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Parcs Wed 08-Apr-15 18:42:41

I am so interested in this subject and even thought of writing a book about the subject.

I know that it is a personal thing and what makes me happy may not make you happy, but it would be interesting to find out what does make people happy, not just smile, but true, deep down Happy.

Mishap Wed 08-Apr-15 19:05:35

Birdsong, and the sound of children playing. I plan to download and record these and put them on my iPod to listen to in the depths of winter.

tanith Wed 08-Apr-15 19:13:00

I'm never happier than when I'm walking or paddling on the beach with loved ones.

annodomini Wed 08-Apr-15 19:15:21


hildajenniJ Wed 08-Apr-15 19:34:39

The sound of the owls hooting in the trees behind my house. I find it friendly and comforting. The dawn chorus. My old dog snuggling up beside me. The love of my family.

pompa Wed 08-Apr-15 19:42:36

Ticking off the last item on my "Jobs to do in the Garden" list - WOOT !!!!

Now for the "Mrs P would like" list

tiggypiro Wed 08-Apr-15 19:50:06

Right this minute I am happy because my niece, her DH and two kids have gone home ! Lovely to see them but by golly it was good to see them go !!
I am also very happy because I have wonderful neighbours.

Greyduster Wed 08-Apr-15 19:50:57

Catching fish, but today I didn't so I am definitely not happy! What did make me happy, though, was being completely outfished by two of the most charming fifteen year olds it has been my privilege to meet. I've no idea who they were but they were chatty, helpful (offering to give me the flies that were working for them), very mature and extremely polite. And boy! Could they fish! What a joy!

loopylou Wed 08-Apr-15 19:52:51

Seeing my 20 months old DGS on FaceTime-he's got chickenpox at moment. He insists on giving Nonna a kiss via the laptop ......completely melts my heart, seeing him, DS and DDIL together.

Spending time pootling around the garden in the sunshine, growing things from seed.

Counting my blessings and enjoying my family

crun Wed 08-Apr-15 21:38:30

Smail argues that the people who are truly happy are the ones who are totally absorbed in something they enjoy and have what they do valued by others.

I used to wonder why I was happy at work sometimes and not others even though I was doing the same job, and that's the answer.

janerowena Wed 08-Apr-15 21:58:15

Walking along a sandy beach in a swimming costume with bare feet in the late afternoon sunshine, looking for white stones and shells, little warm waves lapping at my toes.

Sitting in my arbour seat at the end of a day of working in the garden, watching the sun go down, with a glass of wine.

Watching a silly film with DBH, laughing together.

Getting a phone call from the DCs 'just because', although we all communicate most days on facebook messaging.

Evenings spent with groups of friends, book club and knitting club in particular, when we are all relaxed.

janerowena Wed 08-Apr-15 22:03:49

And eating lobster. Mustn't forget that one. Drinking champagne at the same time - even better.

Galen Wed 08-Apr-15 22:30:44

Lobster and really fresh just opened oysters. Not had them for years!sad

Grannyknot Wed 08-Apr-15 22:32:33

Mountains make me happy. The ocean makes me happy. Memories of mountain hikes and swimming in rivers makes me happy. Other memories too, including recent ones.

Galen Wed 08-Apr-15 22:35:12

Having been down our local marina for lunch today with a a judicial friend, we were looking at her new 44' yacht that they're sailing to the med for 6/12.
I suddenly realised how much I missed the one sold when my husband died!
Ous wasn't anything like that one but I really want to be at sea on a yacht again.

janerowena Wed 08-Apr-15 22:36:22

Take your next cruise to Cornwall, galen! I used to eat them at Rick Stein's before he got famous. And buy them at the fish market. I really miss Cornwall, and have to admit that it's largely because of the seafood.

Galen Wed 08-Apr-15 22:56:17

Been to Falmouth, Redruth, and other places in the duchy many times. Bought both my boats in Cornwall. Took my sailing qualifications in the Yealm.
It's only since DH died I've stopped sailing.
I sold the boat and started cruising, which I enjoy. But it's not the same as being at the helm of a boat.

Neeny Wed 08-Apr-15 23:34:41

Leaving work for a few days off having cleared everything.

Spending time with family.

Going to church.

Listening to my GKs play.

A new handbag.

Sitting in an armchair·······Just remembering.


TerriBull Thu 09-Apr-15 08:27:42

Good weather, beautiful scenery and walks, visiting somewhere new, going away with my husband, a good book. strong coffee in the morning.

pompa Thu 09-Apr-15 09:10:40

A warm pussy compost heap, just tuning mine, lovely smell of humus, and thoughts of what it will produce.

Teetime Thu 09-Apr-15 09:14:45

A day at home pottering in the garden, cooking something nice for dinner, glass f wine, early night.

henetha Thu 09-Apr-15 10:28:41

Where I live makes me happy. I always wanted to be surrounded by trees and fields and I finally achieved it five years ago.

KatyK Thu 09-Apr-15 14:57:55

Being with my family, sunshine, being by the sea, nice food and wine.

jo1book Thu 09-Apr-15 16:43:03

Getting a bargain. "I'd rather be drowned than done"

jo1book Thu 09-Apr-15 16:50:10

Sorry Stanley Holloway. I'd rather be drownded than done (Runcorn Ferry)