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Sunny82z Thu 14-Dec-17 17:17:01

I have noticed from quite a few posts that in the North, Midlands and the East of the UK gran netters are meeting up, having lunches and keeping their local sites vibrant. The South West seems spookily quiet; on my local site, Somerset,
I am the one lonely soul to post in the last 3/4 months. So how do you grans netters in other parts of the country keep the show on the road and keep people interested? I just think that as a back up to the main site a local site is useful for local information and well, obviously all things local.

silverlining48 Thu 14-Dec-17 17:32:36

We had a meet up today in kent. I thought it would be worth a try and suggested it on the general meet up site on forums. a few nice ladies got in touch and we have been happily meeting every few weeks since the spring.
Why not do similar and see if there is a response. I sm sure there are grans in the south west, a beautiful part of the country. Good luck.

Pittcity Thu 14-Dec-17 17:53:37

Sunny The link to the Meetups forum is
As silverlining says you just need to suggest something to suit you and see if others respond.

Sunny82z Thu 14-Dec-17 18:03:01

Thanks Siverlining and Pittcity. Very new to this site so still a bit green I'm afraid