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Purplepixie Sat 23-Oct-21 11:44:14

Hi all

I haven’t been around for a while.

Here is the corner to corner throw which I have just finished crocheting for my sitting. The room was in need of brightening up.

Hope you all have stayed well and free from Covid.

Stay safe and do take care. ?

Blossoming Sat 23-Oct-21 11:56:50

That’s beautiful! You are very talented smile

Witzend Sat 23-Oct-21 12:01:27

That’s gorgeous - I bet it’s lovely and cosy, too!
I have never been able to get to grips with crochet (and can’t be bothered to try any more) so I do admire those who are so very competent at it.

ginny Sat 23-Oct-21 12:02:26

Lovely! So bright and cheerful.
I’ve just finished one but one of my daughters nabbed it before I could take a photo. But, she sent one to prove it was in use.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Sat 23-Oct-21 14:10:33

Both your efforts are lovely and you should be very pleased with them.

crazyH Sat 23-Oct-21 14:15:11

Purple pixie and Ginny - how talented !!

Hithere Sat 23-Oct-21 14:19:08

How gorgeous! I love c2c.

Callistemon Sat 23-Oct-21 14:26:53

Lovely Purplepixie

I just finished one made from squares (I was practising different styles so they are random) but DH has nabbed it!

PollyTickle Sat 23-Oct-21 14:32:44

Purplepixie I love it, the colours are beautiful. I remember some of your flower water colours too, you are a very talented lady.
You too ginny a lovely colour combination.

PollyTickle Sat 23-Oct-21 14:33:55

Let’s have a look at your random squares Callistemon. I’m sure your throw is equally worthy.

JaneJudge Sat 23-Oct-21 16:39:21

these blankets are beautiful smile

grannydarkhair Sat 23-Oct-21 16:42:16

Both of those are lovely.

Callistemon Sat 23-Oct-21 16:42:30

I would if I could but I have tried and failed to put on photos today (one was of Prince Charles in a tropical shirt - other thread).

JaneJudge Sat 23-Oct-21 16:53:22

what are you having issues with?
You click choose file and then place the file in the box but you have to write in this box too iykwim

PollyTickle Sat 23-Oct-21 16:57:22

Jack and his pigeons. Love it

PollyTickle Sat 23-Oct-21 17:01:42

A wonderful friend with a wicked sense of humour taught me to knit about 15 years ago, but I never took it seriously and never knitted anything. Then she left me a bag full of wool and some needles in her will 5 years ago and this is what I made in her honour.
Not as expert at others on here but I do like to wrap myself in it sometimes.

JaneJudge Sat 23-Oct-21 17:04:11

It's lovely smile I'm sorry about your friend though. There is something very poignant about being given something by a dear friend and turning it into something special.

Callistemon Sat 23-Oct-21 17:37:07


what are you having issues with?
You click choose file and then place the file in the box but you have to write in this box too iykwim

Yes, I can usually do it but for some reason it is refusing to post when a file (photo) is attached today.

Probably I'll log on tomorrow and find everything I tried has posted about six times as I hit 'post' in frustration!!

Sweetpeasue Sat 23-Oct-21 17:37:34

Lovely Purplepixie and Ginny. They're beautiful colours. I've not crotcheted for long time but I remember when it was THE thing to do in early seventy's and we girls used to sit in school cloakroom with our hooks and wool.
What a lovely way to remember your dear friend Pollytickle. I think that's so special. Hope it continues to give you warmth and comfort through many winters. Thankyou for sharing that.

Callistemon Sat 23-Oct-21 17:37:54

Try again

Callistemon Sat 23-Oct-21 17:39:32

Oh, it did it!
As I said, it's random, an experiment

Sweetpeasue Sat 23-Oct-21 17:49:24

Gorgeous Callistemon
Love all the colour combinations and especially the way all the squares are joined with the white borders. It must have taken a very long time. How very creative.

Callistemon Sat 23-Oct-21 17:50:59

I was using up oddments and trying different effects with stitches, so no two squares are the same Sweetpeasue

PollyTickle Sat 23-Oct-21 17:56:57

I suspected I was even less than a rank amateur, now I know.
That’s lovely Callistemon.

Sweetpeasue Sat 23-Oct-21 17:57:06

It's truly a work of art. I could see that they're all different and some with crocheted flowers in the centre. It should be a family treasure!