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jo1book Thu 12-Feb-15 22:47:08

I have this overwhelming urge to put people right. I listen to conversations, all over the place, and am desperate to jump in and add my pennyworth (more like a quids worth being a garrulous old bag). Should I get a life; get therapy or duct tape? Suggestions most welcome.

Lapwing Thu 12-Feb-15 22:50:45

Definitely the duct tape - stick to posting on here as it is much safer. [Grin]

Anya Thu 12-Feb-15 23:03:14

You think it's safer to post on here hmm

Get a life instead jo

Anya Thu 12-Feb-15 23:04:18

lower case 'g' Lapwing that'll do the job

Lapwing Thu 12-Feb-15 23:06:16

Thank you Anya blush

Anya Thu 12-Feb-15 23:12:43

Np! I'm always getting things wrong. My iPad has a mind if its own and ....see I mistyped 'of' .... akways ....alwats ....always doing that.

those were genuine typos then the iPad factors in predictable text and Bibs your aunt! Gets me into a lot of trouble, especially late at night grin

rubylady Fri 13-Feb-15 01:16:52

jo1book I understand where you are coming from. I do exactly the same and I do join in on other people's conversations. blush

I did it at Dunhelm the other day when trying to find some curtain material and two assistants were talking about walking in on one of their sons when he was watching porn. Still, if they didn't want a customer to join in, then they shouldn't be talking such private stuff on the shop floor!

J52 Fri 13-Feb-15 07:02:12

Why do shop assistants have private conversations in front of customers?
Way back, when I did had a Saturday and holiday job in a jewellers, we were not allowed to speak to each other if a customer was in the shop.

The best conversation I overheard was at the till in Debenhams at Christmas.
The person serving me was explaining to her colleague why she'd been off the previous day. With vomiting!

If it had not been Christmas and busy, I'd have put stuff down and left! X

jo1book Fri 13-Feb-15 09:46:37

The thing about old-age is that you have something to say about everything, and want to say it irrespective of anyone wanting to listen to it! My spirit creature would be a rabbit!

jo1book Fri 13-Feb-15 09:57:21

J52. Gross shop assistant. I am a busy internet shopper. Cuts out the middle man.

Oldgreymare Fri 13-Feb-15 10:00:51

Guilty M'lud/lady!
I can't resist 'offering an opinion' especially when someone about my age is 'trying on' and parades about in front of a distinterested husband. blush

KatyK Fri 13-Feb-15 10:18:00

I'm the same! Last week in our local pub, the pub 'know it all' was spouting off as usual to his mates. He seems to know everything there is to know, especially about TV and film. he was saying 'you know, him who said 'frankly my dear I don't give a damn. You know, Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca'. How I stopped myself I'll never know grin

Jane10 Fri 13-Feb-15 10:20:00

Absolutely oldgreymare its impossible to override the urge. In our local M&S, ladies sit outside the gents changing rooms and seem to feel free to comment on the various men as they sheepishly model what they're trying on! Its great fun.
I did once get my nose snipped off in Thorntons when I joined in the chatty banter and was asked in freezing tones by a posh chap "Have we been introduced?". Miserable so and so. Och!

gillybob Fri 13-Feb-15 10:43:09

I love it when "know it all's" get it VERY wrong KatyK But I think its best just to smile knowingly and let them go on believing they are right. smile

KatyK Fri 13-Feb-15 11:37:49

Me too gilly. It's very difficult for me to keep quiet, what with me knowing everything about everything and always being right grin

gillybob Fri 13-Feb-15 11:44:10

grin KatyK

rockgran Fri 13-Feb-15 11:56:42

Surely the fun of being older is that you can say what you want - I love to let people have my opinion and I'm sure they appreciate it! Especially as I am always right and know everything. If not they are WRONG! grin
....except in front of the children - too risky!

hildajenniJ Fri 13-Feb-15 12:39:25

Oh! I am so glad there are more than just me! I contribute to any conversation I overhear. I do it in shops, on the bus, all over the place. I always have something relevant to say too! DH cringes and walks away as if he doesn't know me.grin

alex57currie Fri 13-Feb-15 13:22:01

How would you have responded to this? Standing in checkout queue in Tescos' in Edinburgh minding my own beeswax. Young mother in front struggling with shopping trolley and precocious child. Child wanted sweets. Mother calmly and continuously refused. This went on for several minutes. Back and forth, back and forth. Suddenly the child at the top of her voice yelled out "If you dont buy me sweets, I'll tell grandma I saw you with daddy's "mmmph" in your mouth last night". I put my basket down and walked out shell-shocked. I don't know what happened after that.grin

rockgran Fri 13-Feb-15 13:29:53

Ha Ha Ha ha Ha!!!!! grin

jo1book Fri 13-Feb-15 13:37:04

My God, what is the world coming to. Call me old fashioned but it seems children are being made sex aware from an early age. Have seen 8 year old girls with throngs poking above trousers, sleazy bra-tops and "putting it out".Like you, I would have been deeply shocked and, for once, speechless.

FarNorth Fri 13-Feb-15 13:45:08

I'd have waited, stunned, to find out what happened next. shock

GillT57 Fri 13-Feb-15 13:59:41

Gosh what a vile little girl.

FarNorth Fri 13-Feb-15 14:17:24

Could be something she's heard from other kids and may not even know what it means - who knows.

gma Fri 13-Feb-15 14:34:05

My DH had a late appointment in the outpatients at local hospital. Eventually I was the only person sitting in the waiting area, apart from a receptionist and 2 auxiliary nurses waiting to clear up after DH minor surgery. I was reading and they were talking, quite loudly, about a member of their team who was not pulling her weight. The conversation became quite bitchy and I was able to hear it all clearly. At last DH appeared and we prepared to leave. I did mention as I passed them that it was my sister that they were talking about!! Well it wasn't - I haven't actually got a sister, but it so,easily could have been!!! they looked very sheepish! Most unprofessional.