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Urmstongran Sat 22-Dec-18 22:00:52

Just curious here. What time do we all go to bed and get up?
Mostly, I go to bed around 10pm ish and get up without an alarm around 7:45am most mornings. Perfect for me. Maybe once to the bathroom during the night.
Then I read in the news recently that more than 9 hours isn’t a good thing.

MissAdventure Sat 22-Dec-18 22:05:03

My sleep pattern is terrible at the moment.
Bed by 12 or 1am, then awake almost hourly through the night.
Until its time to get up, of course, then I feel I could sleep all day!

Luckygirl Sat 22-Dec-18 22:09:22

I set off for bed at about 10 pm, but it takes about an hour to get as far as bed - OH needs to be un/dressed and given all meds etc. Every time I think we will get it done quicker, we fail! And often we do not wake till about 8.30/9 am. Then the whole rigmarole in reverse means that I often do not get everything done and ready to start the day till 10/11!!!!

DGS is often delivered to my bed on the days I look after him - he is used to helping me dress and get breakfast.

Marydoll Sat 22-Dec-18 22:09:41

Urmstongran, I'm a bit of an insomniac, as you will notice by the times of some of my posts.
Usually up 6.45am, sometimes a wee bit later if I have had a bad night painwise.
Two or three times to the bathroom.
GN is a lifesaver for me, when I can't sleep.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 22-Dec-18 22:10:08

I am exhausted mentally and physically, then I go to bed!! Unfortunately I am immediately wide awake, brain races from one subject to the next.
Husband goes to bed at 10.00 pm, straight to sleep, snoring.
I have been continuously tired for the last 11 years.

tanith Sat 22-Dec-18 22:14:34

I’m in bed by 10.30 but usual read or catch up online with news or family. I’m awake before 6 earlier in Summer get a cuppa and read or watch the news till 7.30/8ish in bed. I used to wake 2/3 times but lately I’m sleeping better with no bathroom visits.

Anniebach Sat 22-Dec-18 22:24:27

Watch paper review then bed in time for the 11.00pm news.

Wake up in the night, then again about 7.30. Don’t get up until 9.15am listen to ToDay

dragonfly46 Sat 22-Dec-18 22:29:06

Go to bed at 10 so asleep by 10.30 and wake about 7. My DH sleeps before me and wakes up later so around 9 hours. He has had a bad night if he wakes up twice!

Bathsheba Sat 22-Dec-18 22:34:15

I always aim to get to bed by 10.30, but fail miserably almost every night! So it ends up about 11.00, then I read for 20-30 minutes. If I'm lucky I'll get to sleep quickly and wake only a couple of times for a loo visit. (Last night, almost unheard of, I woke only once). More often, though I'll wake between 4 and 6 times, having sometimes spent 1.5-2 hours trying to get to sleep in the first place.
I consequently wake around 8.00 feeling exhausted, but reluctant to go back to sleep because then I'd be there till 10.00 or later shock.


merlotgran Sat 22-Dec-18 22:47:58

We have become night owls now we no longer have to get up for work. The dogs wake us up at 7am. DH gets up first to let them out and I follow about twenty minutes later when I know he's made the tea!

We both sleep like logs. DH gets up once during the night and I sometimes do but not always.

I often drop off after the six o'clock news and it's the One Show music that wakes me up. DH has short naps throughout the day.

Maggiemaybe Sat 22-Dec-18 22:59:21

I’m usually asleep around midnight and tend to wake up (but not get up!) at 7ish, though we have to set the alarm and be up earlier on the days we look after our grandsons. My MiFit monitors my sleep and confirms that my average is currently about 7 hours a night. I do have a couple of bad nights a month when I wake in the night and just can’t get back off.

MiniMoon Sat 22-Dec-18 23:01:16

I'm usually up by about 08:30, but sometimes it's later as I am a poor sleeper. I'm up a couple of times in the night, and when back in bed have difficulty getting back to sleep.
I go to bed at about 10:30 - 11:00 pm but don't go straight to sleep. I need time to wind down, so I visit Gransnet and read or play Scrabble.

callgirl1 Sat 22-Dec-18 23:10:39

Most nights I go to bed around 1.30 am, spend ages trying to get to sleep, up once, sometimes twice in the night for toilet visit, then get up, with the alarm, around 8 to 8.30 am. If I don`t set the alarm, I sometimes sleep till between 9 and 10 am.

Doodle Sat 22-Dec-18 23:11:16

Bed anytime between 10.30 and midnight. If I fall asleep straight away I will usually sleep till around 8. If my tinnitus is bad I may be awake for an hour at that point I usually get up and sit in a chair For an hour or so and then try again.

Doodle Sat 22-Dec-18 23:12:42

You're not a burglar are you urmstrong tchhmm tchgrin

Katyj Sat 22-Dec-18 23:20:56

We're in bed at 9pm, straight to sleep, then normally awake at 5 am.Were trying to go to bed later now DH retired, but failing miserably at the moment. The only reason I'm up now is because DGC are here, we fell asleep at 9pm, one of them woke up having a bad dream and the baby has woken up three times already, managed to get away with putting the dummy back in so far, but don't feel confident it's going to be a good night,so downstairs, don't know if it's better to try and go to sleep even if it's only for a short while or stay up.

grannyactivist Sat 22-Dec-18 23:35:59

I'm always the last one to go to bed simply because I love the opportunity to be alone and have a bit of time to myself at the end of each busy day. I often plan to do an hour or so of family history research, but it can turn very quickly into several hours, so whilst I may aim to be in bed by about midnight it can be much later before I actually drag myself away. In the mornings I get up at about eightish, or sometimes earlier if I need to be at morning meetings, later if I've slept badly and don't have to be anywhere.

Right now everyone else has just gone up to bed and I'm sitting in front of a warm fire and relaxing. The Christmas tree at my side smells wonderful, but remains reprovingly naked and I'm hoping that maybe my sons will dress it tomorrow - but I won't lose any sleep over it. tchsmile

Coolgran65 Sat 22-Dec-18 23:38:36

I have had insomnia for about 40 years related to my RLS and no sleeping pull has helped. Bed at around 11.30 and read until I fall asleep. Usually sleep for about an hour and that's it for several hours. Probably get another hour around 6am. Sometimes i don't sleep at all and on occasion have had two nights in a row where i haven't slept.
A good night gets me 3 hours of broken sleep.
My dh says he can't understand how my body keeps going.

Lynne59 Sun 23-Dec-18 00:50:17

I go to bed at about 11, and get up when I wake up, usually at about 8.

I'm up unusually late because I have had a lazy day and don't feel tired yet.

Day6 Sun 23-Dec-18 01:30:17

<checks clock> It's almost 1.30am, and I am wide awake, as usual. I get up between 8am and 9.30am, depending on when I finally fall asleep. I seem to survive on very little sleep, some nights only three hours.

I have taken tonights tablets too. They haven't kicked in yet.

Buffybee Sun 23-Dec-18 01:35:53

I've always been an Owl but I'm awake later than usual as I've been out with friends to see Showaddy waddy.
Never rated them, years ago but they were really good.
So, I usually go to bed any time from 11.30 to 1am depending on how early I was up that morning.
I never read or browse in bed and I'm usually asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow.
Whatever time I go to bed, I'm up by about 7.45 to 8am.
I love my bed and never scrimp on anything to do with comfort.

BBbevan Sun 23-Dec-18 03:08:03

Before I retired I liked to be at school by 7.30 to 8. DH saw the children off to school, and I could then be home sharpish after school finished, for them. We were all often in bed by 9 and no matter how hard we have tried, we still go to bed early and wake up at 6
I am often awake during the night but try not to disturb DH. He can sleep for hours and will often have a longish nap in the day. 15 mins. does me.
Now we don't get up immediately but watch Breakfast tv.

Willow500 Sun 23-Dec-18 05:46:31

We're usually getting ready to go to bed when the 10 o'clock news comes on but by the time I actually get in mine it's nearer 10.30. I read for maybe 5-10 mins then sleep until 4.30 - 5am when feline toilet activities get me up. I usually go to the loo once too. I'm always up and downstairs by 5.30. If OH isn't at work he'll stay in bed will about 7 otherwise he's up at 5.45 am too. He does sleep during the day if he's sitting on the sofa but as he works a full 12 hours a day I think that's allowed.

Jane10 Sun 23-Dec-18 07:14:55

I aim to head for bed around 10ish, lights out around 10.30 and, on average, sleep through until 6ish when I just get up as I'd rather do that than lie on in bed. There's around half an hours variation around all these times. Occasional lovely naps in the afternoon. As long as the sleep I have over 24 hours adds up to 7 hours I feel fine. I really can't complain although the cat hates it if I sleep much beyond 6 and makes his feelings felt - loudly!

craftergran Sun 23-Dec-18 07:27:07

At the moment I am up around 5.30am though that is a temporary thing and I will go back to between 7am and 7.30am until summer where my sleep pattern goes crazy again due to the daylight.

At 3pm I hit my afternoon dip and sometimes doze for 10 minutes. Though at the moment I am not dozing at 3pm because I watch a usually very bad Christmas movie on Chan 4 (or is it 5) instead.