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rosesarered Fri 13-Jun-14 21:26:37

Do all your DH's get given gardening gloves for Fathers Day?My DH must have about a dozen pairs!

ninathenana Fri 13-Jun-14 22:32:41

More likely to be chocolate or port !

PRINTMISS Sat 14-Jun-14 07:50:07

A bottle of wine, and always a card!

grannyactivist Sat 14-Jun-14 07:57:06

Cards and windsurfing related gifts for my husband. Our children always seem to put a lot of thought and effort into his gifts whereas if I get anything it's usually flowers. I like flowers, so that's okay. grin

suebailey1 Sat 14-Jun-14 09:28:46

usually booze.

Maniac Sat 14-Jun-14 09:48:31

Spare a thought for all the Dads who will have no cards or gifts -who have been denied all contact with their child.
Sending them good wishes.

Marmight Sat 14-Jun-14 10:13:09

3rd Father's Day without the late Mr.M. SiL will be spending his Father's day having quality time with his and DD2's children while my 3 daughters and I will be enjoying a spa day at Cliveden - my birthday present from them! First and last time we will be all together before DD2 returns to Sydney after a brief visit home.

janerowena Sat 14-Jun-14 12:24:13

My DS condescended to come home for the weekend from his very important student social life, just to see his dad. DBH's face when he got home last night was a picture, DS came back by coach and I collected him from the bus station, and he hid in the dining-room and popped out and went 'Boo!'! grin I definitely think it was a very good present.

He bought DBH a card that made note of the fact that the garage needs a good clear-out grin and a copy of his favourite yet cancelled magazine (he thought it had become too expensive). I am supplementing this with a large box of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, which he loves, and a set of five wrought-iron rusty-looking poppyhead plant supports that he had been coveting. We are going out for a meal.

Having DS home is costing me a fortune though. He has had two breakfasts and eyeing up a third, and will want lunch half an hour after that!

harrigran Sat 14-Jun-14 12:54:12

DH would be very annoyed if DC bought lavish gifts. A day dreamt up by shopkeepers to line their pockets.

KatyK Sat 14-Jun-14 13:11:23

My DH (and me of course) is getting taken out for a curry tonight by DD, SIL and DGD. He doesn't know about it. I've told him we are just popping over.
He will be thrilled (I hope).

glammanana Sat 14-Jun-14 13:18:44

Always spoilt with a good Rioja a bottle of Port and a nice Malt from our three for their Dad,those bottles last him until about Christmas.Sweets from me and congratulations in keeping his sanity for all these years with the three of them.

rosesarered Sat 14-Jun-14 16:27:02

Aw, what nice presents! KatyK your DH will be thrilled.... as long as he likes curry. My DH hates it. Jane your DH does all right, I must say, spoilt rotten [ still, as long as he deserves it.]It's true harrigran that it was dreamed up by the card industry, but isn't it nice for children to remember their Dads this way?

NfkDumpling Sat 14-Jun-14 16:34:22

DH has always maintained, as did my father, that Father's Day is an American invention thought up to persuade spending on trivia.

All our DC are happy to go along with this!

SueD Sat 14-Jun-14 17:04:34

Two daughters in Ireland and third in London. Three cards already here for tomorrow and hopefully one has some cash in (from all of them)
as he asked for some garden shears that he wanted which were on special offer in a local ironmongery. I got him some gardening gloves as most of his have holes in the fingers of the right hand! He will get phone calls too which he will enjoy. DDs always ask what is wanted - they can't afford to buy gifts that just get shoved in a cupboard.

Purpledaffodil Sat 14-Jun-14 21:35:19

Isn't Father's Day a "Hallmark holiday" ie dreamt up by the greetings card industry who also invent things like Grandparents' day? DH ambivalent about it because of this, but as it gets lots of publicity he feels hurt if nothing is mentioned. He has cards from his offspring in UK and will be getting a call from our son in Singapore. Hopefully he will be happy with these. Just as well he doesn't read Gransnet or he would be overcome with jealousy at all those lovely pressies and special meals.grin

janerowena Sat 14-Jun-14 23:14:54

I know, I get torn about all the spending, but I love Mother's day so feel I can't possibly begrudge DBH a bit of attention, and he has always been a very good father. Ex was appalling, so I know of what I speak. Also, Father's day falls at just the point where he has around 50 common entrance exams to mark and 100 reports to write. He needs something to cheer him up and the chocolates, at one a day, (an athlete so on a permanent diet) keep him going until the end of term.

Purpledaffodil Sun 15-Jun-14 08:15:25

Fair enough janerowena. Anyone with reports to write deserves all the chocolate they can I do not miss those one little bit. They always blighted Spring half term holiday and most of June too. And remembering just how many sub levels equalled very good progress etc. Horror! Mr J has all my sympathy!

kittylester Sun 15-Jun-14 08:22:16

DH has had some locally brewed beer, a couple of books of walks along with a water bottle and some Kendal mint cake, a photo of DGC for his study and lots of cards!

His best present by far was a video message from DGD2 [aged just 3 and one of the ones we won't see over the weekend] in which she said 'Happy Father's Christmas, Pa!' grin

shabby Sun 15-Jun-14 09:33:24

My two DSs put up an awning for their disabled dad - umbrellas etc make it difficult to navigate the patio area in his wheelchair. He was very impressed with their hitherto hidden DIY skills!

dorsetpennt Sun 15-Jun-14 10:07:45

My son deserves any gifts/attention on Fathers' Day , he really is a wonderful father. He works from home so is also the main child carer for his two little girls. He has to do a lot of juggling to maintain his job and entertain,feed, take to school/nursery etc. All this is achieved, as well as his work and when my hard-working DIL gets home he cooks a really nice supper.
He loves cake so here is a cupcake for him.

rosesarered Sun 15-Jun-14 10:11:55

Hope he gets a real one though dorset !

rosesarered Sun 15-Jun-14 10:15:11

It sounds like most Dads/Grandads on here do get some attention, and although we know it's not a 'historic' day, and it does do wonders for card shops/sale of stamps/parcels and general gifts , it's nice for the Fathers and good for the shops, business generally as well.Hope that they all enjoy their

rosesarered Sun 15-Jun-14 10:16:17

If somebody's DH gets a really amazing or jaw dropping gift[ be that good or bizarre] be sure to let us know.

KatyK Sun 15-Jun-14 10:36:28

Well my DH was chuffed to bits with his surprise meal out. I had told him we had to pop in to DD's and when we got there she told him we were going for an Indian meal. He had a great night and they are popping over to say hello this morning smile

Purpledaffodil Sun 15-Jun-14 11:44:53

Well said rosesarered. In spite of all the Hallmark stuff it is good to celebrate family and parental hard work. What stands out for me in all these posts is the thoughtfulness that has gone into this celebrating!