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Thinning Hair!

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Poppyred Sat 06-Jan-18 09:57:59

My hair is thinning fast and I will need to wear a wig/hairpiece in the near future when going out of the house. Does anyone know of any good shops in the North Wales/Liverpool/Manchester area that cater for this?
They all seem to be in the South of England!

Serkeen Sat 06-Jan-18 10:34:27

I had the same and watched a trv commercial about Pantene thickening shampoo so tried it and happy to report that it does actually work, well it did work on me.

Don't despair there are loads of stuff on the market that will improve your thinning hair

KatyK Sat 06-Jan-18 10:45:50

There are quite a few threads on Gransnet about thinning hair which may be of some help. I have lost all of my hair. Nothing worked for me but I'm sure Serkeen is right that you can find something to help.

Grandma70s Sat 06-Jan-18 11:22:44

I know someone whose wife needed a wig, and they found Wiggins in Penny Lane in Liverpool very helpful.

KatyK Sat 06-Jan-18 11:28:17

I am not recommending this because I have no experience of this particular salon, but there is a salon in Manchester (they also have some in other cities I believe) called Lucinda Ellery. They provide replacement hair which is threaded onto your own hair, provided you have some left. They were featured once on TV on '10 Years Younger'. I researched them when I lost my hair. They couldn't have helped me, as all my hair is gone. However, I don't think it is cheap.

Poppyred Sat 06-Jan-18 13:07:50

Thank you very much ladies. I will try Wiggins in Liverpool. I have had a consultation at Linda Ellery in Manchester and it would be a brilliant solution but I decided that £3000 + yearly maintenance cost would be too much at present, although I might have to in the end! And yes Pantene shampoo really helps as well.

KatyK Sat 06-Jan-18 14:41:32

I go to a hair replacement place in Birminghaam. I won't mention the name as I would hate anyone to go and not be happy but they have been a great help to me. Yes, it is expensive but the staff are wonderful and it's meant I can now come out of hibernation. There is very little help out there for women who lose their hair. We have to help ourselves. Good luck to you Poppy

Poppyred Sat 06-Jan-18 15:15:53

Thank you so much KatyK, and yes you are right. There is no help available at present, what a shame.

Liz46 Sat 06-Jan-18 15:48:00

I am on strong medication which has caused hair loss and someone recommended Nioxin. I had not heard of it before but on investigation, find that is is rather expensive.
My consultant is going to try to change my drugs as I am having so many side effects so probably won't be rushing to buy something expensive until I see what happens.

Baggs Sat 06-Jan-18 15:58:18

Fortunately I like wearing hats. I think it was a couple of years ago that I noticed my head was often cold in bed (my bedroom is kept cool deliberately, better for sleep). Now I drape a folded cashmere stole over the top half of my face and my head. Dead snug.

I'm delighted to have found a daily use for the stole too. I hadn't used it since I had to give up dancing cos of ME/fibromyalgia (used to fling it round my shoulders between dances or at supper time when at balls) about thirteen years ago.

Poppyred Sat 06-Jan-18 18:31:30

KatyK what do you mean by hair replacement? Wig?

KatyK Sat 06-Jan-18 19:05:54

Poppy No I didn't want a wig. I'm sure they are great these days but it wasn't for me. The 'system' I have is just like having your own hair. You can wash it - just like you do with your own (head in the sink or in the shower etc), curl it, straighten it etc. You can't colour it yourself but the people at the salon will change the colour for you if you wish. You can have any colour or style you want. It wouldn't be for everyone but I was desperate, having lost all my hair. I wasn't going out and was upset and crying all the time. The thing that would put some people off and it did me at first, they glue it to your head - I know, it sounds awful but it's fine. It would never, ever come off. I have been out in gale force winds. It looks really natural and hair is attached to a fine mesh skin which, when in place, looks like your scalp. A bit similar to the Ellery ones but attached in a different way as I have no hair to attach. I think they have other systems for people with less hair loss although I am unsure. The only down side isI have to go back every 6 weeks and they remove it and condition my scalp etc but I just grin and bear it as I'm not in there long. I have seen young men (it is mainly men) with fabulous, trendy hair in there and then I realise they have a system like mine. Not cheap though but I believe it's saved my life - literally. I've had it for over 8 years now and never had a problem with it but like I say, I would never recommend in case it didn't work out for people as well as it's worked for me. Sorry this is so long!

Poppyred Sun 07-Jan-18 05:18:50

Ah right, similar to a weave system then. It's great to know that there is something that can be done, but like you say, not cheap!! Thank you.