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To feel absolutely disgusted by this?

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phoenix Wed 02-Aug-17 18:38:04

The totally obscene amount of money involved in moving someone who kicks a ball from one team of ball kickers to another?

That amount of money could possibly change the lives of many people in third world countries, provide clean water projects, schools, etc.

I am practically incandescent!

ajanela Sun 06-Aug-17 16:10:45

English players do badly in international football because their are not many good enough to play in the top English leagues and get the experience needed to play in International football. Most top teams teams are made up with a majority of foreign playrts. Many other countries have a much better track now no system for training potential good footballs. Look at the number of good footballers Portugal has from a population of 10 million.

ajanela Sun 06-Aug-17 16:02:48

This is about business men not footballers. Whilst fans pay the ticket price, they need the top players to win to satisfy the fans. It is like they are buying a stable of horses. Players are bought and so,d like pieces of property.

Hm999 Sat 05-Aug-17 21:41:20

Holly100 Mo Farah's charity ball spent £82k to raise £108k. When he closed it down, the charity had raised £400k. The tabloid press pick out some facts, with emphasis on 'some'. He trains in US for the training expertise.

123kitty Sat 05-Aug-17 13:23:39

This is hypothetical obviously, but I wouldn't be saying 'no I'm just not worth this salary'. If somebody will pay you are obviously worth it.

Rosina Sat 05-Aug-17 11:57:33

Typing in haste, sorry Gransnetters, you can no doubt see that I don't have a career as a proof reader!

Rosina Sat 05-Aug-17 11:56:25

The comment that disgusted me most was made by, I think, Jose Mourinho, who said that this wasn't a particularly large sum of money. This attitude is surely deluded, insane, obscene, and any other less than flattering word that you might want to apply. I loathe the whole concept of football for its greed, the terrible example it sets to the young, and the way that bad sportsmanship and appalling behaviour is often ignored because a player is 'so good' and the club want him playing. This has gone on for along time; we are farily tolerant people but we took our son away from a junior football club because some of the parents needed to be put in a straight jacket on match days - he joined a rugby club and the difference was unbelievable.

Shirleyw Sat 05-Aug-17 05:46:01

It is obscene the amount of money paid to footballers, especially to our lot......England just about scrapes through getting into the World Cup so they don't deserve much anyway......we are very poor players compared to other countries.....

angie95 Fri 04-Aug-17 23:12:01

It's a disgrace! When I think of the Police,Nurses,Doctors etc the hours they put in for little money, and yet they give billions away to a bunch of Muppets to kick a flipping bal around a pitch. It's not even played like it was in the 50s60s etc, now they are more concerned on how good they look! It makes my blood boil!

gillybob Fri 04-Aug-17 22:43:33

We have football fields close to our house too Jeanie I love watching Sunday league. Plenty shouting and fast paced excitement but no swearing. It isn't allowed.

Actually I think there are a heck of a lot worse things a little boy/girl/man /woman could do with their time. Far better than vegetating in front of a TV or games console.

Hm999 Fri 04-Aug-17 22:34:09

BBC Sport - Juan Mata: Manchester United midfielder to donate 1% of wage to charity

More importantly he is trying to get others to do the same

Jeannie59 Fri 04-Aug-17 20:48:08

I hate FootBore!!! The money they get paid is Ludicrous and disgusting
We have a football field at the back our House and all you can hear all weekend is swearing and shouting.
The money could be put into help with social care, for example Care for the Elderly, which is suffering badly.

Kyliemay Fri 04-Aug-17 20:31:06

Totally agree with you, been feeling like that for quite a few years. Tennis too, is a greedy overpaid sport, and don't get me started on golf. World totally gone mad. Hope it all goes upside down for the lot of them. How many Carribean holidays does Rooney's wife need, from what I see in the daily mail she is forever on holiday. So sad. I live in South Africa and see real poverty every day, and they had the cheek to bring the World Cup here, spending millions whilst the poor stood and stared at the mighty, now useless stadiums. Money that could have built thousands of small homes, wasted on a game played with a leather ball. Madness!

minxie Fri 04-Aug-17 19:11:35

My uncles brother played in the league back on the day and was over the moon to get £18 a week. The money that passes over today is extremely vulgar

gillybob Fri 04-Aug-17 18:40:45

My DS and DGS will be there watching their beloved ( but useless ) Sunderland tonight rafichagran smile

rafichagran Fri 04-Aug-17 18:37:27

Off to football tommorow, I shall enjoy the game and the atmosphere.
I shall not worry about what the players are being paid. There is ineqality in work, and in all walks of life, why worry about footballers salary?

starlily106 Fri 04-Aug-17 18:34:21

Enraged, not enraged.

starlily106 Fri 04-Aug-17 18:33:40

I am another who thinks it is a disgrace. Another thing that enraged me is the huge amount of money footballers get every week

bluebell58 Fri 04-Aug-17 18:18:50

loopyloo what are the millions that the government pays to the FA?

rentawitch Fri 04-Aug-17 17:09:39

The thing is, we live in a free(ish) capitalist society.
I dont think most CEOs are worth more than a nurse or doctor or energency worker. But while people suppory football and want to pay sky subscriptions and high ticket prices it will continue. Also, these are highly talented athletes with generally speaking a short working career. Excellence should be rewarded. I wish life was fairer but its not.

Diggingdoris Fri 04-Aug-17 16:30:59

It's a mad amount I think. My Dad played for Leyton Orient many many years ago and was paid 2 shillings per game or 2/6 if they won!
How times have changed!

hulahoop Fri 04-Aug-17 16:18:10

Nobody is worth that amount be it footballers or CEOs I agree with you AsarahG people are fed up of seeing inequality. It disgusts me that people who appear on reality shows doing stupid things get a fortune for it

Penstemmon Fri 04-Aug-17 16:17:30

Gosh.. some very weird meanderings on here!

Capitalism causes this disparity in worth and payment: it tell us there is a demand and that is what drives up the price. No real football fan thinks any player is worth such silly money but now football is not a game anymore it is an investment/money laundering business. That is why many obscenely wealthy but often shadowy figures put money in. I repeat that governments could prevent it if they wanted to. Seems they don't want to.

henetha Fri 04-Aug-17 16:16:22

I sort of agree with kwest, - I think we all get too hot under the collar about all sorts of things and we should appreciate the good things in our lives more often.
But, in this instance I do agree that the amount of money
paid for footballers is disgusting. This sort of payment is uttely ridiculous and makes a mockery of the hard working lives of many people who deserve far more than any footballer.

AsarahG Fri 04-Aug-17 16:10:02

So I was not the only one feeling sick with disgust at the obscene amount of money being paid out for something which should be affordable to all - and it is far from that. I think people are heartily sick of seeing the inequality, waste and greed that now permeates every area of life now.

Theoddbird Fri 04-Aug-17 16:04:47

Back in the 60s I was a football fan... Money took over the game and ruined it. I lost interest. Also the reason we don't have an amazing England team any more is because such a large proportion of premier league teams are from other countries so we just don't have enough talent to draw on a that level....