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keepcalmandcavachon Sat 08-Jul-23 19:51:14

I find such pleasure in the seasons and think its lovely to mirror the changing year at home. I like to put together a mantlepiece garland or enhance a little rattan wreath with felt leaves etc. I'v seen pictures of tiny little wool 'pillows' decorated with seasonal themes ( summer garden, bees or autumn) and think these could be such fun to put together in a wooden bowl in the hall. Could we all share more crafty way to reflect the beauty outside please? x

Chocolatelovinggran Tue 11-Jul-23 15:24:04

Keepcalm- I am with you.I have seasonal door wreaths, change the planter and the hanging basket to reflect the time of year and swap cushion covers from light linen to cosy for autumn/ winter. I must confess to a cushion addiction....I have to say to myself loudly and regularly in shops " step away from the cushions CLG!"

AreWeThereYet Tue 11-Jul-23 15:47:12

Thank you Beechnut that's kind. It's been up for a few months and seems to have lost some of the blossoms so time to take it down 😄

Georgesgran Tue 11-Jul-23 19:00:36

Oh dear - I been to change a lampshade and returned with more cushions!!

Georgesgran Tue 11-Jul-23 19:00:58

I’ve been - sorry!

keepcalmandcavachon Wed 12-Jul-23 09:03:32

Chocolatelovinggran, your username and cushion addiction sound like a match made in heaven!
If anyone likes the idea of seasonal wreaths but not the space for all the 'turnabout' supplies a simple rattan or plain leaf base can be dressed with a little corsage of faux flowers, bobbles, lace or those yellow knitted cream egg chicks in spring. Make your creation separately then attach, Voila! Easy to change/store.
If you can make such lovely paper blooms as AreWeThereYet you have a distinct advantage, they are beautiful!

Chocolatelovinggran Wed 12-Jul-23 09:29:44

Georgesgran - maybe we could do therapy together?