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Kiora Mon 13-Oct-14 21:26:08

Our family name for a hot water bottle is 'Johnny hot belly' my nana, my mother, me, my children, all my grandchildren, all my relatives use it . I don't suppose hot water bottles will be around for much longer so our little name will disappear do any of you have odd names for everyday objects?

Grannyknot Mon 13-Oct-14 21:42:09


jinglbellsfrocks Mon 13-Oct-14 21:46:28

We used to call a hot water bottle Walter Hottle Bottle. Think it came from a kids' comic.

thatbags Mon 13-Oct-14 21:46:39

oh golly! hot water bottles not around for much longer!?!?!? [panic buying of hot water bottles emoticon]!

Haven,t used one yet this autumn but I shall tonight.

Sorry about the lazy apostrophe. iPad key change too slow. Can't (hey! that one worked!) be arsed to keep correcting them.

glammanana Mon 13-Oct-14 22:12:30

Ours was called The Tootsie Warmer it came from our gran who used to always have a hot water bottle under her feet when she had finished the days work and was relaxing in her big chair.

merlotgran Mon 13-Oct-14 22:23:34

Mine's just called Hottie

rockgran Mon 13-Oct-14 22:24:10

Hottie Bottie.

NanKate Mon 13-Oct-14 22:26:41

Do you remember the stone hotties our grandparents used? It has have been like having a hot brick to put your feet on.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 13-Oct-14 22:34:37

I remember having a hot brick wrapped up. Warmed up in the oven next to the fire grate.

Ana Mon 13-Oct-14 22:37:26

I remember chilblains. Who gets those now?

merlotgran Mon 13-Oct-14 22:38:53

I wonder what Stanley Unwin would have called his?

Hot Watery Bottlode?

jamsidedown Mon 13-Oct-14 22:44:06

Hottie Bott - I have one that I microwave and, unlike the traditional hottie it stays warm all night! Just like DH, except he won't let me put my cold feet on him grin

absent Mon 13-Oct-14 22:51:25

I managed to get chilblains during the winter. Walking about in bare feet in a cold house in the morning and then getting into a hot shower did it. (Memo to self - wear slippers). I really miss central heating but that's the nature of a less than luxurious rental in NZ. When I buy a house in a year or so, I hope, I shall make sure that the heating system works throughout the house and not just in the main living room and that it has double glazing. I miss that too. Fortunately winter her isn't long but it can be very cold.

jamsidedown Mon 13-Oct-14 22:58:50

My dad used to get chilblains on his ears - well they were very sticky out!

rubysong Mon 13-Oct-14 23:08:02

odd names for everyday objects
We have Sir Stanley (Stanley knife) and DH's late father had a huge hammer called Fagin.

merlotgran Mon 13-Oct-14 23:18:29

DH has a sledge hammer called The Mekon.

You can take the boy out of The Eagle..........

NanKate Tue 14-Oct-14 07:21:26

Here is a proven cure for chilblains - my mother used to wrap my wet nappies round my Aunt's feet. It's the uric acid in the wee that does it.

ninathenana Tue 14-Oct-14 09:28:28

Hot water bottle, what's one of those ??

I haven't used one since I was a child, when the only heating in the house was a coal fire in the living room.

hildajenniJ Tue 14-Oct-14 09:35:48

I have a Hottie. It's one of those gel filled ones that you heat in the microwave.

We used to have a hot water bottle each when I was a child. Like nina the only heating in our house was a coal fire in the living room and a Rayburn in the kitchen which was fuelled by coke.

Remember the interesting intricate patterns made by frost on the inside of the bedroom window when you woke up on a winter morning?

henetha Tue 14-Oct-14 10:19:19

I couldn't survive the winter without Hettie the Hottie. She's marvellous, and lives inside a furry cover which keeps her hot all night.

shysal Tue 14-Oct-14 10:32:21

I have Charlie and Cilla cooling pads. The mini under my pillow is the female and I put my leg over the male by at my side when I get the 'hots' for him during the night.wink

Anniebach Tue 14-Oct-14 10:40:55

Just could not go to bed without my hottie, been so since a child, so much so that we married in January and my Mum packed my hottie in the car for our honeymoon !

annodomini Tue 14-Oct-14 11:21:09

Remember the old stoneware hot water bottles? My granny used to call them pigs (piggies), while the rubber ones were hot water bags (baggies).

feetlebaum Tue 14-Oct-14 11:25:34

And didn't they slip out of the end of the bed, and land with a loud thump in the middle of the night!

jamsidedown Tue 14-Oct-14 12:21:29

I don't think my dad would have appreciated that cure for chilblains Nankate grin