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I knitted this sweater in one week.

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Purplepixie Fri 25-Nov-22 14:29:39

Hi all.

I have knitted this sweater for myself with left over James Brett Marble Chunky wool. The challenge was set to make it in one week,which I managed to do. Struggling with a big bout of depression lately - I like to try and set myself these challenges with crafts to keep myself sane. Hope you like it.

twinnytwin Fri 25-Nov-22 14:33:05

Wow, that's beautiful - and knitted so quickly. I knit (along with lots of other crafty things) and it would take me months. Love the colours. Well done.

Grannmarie Fri 25-Nov-22 14:34:29

Beautiful work, Purplepixie, well done! I hope creating this lovely jumper has helped to lift your spirits a little. Wishing you well. 🥰

nanaK54 Fri 25-Nov-22 14:34:47

It is absolutely beautiful, well done!

Vintagenonna Fri 25-Nov-22 14:38:00

I am a knitter, PurplePixie, and I can only say "RESPECT"!

To do it in a week is impressive . . .

Knitting (said a famous author) saves lives. At the moment I am adding suede patches to the elbows of a nordic sweater I made for my other half in about 1981. He grew out of it a while back and I took it over for myself and finally the darns on the right elbow got a bit much.

Wishing your Marble sweater an equally long life!

LadyGracie Fri 25-Nov-22 14:40:38

Beautiful, amazing to do it in a week.

3dognight Fri 25-Nov-22 14:41:06

Lovely PurplePixie, and your colours too!

Callistemon21 Fri 25-Nov-22 14:42:04

😲 well done

I have one still on the needles from over 20 years ago!

To be fair, I have knitted and crocheted dozens of smaller items and blankets in the years since.

It's excellent, Purplepixie. Just the thing for this weather, lovely colours too.

FannyCornforth Fri 25-Nov-22 14:44:21

Wow! It’s inspirational that you are channeling your creativity and resilience as a way of coping with your difficulties.
Brilliant Purplepixie thanks

fairfraise Fri 25-Nov-22 14:58:11

It's lovely. Just right for winter and done so quickly!

Blossoming Fri 25-Nov-22 15:06:52

Beautiful PurplePixie ❤️

Antonia Fri 25-Nov-22 15:08:37

That's lovely, and to knit it in one week is amazing.

Sar53 Fri 25-Nov-22 15:24:11

That is lovely PurplePixie, well done you and knitted in a week wow. I knit but could not knit a jumper in a week.
I hope you feel better soon, please keep in touch xx

Baggs Fri 25-Nov-22 15:28:24

Very nice! I'd wear that 👏

grannydarkhair Fri 25-Nov-22 15:29:17

It would take me a week just to cast on 😂 well done!

Doodledog Fri 25-Nov-22 15:31:29


It's great when you get something nice out of leftovers, isn't it?
Congratulations on getting it done on time, too.

volver Fri 25-Nov-22 15:32:58

That is beautiful! Extra round of applause for matching the colours in the raglan sleeves!

Joseanne Fri 25-Nov-22 15:39:18

Looks cosy. I could do with it next week, 4 degrees and snow where I'm going. Well done in record time!

Joane123 Fri 25-Nov-22 15:40:08

Lovely sweater Purple pixie. Well done.
Keeping occupied and finishing such a lovely garment is a real achievement.
Hope you soon feel stronger x

Grandmabatty Fri 25-Nov-22 15:58:38

I am very impressed. It's a beautiful piece of work. Well done for completing it so quickly and channelling your depression creatively

crazyH Fri 25-Nov-22 16:03:00

We’ll done Purplepixie - I’m so jealous …

crazyH Fri 25-Nov-22 16:03:09


merlotgran Fri 25-Nov-22 16:18:55

I have one still on the needles from over 20 years ago!

I’m going to show this to DD. Every time she visits she asks, ‘And how’s the gilet coming on?’

I started it last summer and finished knitting it just after Easter but I’m still only half way through sewing it up! ☺️☺️

merlotgran Fri 25-Nov-22 16:22:39

It’s lovely, Purplepixie. I agree with volver about the raglan sleeves.

CocoPops Fri 25-Nov-22 16:31:39

Lovely pattern and yarn. A really useful sweater too.