual colours.

There is enough yarn in a pack to make a single bed blanket so as I made a smaller lap sized one, I have some left over and am deciding what to make with it..

Lilypops Sun 27-Dec-20 08:45:08

Teacher Anne Thankyou. That looks an interesting site I will have a look,
Can you tell me how to put a photo up on here please ,

Gingster Sun 27-Dec-20 08:54:58

I crocheted a blanket for each of my 8 GC, a few years ago. The twin boys had theirs in Westham colours and the girls in pretty pastel shades.

I think I’ll do a few more now in bolder colours and give them to whoever would like one.

This is one I made a couple of years ago.

Polly99 Sun 27-Dec-20 09:39:44

Lovely blankets Teacheranne and Gingster. I have made several crochet blankets for babies. Good idea to make larger ones for older children and a nice project to begin just now. I agree you don't want too many "holes" where babies can catch their fingers. Lot's of nice close patterns available on you tube and other internet sites.

inishowen Sun 27-Dec-20 10:03:36

A blanket is always useful. My grandchildren like to have one in the car when going home on chilly evenings. They often wrap up when watching TV too. A blanket is a comfort, a lovely think to have.

NotSpaghetti Sun 27-Dec-20 10:08:15

I think it depends on the young mum. Why not ask?
My middle daughter loves them, my older daughter makes them, my daughter in law wouldn't want or use one.

Callistemon Sun 27-Dec-20 10:30:36

I'm going to have to up my game now I've taught myself the basics!

MiniMoon Sun 27-Dec-20 10:32:54

I made a buggy blanket for my first grandchild. I crocheted it in purple and orange! It was much admired by my DD's friends.
I made blankets for all my grandchildren.

Harris27 Sun 27-Dec-20 10:38:14

I knit and my sons friends have had children. I’ve known them for years and have given them knitted blankets with other gifts as an extra and they’ve lived them. Genuinely pleased. Some young people don’t use knitted cardigans but some do.

Lilypops Sun 27-Dec-20 12:20:00

I am trying to post a photo of my blanket but it doesn’t seem to be working. Let’s try again.