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Where's my missing mail?

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NanaandGrampy Wed 03-Feb-16 21:10:43

Did anyone see this programme about Yodel and how they handle delivering their parcels?

I have seen a plethora of complaints on Twitter not just about the actual delivery but that you can't call them or that the don't seem to care about the losses and damaged deliveries. Also that they say they've tried to deliver when they haven't.

My DD1 works for them as a courier so I know what they pay . So looking at a delivery charge it's easy to work out what profit they make.

My question is have you had a bad experience with a delivery service and would you pay a few pennies more for a better delivery experience? Or have you only had good experiences?

Maggiemaybe Thu 04-Feb-16 17:14:46

I'm a big fan of Royal Mail (much to my DSIL's disgust - he works for a competitor and is forever pointing out the many failings of Postman Pat to DGS2 grin)

But I got in today to find one of their Something for You cards through the letterbox, with absolutely nothing written or ticked on it. I was about to go off on one, but went to their online site and found I could book a redelivery with just the limited data I had (ie, my surname and address). If it turns up as promised on Saturday, they'll be back in my good books.

I've not ordered anything, so am hoping it might be a Gransnet book.....

MiniMouse Thu 04-Feb-16 17:42:55

Misha Just a thought, but you may wish to ask GNHQ to amend or delete your post because it gives info about your address and someone may be able to identify you. You may not mind, but bear in mind this is a public forum!

MadMaisie Fri 05-Feb-16 08:34:43

The parcel in the bin is a familiar situation here with Yodel. Parcels have been left under a hedge, in the bin and other strange places all without any information to say the delivery has been made. This then leads to confusing communications with Yodel and senders, if known. Once when I was trying to trace a delivery they seemed quite surprised that I had not checked my bin (since when did this become a standard or suitable delivery option?).

EmilyHarburn Mon 08-Feb-16 11:05:01

I am waiting today for Royal Mail to have a second go at delivering a parcel from Patra. Who ever came the first time did not come to the front door. They dropped a note in a garage which is my husband's pottery. It has no letter box nor door bell. it asked us to collect it from the post office. husband rang the post office and said that it was not good enough. We had been in all day. So now it is supposed to be coming. Unfortunately I go out pm to the U3A computer class. Lets hope for the best.