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What have you eaten today?

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Riverwalk Sat 24-Nov-18 18:10:05

I'm in a 'bottomless pit' mode today - just can't eat enough!

So far I've had:

2 fried eggs, tomatoes, avocado, 2 coffees
Sea bass fillets, red cabbage & salad, 2 glasses of wine
3 slices of bacon, brown sauce, on a buttered brioche bun
1 mini Magnum

I'm still hungry!

lemongrove Sat 24-Nov-18 18:15:57

It’s the onset of cold weather River we are programmed, like all animals to put down an extra layer of Winter fat in case of lean times to come, and to keep us
Eat up!

Riverwalk Sat 24-Nov-18 18:18:20

Well 'fess up lemon what have you had? grin

I forgot 4 Jaffa cakes blush

lemongrove Sat 24-Nov-18 18:18:59

Wholemeal toast with butter and marmalade, two cups of tea,
One large ham and mustard sarnie, orange juice,
Beef cobbler with brussels sprouts and carrots and braised celery. Cup of coffee ( still drinking it.)
Supper will be cheese and crackers.

lemongrove Sat 24-Nov-18 18:20:13

.....and I may root out my emergency Maltesers.

glammanana Sat 24-Nov-18 18:23:47

I've had 2 x poached eggs and wholemeal toast
1 bowl of homemade chicken & veg soup (loads of veg)
Feeling very well topped up thank you very much and hardly any thing that will add that extra layer of fat.

tanith Sat 24-Nov-18 18:29:30

3 cups of tea
Bran flakes with raspberries
Leek and potato soup ( homemade)
Sliced beef in gravy (out of the freezer) with mash and brocilli
Rice pudding

merlotgran Sat 24-Nov-18 18:39:29

Grilled bacon and mushrooms - no toast. Two mugs of tea.
Home made gluten free cheese and tomato pizza. Water.
Afternoon cuppa.
Baked cod, steamed veg and boiled potatoes. Gin and Tonic.

I'll probably share a bottle of white wine with DH later on but won't have any more to eat.

TerriBull Sat 24-Nov-18 18:47:52

2 bananas and yogurt, 2 cups of coffee
Sandwich consisting of wholemeal bread, ham, rocket, cucumber and red onion.
2 cups of tea
A piece of cheddar
Drinking a G&T at the moment.
Will be having chicken satay curry and rice around 7ish.

EllanVannin Sat 24-Nov-18 18:55:47

2 thickly buttered crumpets,drinking chocolate ( Asdas own ) better than Cadbury's.
Coffee and rich tea biscs Elevenses.
Pork,apple and onion casserole with mashed potatoes and a little pointy cabbage.
Piece of cake.
Cheese and crackers. coffee.

A bag of Revels.

EllanVannin Sat 24-Nov-18 18:57:07

>>>>>>>>stewed apples and custard.

oldbatty Sat 24-Nov-18 18:57:44

A brew and a fag. A pasty from Greg's. A double-decker. Some chips and a battered sausage. Supper will be a couple of cans and some doritos.

Lynne59 Sat 24-Nov-18 19:00:11

I've had:

porridge this morning
a buttered cob (bap, some would say)
a packet of crisps
an orange
salmon fillet, sauteed potatoes, oven-roasted vegetables
a KitKat

aggie Sat 24-Nov-18 19:00:30

porridge with a banana , home made vg soup with a cheese sandwich 2 cups coffee one mug tea now sipping ginger and lemon tea

DoraMarr Sat 24-Nov-18 19:00:46

breakfast: 3 fresh figs, yogurt and local honey. 2 Crumpets with butter and homemade jam ( made in someone else’s home.) 2 cups of tea.
Lunch: cheese, crackers and an apple. Glass of milk.
Cup of tea after Tai Chi, and two chocolates.
Dinner: chicken pie, mash, broccoli, carrots, glass of wine.
Thinking about a second glass of wine, with cashews.

Lynne59 Sat 24-Nov-18 19:01:30

oldbatty... you forgot the Pot Noodle, surely?

Auntieflo Sat 24-Nov-18 19:01:53

1 early cup of weak, black,earl grey tea. Two croissants with a smidgeon of butter and half teaspoon marmalade, and a cup of tea as above. Mid morning, 1 mug of coffee. Lunch, 2 slices wholegrain toast, cream cheese, smoked salmon, rocket, tomatoes, glass water, 1 mince pie.
Am still waiting for supper ?? We are at GGD and being fed whatever comes out of the cupboard.
Probably some After 8’s later on.😄

Pittcity Sat 24-Nov-18 19:13:12

2 slices wholemeal toast with marmite. 2 cups tea.
Cuppa soup with buttered baguette. Glass of water.
Cottage pie with sprouts and carrots. Glass of water.
Now watching strictly with G&T.
May have a bit more buttered baguette later, but I have walked 15000 steps today.

Marthjolly1 Sat 24-Nov-18 19:21:41

Strong black coffee to get up and going. 3 cups of tea, 3 dried apricots and a few walnuts, 1 x digestive biscuit. Home made lamb curry and rice. A bottle of red wine shared with DOH. Maybe a choc truffle later.

NanKate Sat 24-Nov-18 19:42:54

OldBatty you did make me laugh with your description of today’s food/drink. You were joking weren’t you ? 😉

3 cups of tea
1 coffeee
1 Weetabix, fresh fruit, fat free Greek yogurt
4 crackers, Matchbox and a half size of Gouda cheese and an apple.
Half a Slimfast caramel bar 45 cals
Small sherry, 6 crisps - well it is the weekend
Chicken arribata and a few peas
Rest of the fresh fruit from this morning, dollop of fat free yogurt.

Riverwalk Sat 24-Nov-18 19:47:20

All very healthy so fargrin

I thought there would be more cake!

2 more Jaffa cakes and another small glass of wine wine

M0nica Sat 24-Nov-18 19:47:39

Breakfast; a cheesy croissant, lemon tea, fruit juice
Lunch: moussaka (home made), boiled potatoes and sprouts, stewed gooseberries, black coffee
Supper: salmon and broccoli fish cake, grilled tomatoes, grapes, cup of tea

Nothing to eat and black coffee/fruit tea/water drunk between meals. I am now finished until breakfast.

Greyduster Sat 24-Nov-18 19:51:50

Two ginger biscuits (eaten while catching the Good Morning thread).
One weetabix with prunes and blueberries
Swerved around the sausage and bacon baps at the cross country😱😇
A bowl of home made leek and potato soup for lunch.
One chocolate wafer biscuit mid afternoon.
Liver, bacon, mashed potatoes, peas and onion gravy for dinner.
Contemplating a packet of crisps.........

Greyduster Sat 24-Nov-18 20:02:26

I had an apple instead!

cornergran Sat 24-Nov-18 20:13:53

Gluten free muesli with Greek yoghurt
Hot chocolate, flake, cream and marshmallows
Home made carrot and coriander soup with gf roll
2 gf biscuits
GF Pasta and Bolognese sauce
Raspberries and cream
2 glasses of white wine
Probably a couple of chocolate peppermints later
Several (many!) mugs of tea throughout the day.