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should I take a gift?

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Oldwoman70 Sun 21-Apr-19 09:09:08

I have been invited to a friend's new house for lunch. She moved in some time ago but this is my first visit - others who are also invited for lunch have visited several times. I thought I would take along a bunch of flowers as a combined housewarming/thank you for lunch.

However on discussing this with someone last night they said that as the others would not be taking anything my flowers could make them feel uncomfortable. I know I could arrange for flowers to be delivered the next day as a thank you but then I would feel uncomfortable turning up with nothing!

She is a non drinker so a bottle of wine to go with lunch is not an option, besides most of us will be driving. So should I take flowers or not?

baubles Sun 21-Apr-19 09:11:19

I would.

Larissa67 Sun 21-Apr-19 09:15:28

This sounds like a lovely idea. Who wouldn't be charmed by a simple spring flower posey?

Gonegirl Sun 21-Apr-19 09:15:45

Definitely take the flowers! It's Easter Sunday. Everyone should have flowers. Take her an Easter egg too. Can't see why it should make anyone else feel uncomfortable!

kittylester Sun 21-Apr-19 09:19:27

I think it's a lovely idea! And as gonegirl says, some chocolates for everyone to share after the meal.

mumofmadboys Sun 21-Apr-19 09:21:17

I'm sure most people going for lunch will take something especially on Easter Day.

Grammaretto Sun 21-Apr-19 09:21:25

I would certainly take a gift such as. flowers, chocolates, a gift voucher for a garden centre etc

BrandyButter Sun 21-Apr-19 09:24:27

I would take the flowers, it is each person's choice whether to take a gift and you feel you would like to so please do.

Gonegirl Sun 21-Apr-19 09:32:50

I didn't say chocolates. I said an Easter egg. There is a world of difference.

Sara65 Sun 21-Apr-19 09:46:43

Definitely take flowers

Charleygirl5 Sun 21-Apr-19 09:47:43

I would take a house plant- flowers die so quickly and the plant is a lovely reminder. An Easter egg is also a good idea.

Lily65 Sun 21-Apr-19 09:59:45

Take something you would like to receive.Have a lovely time.

Teetime Sun 21-Apr-19 10:01:19

I would definitely take a small gift if invited to lunch at someone's house- its up to the others if they dont want to but it is polite to do so.

dragonfly46 Sun 21-Apr-19 10:02:19

I always take flowers - in Holland it is the norm and I just got into the habit. I wouldn't worry about making the others feel guilty.

Bellanonna Sun 21-Apr-19 10:18:11

The others won't feel guilty- they will probably take something too. Hope you manage to find somewhere open if the lunch date is actually today, Enjoy the day!

Bellanonna Sun 21-Apr-19 10:19:46

I see your post doesn’t mention Easter Sunday. I was confused by someone mentioning Easter eggs.

Oldwoman70 Sun 21-Apr-19 10:23:56

The lunch is actually next week (sorry should have mentioned that) - I have decided to take the flowers!

Bellanonna Sun 21-Apr-19 10:25:26

Great idea, OW!

PamelaJ1 Sun 21-Apr-19 11:53:47

We are having friends over for lunch today. I will certainly not get upset if they only bring themselves , in fact I’ll be very happy. However if they bring flowers or anything else I will also be happy and grateful.
I would never go to a meal without a “little”something as a token of appreciation.

LullyDully Sun 21-Apr-19 14:37:53

Flowers or a small plant are always very welcome. My ex daughter in law always gives me flowers when I see her and they are much appreciated.

So yes for a new house, who could object?

M0nica Sun 21-Apr-19 16:24:15

I would not dream of attending an event like this without flowers and, probably, a bottle of wine. The hostess will certainly not be phased by being presented with a gift like this and the other guests can think what they like, you are on the moral high ground.

Telly Sun 21-Apr-19 17:45:08

Definitely the right decision. Don't see how anyone could be in the least put out.

ayokunmi1 Mon 22-Apr-19 09:26:55

Yes do take them.

Kim19 Mon 22-Apr-19 09:36:30

I would most certainly take flowers irrespective of the others attending. They can make their own decisions. Only problem I find is that the hostess can sometimes be overflowered. I've never found that a problem, mind you.

Nanny123 Mon 22-Apr-19 09:36:43

I would take the flowers - lovely idea