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Help! Bad tradesmen

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marionk Fri 30-Sep-16 11:17:48

Has anyone got any advice please. My DH has recently suffered a heart attack followed by an urgent double bypass, he has discovered he has some fairly serious underlying problems as well. Due to this we decided to strip out our bathroom and have a wet room installed, we chose a local family run firm to do the job, paid them for the equipment and then the problems started. The fitter (supplied by the company and to be paid directly by us) we had dealt with was sacked 2 days after we had paid for the fixtures and fittings and the company provided another guy and a delayed start date. The 2nd fitter came, worked 3 hours and went, saying he had to go and load his van with stuff to do the job and this set the tone for his work ethic from then on. He fabricated every excuse under the sun for not arriving on time/leaving early and I am sad to say that we took to checking up on him, if he said he was somewhere we rang to find out - he never was.
We are now exactly 4 weeks on and have had to say we don't want him on site anymore as we can take no more of his lies, excuses and poor workmanship. Someone from the company came out to look at what he has done yesterday as there was much we were unhappy with including that if he went ahead with fitting the towel rail as per the plan, we would not be able to sit on the toilet without leaning sideways!!

We have got an agreement from the company that remedial work will be done, but if we don't give this fitter a 2nd chance we will have to wait until November for someone else to come free and do the job.

I feel very aggrieved about all this, the stress is taking it's toll on my poorly DH and we need it finished. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do (we have both said there is no way we want him back). Any advice please

Mumsy Fri 30-Sep-16 11:36:28

Had a similar problem with bathroom fitters and was told that I had to have the same fitter, ( he got reprimanded for his poor workmanship) I told the company no way and kicked up such a fuss the actual boss came and finished the work within 7days.
You are within your rights to ask for someone else to finish the job and the company are being very unreasonable to make you wait until November, if it were me I would contact the company and tell them they have 7 days to finish the job or they will hear from your solicitor. Good luck, wishing your husband a speedy recovery.

Fairydoll2030 Fri 30-Sep-16 13:29:34

They are giving you a load of BS about needing to give the fitter a second chance. He is probably contracted to the company anyway and not actually employed by them so they could easily replace him (they can send someone else in November?)

Contact the MD of the company, don't be put off. Harass them until you get some satisfaction.

Check out your local radio station - do they have a consumer advice programme?
Our local one - BBC Herts Beds and Bucks - has a brilliant presenter who has helped so many listeners in similar.situations.

Dont be put off. You will have to be proactive. Also worth contacting trading standards as you may find there have been other complaints against this company.

i have never paid for work in advance - been asked but refused Most building companies have accounts with suppliers so don't need cash upfront. When the works is completed satisfactorily, then they get my money. Has worked every time for me.

Luckygirl Fri 30-Sep-16 18:06:19

Payment in advance is a very bad idea - I have never done that.

We always try and use local people with good word-of-mouth recommendations.

It is appalling that you are going through all this when your OH has been so unwell.


Shanma Fri 30-Sep-16 23:49:58

My Husband was a self employed Gardener/Landscaper. NEVER would he ask for payment in advance, just don't do it! Too late now I know as you already have, but keep it in mind for the future .I agree with Fairydoll about contacting trading Standards. I bet you are not the first person to have had trouble with the firm. Good Luck sorting it out, you do not need all this extra stress flowers

mrsmopp Sat 01-Oct-16 10:08:51

Complain to your local Trading Standards.
Check if the firm is on Facebook or Twitter and post your story on there.
Your local paper might be interested.
Good luck, you can do without this extra stress at such a difficult time.

marionk Sat 01-Oct-16 10:35:32

In fairness we did only pay just over half of the fitters charges so technically still owe him(dream on). I never thought of the local radio station but I will look into it that. Trading standards is a good idea too, but think we will have to give them a day or 2 to try and sort this mess before we get the big guns involved.

Many thanks for your suggestions and good wishes.

Update: fitter did not turn up for the showdown with the company so think we have seen the last of him.

marionk Sat 01-Oct-16 10:37:42

Oh and now DH tells me the toilet flush has ceased to work - looks like buckets again this weekend, but won't be putting up with that until November!!