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How many projects have you got on the go?

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Witzend Mon 20-Sep-21 14:23:42

Just realised I now have 4, since the latest newsletter from Knit for Nowt said that once again they have a massive waiting list. So I’ve started a ‘worry-eating’ dog - makes a change from the w-e monsters I’ve made before.

Plus there’s a C-word wreath with a couple of little robins, largely finished.
And Mary, donkey, and one sheep to go for the N-word set

Plus the stash buster blanket, in 2 strands of DK.
Even with all this, my stash doesn’t seem to have diminished much yet, but the blanket should ‘eat’ quite a bit - I’ve only done about 6 inches so far.

I’m sure someone will have more than four!

Callistemon Mon 20-Sep-21 14:47:25

I'm saying nothing grin

But I'm sure balls of yarn breed, despite trying to use up the oddments in a granny blanket.

Septimia Mon 20-Sep-21 14:48:15

Too many!!

Rosalyn69 Mon 20-Sep-21 14:48:39

Too many to mention. smile

Hetty58 Mon 20-Sep-21 14:50:45

Quite a lot, many unfinished - as I just love starting something new. The main point, for me, is enjoying the knitting - rather than producing useful things.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 20-Sep-21 15:25:39

Too many - If I die tomorrow I wonder what my relatives will think - should I worry?

Two patchwork quilts and a couple of cushions at least. I'm almost halfway through my 11th sock and then there's a teddy to knit who also has a little waistcoat. Ah well, never mind. As long as I have eyes to see and a brain to think ...

Witzend Mon 20-Sep-21 16:07:26

You’re probably right about them breeding, Callistemon - goodness knows what my lot have been up to, shut away in a dark, cosy wardrobe…

ginny Mon 20-Sep-21 16:17:58

I’m not telling. ?

merlotgran Mon 20-Sep-21 16:20:32

I love buying new wool and getting stuck in to yet another project.

If only I had the will power to finish what I’ve already started ?

BBbevan Mon 20-Sep-21 16:52:39

Finishing second book and knitting a jumper. That’s quite enough for now .

fairfraise Mon 20-Sep-21 18:00:45

Quite a few. A koala and a frog both in whacky colours, a white dove left over from last Christmas, a pair of socks from 2 years ago, and some Easter chicks which just need beaks and feet sewn on, to accompany complete hen and rooster. I've completely lost my knitting mojo, but perhaps when the dark nights are here I'll find it. And a couple of lengths of odd balls of wool just knitted up sometimes perhaps future scarves.

fairfraise Mon 20-Sep-21 18:02:29

What is a worry eating dog Witzend?

Callistemon Mon 20-Sep-21 18:25:57

I made a pile of granny squares and am now trying to join them together, following a YouTube video.

Witzend Mon 20-Sep-21 18:44:23

fairfraise, It’s a thing used by children’s therapists and social workers, etc. They have a deep mouth pocket so children can write down worries or draw a picture, and give it to the dog/other animal/monster, to ‘eat’.
I had never even heard of such things until about a year ago but apparently there’s a huge demand for them.

This is the one I’m making - it’ll be in different colours though.

fairfraise Mon 20-Sep-21 19:03:58

Oh, bit sad really. I don’t think I'll start one as I have too much like that unfinished. But good work.

Happysexagenarian Thu 23-Sep-21 00:06:59

Three quilts in various stages of production.
One Busy/Soft Book
Three Christmas stockings - awaiting delivery of materials to finish them.
An advent calendar, as above.
A handmade poseable Santa doll.
A wooden Jigsaw that I'm cutting on the Scroll Saw, third time lucky hopefully!

I will finish them all. I will. I promise!

nanna8 Thu 23-Sep-21 01:11:59

Um - a few . My main one is a Quaker embroidery which I love and when it is finished I am going to do one completely without a pattern using photos for the design. That’s what I plan today, anyway. If I get sick of things I go back to making pretty facemasks which only take 20 mins or so. Today’s is yellow check gingham, cheers me up… gotta do something in Miserable Lockdown Melbourne.

JackyB Thu 23-Sep-21 09:25:54

On tidying up I have found a few, but some of them are clothes I started making for myself when I was young and more slender. The jumper I was knitting I think I will undo and maybe crochet something with. It's a thick pastel lavender yarn, not really suitable for the DGDs, too much 'old lady' coloured.

The skirt I had cut out will have to go for something else, too. The pattern was still pinned to it, the pins have gone rusty..... I don't wear skirts any more and it would be far to small!

Otherwise I have found some embroidery projects which I didn't finish, (due to giving up after punting mistakes and/or getting colours confused) and washing baskets full of holiday memories which I hope to condense into photobooks, once DH has digitalised all those 10000s of slides which are still kicking about.

I'd better get a move on this winter!

JackyB Thu 23-Sep-21 09:26:55

Punting? I meant counting (cross stitch)

merlotgran Thu 23-Sep-21 09:42:00

I need some advice, knitting peeps, having just returned from a thirty year break!

I've nearly finished a longish waistcoat and am about to start the border where, according to the pattern, you're supposed to pick up and knit the stitches from the edges. I had a look at a YouTube video and it all seemed straightforward but it's quite a heavy, tightish knit which makes it a bit tricky because it's navy and even with my glasses on I'm struggling to see what I'm doing.

In the olden days I would have just knitted the strip separately then sewn it on. I'm sure this will be quicker and easier.

What d'ya think?

Callistemon Thu 23-Sep-21 09:47:43

I think do what you feel comfortable with, merlotgran!

I usually pick up and knit but the last waistcoats I knitted were for the DGC and the pattern said to pick up all the way round on a circular needle. Even with a smaller size it was tricky.

aggie Thu 23-Sep-21 09:52:17

Yes knit the border separately , don’t cast off till you fit it to the garment , easier to knit a bit more or rip a bit back ?

aggie Thu 23-Sep-21 09:52:17

Yes knit the border separately , don’t cast off till you fit it to the garment , easier to knit a bit more or rip a bit back ?

Callistemon Thu 23-Sep-21 10:05:42

If you pick up and knit the rib goes the opposite way to the bottom rib iyswim.
If you want it to go the same way then do it separately.

merlotgran Thu 23-Sep-21 10:39:42

Yes, ISWYM, Calli. Thanks.

The pattern shows the rib going at right angles to the main body which looks nice so I think I should be able achieve that by using long needles. I have already put a stitch marker in the centre of the back cast-off so I can do it in two strips then sew them together.

I might do an armhole first as a trial run though.