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Heartthrobs and Turn-offs

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grannysue05 Tue 12-Sep-17 11:00:05

I was thinking recently about my favourite heart-throbs over the decades.
Also which actors/celebrities actually turned me off !
My heartthrobs are :
George Clooney (just think of the Nespresso ad!)
Aidan Turner (imagine Poldark)
Tom Hiddleston (remember The Night Manager)

My absolute turn off would be ... Arnold Swarznegger
So come on GN's ....three hearthrobs and one turn off.

LadyGracie Tue 12-Sep-17 12:01:58

So many men I fancy, or used too
James Norton - Grantchester, bad boy in Happy Valley
Damon Hill - former F1 driver
Alan Rickman - RIP. Bit of rough!
I could name many more!

Turn off - Roger Moore, I always found him smarmy!

JackyB Tue 12-Sep-17 12:05:21

Heartthrobs then (60s/70s):

Scott Walker
Tim Brooke-Taylor
Marc Bolan

Heartthrobs now:
Bruce Willis
Brad Pitt
Dev Patel

Turnoff: Johnny Depp

devongirl Tue 12-Sep-17 12:16:38


Martin Freeman (yes, really - I think he's cute!)
Tom Hardy
Colin Firth

hmmm - can't think of one at the mo...

MissAdventure Tue 12-Sep-17 12:17:38

Heart throbs: Ray Winston, Michael Hutchence, Seal.
Non throb: Noel Fielding.

Christinefrance Tue 12-Sep-17 12:25:59

Sean Bean, Lord M , Seal for me too.

Non throb: Russell Brand, Paul Hollywood

paddyann Tue 12-Sep-17 12:31:28

Cat Stevens,my husband looked just like him,my OH has aged better

The guy who plays Rick in Holby he has a wonderful face and a beautiful smile

the lovely Sam Heughan from Outlander ...well who doesn't like a man in a kilt

other than that I rarely notice what men look like and usually just their face or smile ,my friend swoons over rugby players thighs ...I think thats hilarious

Anniebach Tue 12-Sep-17 12:38:20


Denzel Washington

Ioan Gruffudd

Alan Rickman - still

Turn off. Arnold Swarznegger

Tweedle24 Tue 12-Sep-17 12:51:02

Heart throb (and the first is going back a loooooooong way!)
Robert Horton (Wagon Train Flint McCullough)
Johnny Depp ( Sorry JackieB)
Mark Harmon (NCIS - Gibbs)

Turn off -like Christinefrance -Russel Brand

lemongrove Tue 12-Sep-17 12:58:52

Think I will go along with your choice grannysue 😃

Lindylo Tue 12-Sep-17 13:41:13

Heart throbs:

Idris Elba
George Clooney
Richard Gere

Turn off:

David Beckham (sorry I just don't get the attraction)

trisher Tue 12-Sep-17 14:19:54

Can I have 2 heartthrob lists
Gone but never forgotten
Peter O'Toole
Richard Burton
Albert Finney

Still with us
Terence Stamp
Bill Nighy
Sean Bean
George Clooney (oh that's 4 never mind. There are a few more! There's Robert De Niro -and then there's the younger ones-Tom Hardy etc)

Turn off
Jean Claude Van Damme

DanniRae Tue 12-Sep-17 14:31:27

Just to say LadyGracie that my husband is often told that he looks just like Damon Hill! grin ........I can't see it however

I like:

David Essex
Colin Forth - but only as Mr Darcy!
Lord M

Turn Offs:

Paul Holywood (too up himself)

Imperfect27 Tue 12-Sep-17 14:35:16

Heart throbs
Colin Firth
Richard Armitage
and although much too old for me ... caught on film ...
James Stewart and Gregory Peck

Turn Offs
Keith Lemon
Johnathon Ross
Piers Morgan

shysal Tue 12-Sep-17 14:37:02

Sadly I can think of more turn-offs than ons, but here is my list:
George Clooney
Michael Landon (Little House on the Prairie)
Steven Tyler from Aerosmith (attractive in an ugly sort of way)

Tom Jones (could never stand him!)

Imperfect27 Tue 12-Sep-17 14:41:55

Oooops. Sorry, got 'carried away' with the turn offs (oxymoron?!)

kittylester Tue 12-Sep-17 15:01:08

My husband is is often told he looks like Eddie Jordan!!


Turn ons

Alan Rickman - not at all rough!!
Lord M
Cormoran Strike
David Essex

Turn Off

Paul Hollywood
Russel Brand

This is going to be a bit like the party music thread - I'm sure I will be back later with more!

Alima Tue 12-Sep-17 16:14:14

Cannot think of a turn on except for George Clooney who I think is absolute perfection, to look at anyway as I've never seen him act. Keep changing my mind for others.

Turn offs, Ricky Tomlinson yuk. Plus any other overtly hairy male. (Just think of all the snot, bits of meat pie etc trapped in those beards, yuk).

devongirl Tue 12-Sep-17 16:29:13

Who is Lord M?

MissAdventure Tue 12-Sep-17 16:59:05

My ex was often told he looked like Ricky Tomlinson! grin

Christinefrance Tue 12-Sep-17 17:05:36

Lord M is in the TV series Victoria. I haven't seen the last one yet but have a suspicion he may have died. His name is Rufus Sewell.

callgirl1 Tue 12-Sep-17 17:16:09

Heart-throbs then,
Robert Horton
Richard Greene
Elvis Presley
Huw Thomas

and now,
Aidan Turner
Michael Ball
Luciano Pavarotti (yes, really, and yes, I know he`s no longer with us!)

Turn off, so many, but if I can only have 1,
Chris Evans

Anniebach Tue 12-Sep-17 17:44:00

I lusted after Rufas Sewell in the first series of .victoria

Floradora9 Tue 12-Sep-17 18:02:27

The author of the scripts says she is in love with Lord M and cannot bear to have him die .

MissAdventure Tue 12-Sep-17 18:08:38

I asked my daughter who someone was on tv the other night, as I'm not at all interested in actors and celebs. It was Idris Elba. Very handsome man!