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OK, let’s hear about your ‘best’ UFO - (unfinished object).

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Witzend Fri 13-Aug-21 09:46:21

Mine was the long black jacket I was knitting for a sister in the US, after she’d looked for similar while here, and had failed to find what she wanted.

I knitted the whole wretched thing - except for the ‘pick up and knit’ band all up one side, round the neck, and down the other.

Tried and tried, just could not manage it - even worse with black yarn, so hard to see the stitches.
Eventually gave up.
Luckily it was relatively cheap acrylic yarn - had to be easily washable since DSis puts just about everything in the tumble drier.

Maggiemaybe Fri 20-Aug-21 08:24:49


How long since you started it, Itsawelshthing? We need to know! I think BlueSapphire is the winner so far - 40 years - can anyone beat that?

A few of us, Witzend!

But kathyd is in a league of her own. grin

I might be able to beat all of you. I started a white lawn pintucked and embroidered christening gown, underslip, bib and bonnet for my pregnant friend 62 years ago. I still have it half finished and WILL finish it!

Witzend Fri 20-Aug-21 16:03:43

However did I miss that one? ?
First prize to kathyd! ???

Chardy Tue 24-Aug-21 14:53:19

Inspired by your thread, witzend, several years later, I've just completed 1 UFO. Thursday I'll start another.

Callistemon Tue 24-Aug-21 14:56:55


Rosiestocks and Callistemon, I dare say the main reason I don’t have unfinished N things, is because we have a very small garden and I would rather do absolutely anything rather than housework!

Witzend we do have quite a large garden but it does need some TLC at the moment too.

I give in if they get to double bed size, itsawelshthing.