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Comfy pyjamas

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kittylester Sat 27-Apr-19 17:44:20

Can anyone suggest pyjamas that are reasonably priced, natural fabric and with seams in the trousers that are not really hard around the crutch.

My current ones are m and s and can get really uncomfortable when they ride up.

Sorry, if this is tmi but I've spent most of this week in bed with a sinus infection so the problem looms very large at the moment.

lemongrove Sun 28-Apr-19 19:46:12

I only wear perfume in bed (TMI I know! grin but like some pj’s for lounging about in,watching tv or reading in the evening, and have two pairs from Tesco which seem fine to me.
Get well soon Kitty ?

heidimargaret Sun 28-Apr-19 21:39:22

I am a fan of Next nightwear and reasonably priced.

Merryweather Sun 28-Apr-19 22:49:24

I love the jersey ones I brought from ’Joe Browns’ so comfortable.
I spend half of my life in bed suffering from various diseases that prevent a normal lifestyle.
I understand the need for comfort well.
In hot weather, I usually end up in Debenhams shorts type undies (soft cotton) and a supportive vest type top as I too am quite top heavy, or a soft pull on style wireless bra.

HillyN Sun 28-Apr-19 23:16:13

My DD bought me a lovely soft pair of pyjamas for Christmas from Next. They were in a 'long' fitting with cuffed ankles to stop the legs riding up. They are the most comfortable pyjamas I have ever had, but I suspect they weren't cheap.

Elrel Mon 29-Apr-19 00:10:06

Very comfy in colder weather in M&S thermal jersey pjs, long sleeves, full length legs. I keep going back to them, would love to buy more the same but unavailable. Bought last century!

Joyfulnanna Mon 29-Apr-19 00:32:29

I always get mine from's the only thing I buy there. You can get very very soft thin jersey pyjamas. Wash at 60 degrees then throw them into the Tumblr dryer and they never shrink of change shape, they actually get softer and more comfortable. Lots of variety in nice feminine prints too. Oh and not expensive so you can treat yourself to lots of pairs. You won't be disappointed. Good luck

BradfordLass72 Mon 29-Apr-19 04:25:11

If you Google 'seamless pjs" it comes up with a lot of pages. Not sure if the design and/or price is what you're looking for though.

Jaxie Mon 29-Apr-19 07:33:25

Nightie wearers: don't you wake up with cold legs when the nightie rides up? I have a pair of cotton jersey pjs from John Lewis with cuffed bands on the ankle; they have a softly elasticated waist band and the top is collarless, as collars make me too hot. Only thing is hideous grey printed design: I look like a set of faded curtains.

Helennonotion Mon 29-Apr-19 09:58:33

I'm slightly jealous at all the posts mentioning keeping warm! I can't wear anything in bed as I'm always too damn hot and feel far too restricted with any kind of clothing on. Wearing a pair of close fitting leggings in bed is my idea of hell! God knows what I'll do if I have to go into hospital! I do know the pain of trousers being too short in the crotch dept. Being a taller person its been a struggle all my life. It still amazes me that most places do a 'one length fits all' size when in reality us ladies can be anything from just under 5 ft to just over 6 ft! Oh to be average height! Also I do feel strongly about getting a bit of air flow to the nether regions on a night!

GabriellaG54 Mon 29-Apr-19 15:40:02

I like the ones with cuffed bottoms to the trouser part. I mean 'cuffs as on joggers.
I buy mine from Primark and they are good value but the ones with straight trouser legs which ride up are a blooming nuisance. I have 2 prs M&S pjs with short sleeves and straight legged bottoms but they too constantly ride up and, as others have said, they are the low rise type. Not good.

GabriellaG54 Mon 29-Apr-19 15:43:41

I buy cotton leggings from Primark (£2.80) and wear with a cami (£1.80) or vest top or could wear a tshirt. Cheap, wash well, dry quickly, no ironing. grin

petra Mon 29-Apr-19 17:53:04

saggi & Kitty
I'm just starting on week 3 of this bloody awful sinus thing.
I gave in this morning and got OH to take me to Drs, there's no way I could have driven.
Dr said it just has to run its course.

kittylester Mon 29-Apr-19 18:17:13

I went to our local Urgent Care Centre and have a sinus infection and a chest infection. I got antibiotics the size of pessaries.

kittylester Mon 29-Apr-19 18:21:37

Meant to say that I'm half way through week 2 and was fine for the first week but have been mostly confined to bed for the past week. I couldn't drive either.

I hope we all get better quickly.

Grannytwo Tue 30-Apr-19 13:54:29

I too agree with Pudding 123