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Present for a baby who has everything

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LullyDully Tue 22-Mar-16 11:24:15

My eldest son and dil are having their second baby any day. When gs was born nearly 2 years ago we splashed out on a bouncy cradle that sung and danced and posh sling to carry him in.

We don't know the baby's gender until it is born ( of which I approve.) I have no idea what we should buy the baby as they have EVERYTHING second time round.
Ideas please. Desperate of Hampshire.

thatbags Tue 22-Mar-16 11:27:17

A dedicated tree in one of the Woodland Trust places.

Nonnie Tue 22-Mar-16 12:08:56

All the newspapers and magazines published on the day they are born and save for their 18th birthday. We have done that with all of ours.

Daddima Tue 22-Mar-16 12:22:03

A photo session?

Pippa000 Tue 22-Mar-16 12:38:49

Premium Bonds, he/she may be a millionaire by the time he/she is 18!!

Teetime Tue 22-Mar-16 14:33:48

Name a star.

Adopt an animal at the Zoo.

Support a child in the developing world via Save the Children or similar

I like the last one best.

How lovely to have a new baby in the family - enjoy. smile

LullyDully Tue 22-Mar-16 17:31:59

The photo session is a lovely idea.

Maggiemaybe Tue 22-Mar-16 18:09:38

I'd wait till the baby's born (congratulations by the way!). If it's a little girl, there'll surely be clothes shopping opportunities smile Otherwise, I like the photo session idea too.

Barmyoldbat Tue 22-Mar-16 19:37:56

We started a saving account and put just a small amount in for birthdays, Easter, Christmas etc lover the years it added up to a tidy sum of money and she has used it on driving lessons.

Grannyjacq1 Tue 22-Mar-16 19:38:55

Books. You can never give a child enough books, and there are some wonderful books available for children at the moment -several newly published, so the older children won't have them.

granma47 Tue 22-Mar-16 21:40:21

Coins from the Royal Mint - various denominations from £10 upwards in lovely presentation packs

Humbertbear Wed 23-Mar-16 08:14:41

My mother buys her great grandchildren adult books. So they have a Complete Shakespeare, the works of Austen, the Brontes and various other classics. They love seeing these on their shelves and know that they are for when they are older.
I gave my great nephew a canvas photograph frame which I had painted and I put in it a photograph of him with his parents. Before you ask, I buy the frames in The Works.

LullyDully Wed 23-Mar-16 08:25:31

Thanks so much, so many lovely ideas......wish I had kept papers for the previous 3 now. Books Grannyyak go without saying..

Imperfect27 Wed 23-Mar-16 08:35:22

I think the photo-session is a really great idea ... will be stealing that in years to come smile. We didn't know the sex of the baby until he arrived, on a Sunday. It was still possible to get hold of a first blue outfit that day before dashing up to visit.

I also like the idea of premium bonds / savings starter - guess that has to be even amongst any other grandchildren.

We are a 'blended family' which means for DD and SIL there are three sets of grandparents. we all gave a sum of money - didn't discuss it, but we all seemed to arrive at the same amount - before GS arrived and left the parents to decide how it was spent. Then we bout an outfit and newspapers for the day to put by.

Slightly different I know, but I have learned what not to give as baby gifts through seeing what my DD and SIL received. They were given a great many cuddly toys, blankets, 'newborn' clothes, which were barely used as he was quite a big baby ... I will always buy one or two sizes up. They also really appreciated the socks they were given - and wrap round bibs.

Enjoy LullyDully, how lovely that your family is growing.

oznan Wed 23-Mar-16 10:11:00

How exciting,a new grandchild,congratulations!
The ideas suggested are great-love the newspapers idea,also the photo session.All I would add is that I think it would be lovely to buy the parents a present too-new mums especially often appreciate a little pampering!How about a spa day for them both via a voucher that they can use when they are ready?You can offer your babysitting services for some extra baby snuggling time too!
Enjoy your new addition to the family and don't forget to let us know what they have.

vickya Wed 23-Mar-16 10:42:37

Get a tiny cuddly toy for the new baby and something really nice for its brother, who will need lots of fussing and to know the new and loved gift is from you and baby.

Marybel Wed 23-Mar-16 11:32:34

If there isn't anything you would particularly like to buy, why not ask the parents what they would like for their new baby? There might be something which you haven't thought of.

hulahoop Wed 23-Mar-16 11:42:26

I have usually bought pram but have always asked first congratulations and enjoy photo session does sound good📷

HellsBells Wed 23-Mar-16 11:49:19

Forget the baby and buy something special for mum

Granny23 Wed 23-Mar-16 12:30:29

I was born 18mths after my sister. Times were hard and I doubt I had anything much that was brand new. My Dad was an avid photographer so there is a record of my and my sister's childhood and it is obvious that, mainly, I have inherited her clothes, toys etc. as I appear with them 2 years later. I don't mind that, in fact I looked forward to her outgrowing her things so that I could have them.

The thing that DOES still upset me is that there is scarce a photograph of me - on my own - as a baby or toddler, whereas there are two albums of my sister before I arrived and a rather posh Baby Book dedicated to big sister with my details added at the side. So my present for subsequent children tends to be a Baby Book/Album/Memories Box of their very own.

All three of our DGC had a baby naming ceremony which included the planting of a fruit tree. All 3 trees have flourished (in spite of 1 having 'moved house') and the DGC are very proud of 'their' tree, when they pick the fruit and decide whether to make a pie to share or simply wash and eat.

starbird Wed 23-Mar-16 15:28:41

I think that if you give the baby something that he/she can look back on, the older child may feel left out as what she had was outgrown in a few years and the new baby will also have the benefit of it. Therefore, if you do decide to do any of the things suggested like planting a tree etc, I suggest you do it for both of them.

Having always had to be careful with money, I would say, if the baby does not need anything, save your money until something arises that is needed.

hulahoop Wed 23-Mar-16 15:29:04

Granny23 I have no photos as a baby first one is when I was a bridesmaid about age 4 only have one photo of my late dad when he was in uniform none other f parents wedding either wish I had at least one but heyho 😔

baNANAGran3 Wed 23-Mar-16 16:04:25

Vicky that's a good idea, might I suggest the baby toy might be one of those rabbit floppy "soothers". Our granddaughter loves hers.

dorsetpennt Wed 23-Mar-16 16:23:36

Muslin squares, a ton of them. My dil said they were the most useful present . Great for wiping, burping babies and protecting your clothes. Tesco do a very colourful range. It may look a humble gift but they will thank for them . How about just being there, she'll need even more help with two children.

grandMattie Wed 23-Mar-16 16:43:52

when my three were born, DH sent a cheque of the value of their weight to Save the Children. he then "adopted" a child in the Third world each time - money wasn't flowing, but he felt we were so blessed!

Adopt a child is a good idea - make something like a sampler with the date of birth and "Tuesday's child is full of grace..." or whatever. Keep a scrapbook of all important local/world events during his/her first year...