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What do you think about sharing pictures of children online?

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LaraGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 03-Aug-17 10:28:09

This story was in the news today and we wondered what your thoughts are on it? Do you think it's ok to put photos of your grandchildren online? Or do you think as long as you are mindful of privacy settings it should be ok? Do your views differ from those of the parents?

whitewave Thu 03-Aug-17 10:33:27

Yes I think that my grandchildrens lives are private and would never share photos. If they chose to or daughter chooses to do so on Facebook etc. That is entirely up to them but I wouldn't . If I ever did for some obscure reason I would always ask their permission first.

Nelliemoser Thu 03-Aug-17 10:46:28

I do now and again but no proper names given and as little as possible on their location.

Ilovecheese Thu 03-Aug-17 10:48:01

They are not my children so no, I don't put photos of them online. But I do love seeing the pictures that their parents put up.

TriciaF Thu 03-Aug-17 10:49:15

I used to use Photobucket and once put a photo onto another forum from there. Not a person, it was a plant I asked to identify (I think).
Then I got a shock later when some cheeky person posted another photo from there, of DD1 shock
Somehow he'd found the origin of the plant one and got access to my photobucket account.
I managed to contact one of the moderators and she removed at one. Then I closed my photobucket account.
BTW the person who got into my pictures was an ex-policeman.
So I would never post photos of people online.

TriciaF Thu 03-Aug-17 10:50:13

"removed it at once".

Tizliz Thu 03-Aug-17 10:50:20

Not sure that Facebook is completely secure so I don't post photos there. We use Whatsapp for sending photos to each other.

MiniMouse Thu 03-Aug-17 11:05:18

I have never trusted sharing photos online. I'm even less trusting since my FB account was hacked into, despite all the privacy settings! The account didn't have any photos on it at all, so the hacker put their own on!

Imperfect27 Thu 03-Aug-17 11:36:35

Like 'Ilovecheese* I think it is not my choice. DGS is 18 months old and to date I have posted one photo of him after asking permission. DD and SIL posted a birth announcement photo and one since then - I think it will be a yearly update.

At school we spent a whole day on cyber awareness around image sharing on FB - once we post we lose control and it is 'out there' for anyone and everyone yo use ...

Lastly, I wonder if some of this generation of children will be furious when they are older that images of them have been shared freely. I know my grown up children are often sensitive when the old photos come out - and I sure wouldn't have wanted my own childhood in pictures broadcast and freely commented upon - especially photos that could be a bit embarrassing! Some parents seem to delight in posting 'funnies'.

Ah well - just getting off my soap box and heading in the general direction of the hoover ...

TriciaF Thu 03-Aug-17 11:53:35

One horrible thing that could happen is that the photo could be stolen and used on a paedophile website (God forbid.)
Just don't risk it.

Norah Thu 03-Aug-17 12:05:47

I do not put children's photos online, no idea how or where to do photos online. Who would be interested in pictures I had to post, the parents already have the pictures.

glammygranny Thu 03-Aug-17 12:15:23

My daughter made a rule when her first child was born that no images of them were to ever appear on social media. We share pics on whattsapp but that is of course a private family group app. I totally agree with this stance. A close family member is in the police. She said its totally crazy how every year in late August early September parents up and down the land post pictures with the caption "Emily's/Josh's first day at school. Where we live a lot of the schools have specific very easily identifiable uniforms so you've just told the world where your child goes to school, what year group they are in and their name. A quick read of your profile gives your name, where you've been on holiday, perhaps where you both work, the dog's breed and name and the list goes on. A person will ill intent then approaches your child in the street and tells them they are a friend of mummy or daddy. They can tell the child so much detail of your lives that the child will have no problem believing the stranger is indeed mummy/daddy/nanny's friend and suddenly there can be a very horrible outcome. On a different note look how the Terrys got burgled because they posted pictures of themselves on holiday which in effect told anyone who wanted to know that the house was empty. I take the rule that I never post anything on facebook that I would not be happy telling a complete stranger on the bus.

Auntieflo Thu 03-Aug-17 14:10:07

I have never,and would never, post photos of family on any site. Mind you, I would love to share pictures, as this year we have been blessed with 2 great children, but no, don't do it.

Nannapat1 Thu 03-Aug-17 14:28:01

I post pictures of my DGD on Facebook regularly, with the parents' permission of course and they do the same. I have carefully regulated privacy settings and am careful about the information that I give anyway. I NEVER include other people's children in such photos unless they are friends who have given their permission. I think that there are other situations that pose more danger. Don't they say that most often children know their abusers?

Deedaa Thu 03-Aug-17 14:38:24

Well I freely admit to putting pictures of my grsndsons on Facebook and so do their families. I have friends scattered around the country and in Italy and we love seeing each other's families. I don't think any of them are the sort of thing that the children would find embarrassing later, certainly don't do "funny" ones. The locations are generally not very specific and we certainly don't tell people when the house is going to be empty

paddyann Thu 03-Aug-17 15:12:49

yes we share photos,as long as your privacy settings are quite strict about who sees them its fine.My daughter recently posted a photo of my grandson who is now 14 when her was about 18 months old it was hilarious even he laughed at it.He had his mums slippers and bra on and a pull up nappy as a hat .A lot of our relations are overseas so this was the first time many had seen it and it was much appreciated

SueDonim Thu 03-Aug-17 15:34:11

I occasionally share a photo of my eldest two GC that my son has put on social media, with his permission.

My youngest two GC have never appeared on SM as their parents do not use it.

It's entirely the child's parents choice, not the grandparents.

Even when privacy setting are screwed down tight, you still can't know which, if any, of your Friends might have dodgy tendencies, given that it's not something anyone would broadcast.

gillybob Thu 03-Aug-17 15:36:39

I don't and wouldn't.

Nanabilly Thu 03-Aug-17 15:49:23

My son made a rule of never putting pictures of my grandson online ...anywhere ..not that I use it much or would do it anyway.My nieces post every single photo they ever take on the web ..hundreds of the past I have had to message them to remove photos as you can see addresses on their mail and other private details on the pics they have posted . Their reply is always the same "oh it's okay auntie Kim only my friends can see it" They are also letting everyone know when they away from home by putting holiday or days out pics up . They Just don't care

Grannyknot Thu 03-Aug-17 15:53:50

I presume "social media" includes Gransnet...

In 3 years I've only posted about half a dozen photos of my grandson on social media, always with other family members (in the picture).

Nannapat1 Thu 03-Aug-17 15:58:24

If friends have dodgy tendencies, they can still do harm even if you don't use social media...

Anniebach Thu 03-Aug-17 16:00:07

Never have, never will.

mimiro Thu 03-Aug-17 16:02:47

even people who "teach" how to be safe online don't have a clue
anything you post online is accessable
if the u.s pentagon and visa and sears/target etc can be cracked(proper term as in crack open a safe)
anything can be accessed.
a"private family site"
no such thing.every picture you post has the address of your phone/pc/device.with that anything is available if someone wants it.
and yes the perverts use them and sell them on their sites.once its out there it there for good,you can delete all you want its not going to remove it .

so no/this> gn is the only place i post anything

Ana Thu 03-Aug-17 16:11:15

GN isn't a safe place to post photos - anyone in the world can see them! hmm

NfkDumpling Thu 03-Aug-17 16:31:09

DD1 post a loads of pictures. Of DGDs, dogs, and, at present, what's she's doing today on her holidays. But they're only shared with specific friends and never tagged. She says she doesn't care if people know she's on holiday. The whole neighbourhood knows anyway.

I share but with friends only - all 35 of them! And I don't post identifiable pictures of family or friends without their permission.