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bimbadeen Thu 08-May-14 16:16:15

In the post this am I received a letter from the insurance company for my car . telling me what the monthly new fee would be for my little old car. Recently, my old faithful Micra which I bought 8 years ago for £300,H registration, gave up the ghost. My husband and I have bought another cheapie, we have a good car for distances and I use the Micra (now a Hyundai) for trotting around to friends and the very local shops.

We were paying about £140.oo per annum for the Micra, Fire,Theft /Third Party and they the insurance company are now quoting me/us £755.00 pa for the new Hyundai this is a Y reg.. In all my years of driving 1964 time I started I have never had an accident nor claim, what is ludicrous is that my husband rang the company and they will give us a FULL COMP policy for £500.00 seems completely daft to me Can others recommend and Insurance companies to try for a price?

Or does everyone have to pay these daft prices ?

annodomini Thu 08-May-14 16:21:47

My geriatric Yaris is insured through the AA which gave me the best quote - very much cheaper than either of your quotes, bimba. Beware comparison sites. The quote they give you is just the basic premium without such things as no claims protection. Of course the quote will depend on your postcode, sadly. I think ours is a relatively low risk code.

J52 Thu 08-May-14 16:48:53

I have comp on a 2 litre car. Y reg, full bonus for less than half what you are paying. It is with a company that contains the letters of LoVe! I also have DH and DS on the policy. Been with then for years they also give family multi car discount! Xx

Ana Thu 08-May-14 17:26:30

Fully comp is often cheaper than Third Pary because young drivers etc. go for the latter, which makes the premiums higher!

Ana Thu 08-May-14 17:26:58


ninathenana Thu 08-May-14 18:48:52

Yikes ! I have a 53reg corsa and pay 1/3 of your cheapest quote.

FlicketyB Thu 08-May-14 21:27:50

I have an 03 Toyota Yaris and I pay £250 fully comp with DH named as an extra driver with own car. Saga and Age Concern offer car insurance as well as AA and probably a broker in your local shopping parade.

tiggypiro Thu 08-May-14 22:14:58

I have an 06 Yaris and have just got Fully Comp ins from RAC for about £130 - includes my daughter.
I always shop around and try to change every year as companies always seem to charge more for established customers. New customers pay less. I was with RAC 2 years ago, swopped to someone else when they put the premium up and now back with them as a new customer and paying about the same as I did 2 years ago.

Tegan Thu 08-May-14 22:16:44

I think Saga include breakdown cover as well. I'm with Sheilas Wheels and pay £172 for my Yaris [£30 of wjich is Legal Cover]. They also don't put the price up each year the way that some companies do [Saga were very good or should I say bad at doing that].

Aka Thu 08-May-14 22:34:04

I went on Compare the Market and got an excellent deal of less that £200 fully comprehensive. This was almost £150 less than the renewal quoted by Saga. You get a better deal if you shop around and change provider each year.

Ana Thu 08-May-14 22:37:11

Yes, you certainly do - don't ever accept your current provider's renewal quote, they're just relying on you doing just that. It may be a bit more of a hassle, but it certainly pays off to shop around.

waltermitty Thu 08-May-14 22:44:09

Saga are indeed very good at that Tegan! Another little trick is implying that you have agreed to 'automatic renewal' and sending out documents - AS IF!! Although they are not the only culprits, they were the most arrogant! I have found LV to be the best for fully comp but, of course, it pays not to be complacent. I never use comparison sites, as quotes are so deliberately complex it is not possible to compare them! Recommendation is of course always best! Good luck!

Aka Thu 08-May-14 22:52:12

Plus I got Sergei hmm

Aka Thu 08-May-14 22:53:57

It was LV I went with via the comparison site. I didn't find it complex at all. In fact 'Simples'.

FlicketyB Thu 08-May-14 23:04:06

What is it about Gransnetters and Yarises?

waltermitty Thu 08-May-14 23:05:29

Aaaghh! Did not see that coming! grin

Aka Thu 08-May-14 23:06:43

Always check your wing mirrors Walter

Ana Thu 08-May-14 23:08:05

Noooo! Not me - I always end up having to drive at 20 mph behind them, though...hmm grin

Ana Thu 08-May-14 23:08:52

(Yaris drivers)

tiggypiro Fri 09-May-14 13:09:15

You have never been behind me then Ana ! I drive at about56mph on normal roads as this gives me the best mpg. On motorways I am in the outside lane with my foot to the floor but with lots of room between me and the vehicle in front. There is usually a BMW trying to look in my boot. (Don't get me started on BMW drivers)

GillT57 Fri 09-May-14 13:13:42

We were with the Pru for years, then decided that we needed a second car. The Pru gave a quote for second car, I phoned Admiral Insurance and got both cars covered for about £50 a year more than just the one with the Pru. I have a brand new Ford Ka, and our family car is a Nissan Qashqai. Give them a try. No, I dont work for them!!!

glammanana Fri 09-May-14 17:09:10

We found our insurance Company through a comparison site and settled for Hasting who gave me fully comp for under £250 for my little Audi TT that was 5 yrs ago and it is still just under that last month when the renewal came through so I'm quite happy with that,Saga wanted £540.00

bimbadeen Fri 09-May-14 17:57:00

Thank you all for advice and suggestions of companies given ,, we have found that Liverpool Victoria through the Civil Service Motoring Assoc'n of which we are a member have given us the best quote about £250.00 , some of the quotes are ridiculous.


susieb755 Fri 09-May-14 20:20:36

I am with sheilas wheels,very good

Tegan Fri 09-May-14 20:27:01

When I switched to Sheilas Wheels a few years ago I told them that, if they pushed my premium up a lot, I would definately switch to someone else on principle and, thus far they've quoted me a fair price each year. The S.O. sticks with Saga but, each year he has to go through the rigmarole of getting another quote before Saga bring their price down to match it.