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Memory foam mattresses

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Av1dreader Thu 25-Feb-16 20:58:26

I am thinking of getting a memory foam mattress, would be grateful for some advice. Do they help the aches and pains and apart from the expense are there any drawbacks.

mollie Thu 25-Feb-16 21:15:06

We had one for about six years and was pleased to get rid of it. By the time we parted company with it the mattress was like the packaging of a pair of chocolate Clair's, two deep furrows that held you in place. We changed it for a conventional mattress last year and it's so nice to be lying on a flat and slightly springy surface. Makes rolling about rather easier!!! I know others love them but not us.

mollie Thu 25-Feb-16 21:15:34

Chocolate eclairs

tanith Thu 25-Feb-16 21:16:35

I have multi-joint arthritis and when we tried a memory foam topper I found I couldn't move on it, it sort of wraps around your form and I felt like I was stuck to it and I felt too warm we only had it on the bed a couple of nights and that was it.

Alima Thu 25-Feb-16 21:38:35

We have had one for nearly a year and love it! No more aching back in the morning. Mind you, the old one, normal type, must have been years old.

Charleygirl Thu 25-Feb-16 21:50:41

I have had mine for several years and love it. I am a cold morsel so this mattress is good for me because if I go to the loo during the night the mattress retains its heat, so I do not return to a cold bed.

I do have problems getting out of the bed because of my osteoarthritis- the mattress is not very forgiving so it is a struggle. I also have memory foam pillows from which I also would not part company.

matson Thu 25-Feb-16 22:02:55

Although my memory foam mattress was comfy, it had to go, it was so hot!!! I changed it for an all cotton mattress topper, much cooler.

Synonymous Thu 25-Feb-16 22:05:30

We have a memory foam mattress and it is so hot as well as hard to move on. I am hoping to get a natural filling mattress as I have tried my DD's.
DD went to a bed specialist and bought a new bed. The company gave her a 60 day exchange period and she was so pleased as she didn't like her new memory foam mattress and has now exchanged it for a natural fibre one. She is really pleased with the newest one as she has inflammatory arthritis and the comfort is really helping her to sleep.

Make sure that you go to a vendor who offers an exchange or similar deal whatever you eventually buy.

mcem Thu 25-Feb-16 22:13:20

Don't like it! Hot and sweaty and feels as if I'm sleeping in a hole. Have had it on the spare bed and have had to sleep on it from time to time but didn't consider replacing my old mattress with one of these. I love my new miracoil!
It does nothing to help arthritic pains in knee and hip.
Definitely not for me!

Anya Thu 25-Feb-16 22:26:43

Mine is new. Pocket springs with memory foam top layer. I'm very happy with it, especially as it cost £250 (King) and the one in the spare room £200 (double) - they were 'Which?' Best Buys.

Medium/firm. Very comfortable.

You need to remember to rotate (not turn) these mattresses evey month or so, so you don't end up sleeping in the same place all the tine.

grannyqueenie Thu 25-Feb-16 22:28:51

Not for me either, I've slept on them from time to time when visiting friends. I have always found them far too hot and really dislike that feeling of being swallowed up by a mattress!

Ana Thu 25-Feb-16 22:29:38

I've only ever had a memory foam pillow - far too hot!

Flowerofthewest Thu 25-Feb-16 22:53:12

I love ours. I used to suffer from really painful hips on getting up. My sister recommended memory foam mattress topper. Almost immediately the painful hips disappeared. FYI Lidl have single and double ones at the moment. Quite reasonable

FarNorth Thu 25-Feb-16 23:00:40

I've never seen the point of a mattress that retains your shape. Surely it's meant to have some resistance to give support?

Coolgran65 Fri 26-Feb-16 00:12:32

I love our memory foam mattress, not too hot, and very kind to our hips. Had it about 7 years. It is do good we bought 3" toppers for the guest bedrooms. Guests have loved them.

Not looking forward to the mattress on dd guest bed when we visit again (long haul). Must ask her if she has a spare duvet to put below us 'to spare the joints'.

Greyduster Fri 26-Feb-16 08:31:11

We bought memory foam pillows and quickly gave up on them because they were so hot to sleep on. We have a Dunlopillo latex mattress which cost an eye watering amount of money just for the mattress, and has been a nightmare for me to sleep on because of the heat it generates. We consigned it to the spare bedroom when we moved. It was a very expensive mistake.

f77ms Fri 26-Feb-16 08:35:38

I didn`t like mine when I had one and the MF pillows gave me a terrible `bad` neck . I think maybe if you spend a lot and get a good one it would be different .

Av1dreader Fri 26-Feb-16 09:08:09

Thank you or your help .Lots to think about

Anya Fri 26-Feb-16 09:23:29

Think you have to distinguish between pure memory foam mattresses and those that incorporate a top layer of memory foam Av1dreader

NonnaW Fri 26-Feb-16 09:35:47

We have a very expensive memory foam mattress. The main drawback is that it is extremely heavy, I cannot shift it at all and it's a struggle making the bed. Didn't deliver "the best nights sleep ever" either, but can't afford to change it yet.

Lazigirl Fri 26-Feb-16 10:05:24

We made an expensive mistake. Were seduced by Tempur mattress (are we allowed to mention brands?) which seemed blissfully comfortable in shop but after sleeping on it for 3 months found it actually uncomfortably firm in use, which didnt help painful hips and was hot hot hot. This was in December. It was also tricky to put fitted sheet on, just bent in middle! It's now relegated to spare room and have bought a sprung mattress with natural filling which is really comfortable, and half the price.

diddy Fri 26-Feb-16 12:12:06

We had one for a few years and found it very comfy but it made us too hot even with a summerweight duvet in the middle of winter !

varian Fri 26-Feb-16 12:34:17

We bought an expensive memory foam mattress and after a couple of weeks admitted to each other that we hated it. It was hot and sticky and if you rolled over felt as if you were trying to roll uphill.

So we put it in the guest room and found that many of our guests didn't like it either, although some did. We have now given it away to a young couple who say they love it.

My advice to anyone considering buying one would be to try before you buy if you possibly can. I know someone who sent hers back to the shop after the first night and fortunately the shop accepted it and gave her a refund.

Anniep1 Fri 26-Feb-16 13:49:04

Bought a memory foam mattress topper for £40 and have had no back pain at all since then - absolutely love it although it is hot in the summer!

Esspee Fri 26-Feb-16 17:39:59

We fortunately tried it out when visiting family. Hated the wrap around feeling and it was unbearably hot so no way will we ever buy one. I suggest you ask around family members who might have one in their guest room and invite yourself for the weekend.