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How to wash roasting tin liners?

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kittylester Sun 08-Apr-18 11:09:57

I sometimes use those creamy coloured roasting tray liners if I'm doing something sticky. They work much better than foil or baking paper but they are hard to get clean and necessitate lots of changes of water.

The instructions say they can be put in the dishwasher - how does that work?

Any help gratefully received!

Greyduster Sun 08-Apr-18 11:48:02

I’m not sure I’ve seen them. I use a black Teflon liner in a roasting tin sometimes, but only to cover the bottom. They go in the dishwasher. Most of the time I line with non stick baking parchment in deeper tins and then throw it away.

Teetime Sun 08-Apr-18 11:48:22

I haven't used on of those but an ordinary oven tray which I spray with Fairy Power Spray and then after a while pour in some Fairy Platinum (its the one for soaking) and boiling water. Crystal clean each time.

cornergran Sun 08-Apr-18 12:39:32

I use the black ones as well, straight into the top shelf of the dishwasher and good as new.

kittylester Sun 08-Apr-18 14:29:25

Don't they 'take off' in the dishwasher and end up in a crumpled, messy heap,?

cornergran Sun 08-Apr-18 14:58:40

Theblack ones are quite thick and heavy kitty, I put ours on top of the crocker on the top shelf, works well. I wonder if yours are thinner? I've led a sheltered life and haven't seen cream ones.

kittylester Sun 08-Apr-18 15:37:40

They are very flimsy, corner, and I suspect they will have to continue being held under hot running water.

Greyduster Sun 08-Apr-18 15:49:25

Mine are the heavier ones too. I have a couple of the thinner ones but I don’t use them very much and I haven’t put them in the dishwasher. I think the only way you could stop them “wandering” would be to peg them to the basket!

lemongrove Sun 08-Apr-18 16:00:38

kitty I use the ones that you do ( from Lakeland) they are so brilliant and useful for many things.I clean them in hot soapy water just using Fairy liquid, anything comes off them easily.I did try putting one in the dishwasher once, it came out clean ( not crumpled up) but really it’s overkill, as they wash easily anyway.

lemongrove Sun 08-Apr-18 16:01:25

In the dishwasher just place them as you would a dinner plate.

kittylester Sun 08-Apr-18 16:50:40

Mine are from Sainsbury's and wouldn't stand like a dinner plate. I find them an unwieldy godsend. They fold over themselves in washing up water which means I have to hold them under hot running water and drape them around - over the tap, over the utensil rail.

I thought I was missing something - maybe a bit of brain? grin

I've got a Lakeland one, I'll try that.

kittylester Sun 08-Apr-18 17:48:26

I've just checked my Lakeland one and it is much thicker than mine and would have to be cut to shape, mine don't!

I think we should allow this thread to die before someone spots how boring I am and mentions it as an example of inane comments of GN. blush

lemongrove Sun 08-Apr-18 19:47:51


Grannyknot Mon 09-Apr-18 07:07:04

I never line roasting tins, I keep a box of cheap, basic, dishwasher tabs under the sink - pop some boiling water in the tray with one of those, boil it for a while and then the tray goes in the dishwasher.

And talking about dishwashers, which tabs do you recommend, please smile? I currently use Finish Quantum but still sometimes get streaks on glasses.

JackyB Mon 09-Apr-18 07:29:32

Could you put them in the washing machine or are they too greasy? I remember once being told at a Tupperware party that Tupperware can go in the washing machine.

SpringyChicken Mon 09-Apr-18 07:43:36

I have a silver liner for the grill pan and I’ve sometimes put in the dishwasher. Other times I’ve damped it so it sticks to the worktop and then wiped it over with cream kitchen cleaner. I let the cream work for a few minutes before washing it off. It doesn’t seem to fly around in the dishwasher.

kittylester Mon 09-Apr-18 08:24:15

For based on baking tins etc I put a scoop of vanish in the tin and pour on boiling water and leave it to stand. The wings I do stick to the extent that even vanish won't shift it. Foil and baking paper don't work either. And I'm lazy blush

I use the more expensive Sainsbury's own brand tabs, GK and find them really good - apart from chicken wing trays!

M0nica Mon 09-Apr-18 08:27:22

If you line a roasting tin with something else that also needs cleaning why bother? Just use and wash the roasting tin and save yourself the extra cost and hassle.

kittylester Mon 09-Apr-18 08:37:55

It is impossible to get off the baking trays, Monica and foil, baking paper etc.

I suppose I could just stop making them but they are our favourite Saturday supper and I do them probably once a month - any children staying ask for them too. The ridiculous thing is that they are not at all sticky - just crisp.

MaizieD Mon 09-Apr-18 09:50:50

You never told us what you were making to produce such a problem, kittylester confused

MaizieD Mon 09-Apr-18 09:52:53

Oh, forget that. I re-read the thread blush

kittylester Mon 09-Apr-18 10:26:52

Easy to miss Maizie - it's quite a boring topic really - even I'm bored and I started the blessed thing. grin

Scribbles Mon 09-Apr-18 13:04:33

Grannyknot, re dishwasher tablets, I use Lidl's W5 and now won't use any other sort. Their performance knocks spots off others, both branded and own brand.

Baggs Mon 09-Apr-18 13:13:20

Have you tried soda crystals sprinkled over fairly thickly and then covered with very hot water?

Admission: haven't read the whole thread so someone else might have suggested this already.

Grannyknot Mon 09-Apr-18 13:15:23

Scribbles thanks! Will give them a go.