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How do you occupy a Husband.

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MiniMoon Mon 06-May-19 14:01:54

I need help! My DH had keyhole surgery to repair 2 hernias last Tuesday. He is driving me to drink!!
He is so active, that this imposed period of rest and recuperation is making him stir crazy.
He's not a great reader, and the tv isn't of much interest to him. His hobby is gardening, but he can't do that because it involves lifting. He's not allowed to drive for another few days so he can't take himself off anywhere. He has turned into the speaking clock 😃.
Has anyone got any ideas about how he can occupy himself.
I offered to teach him crochet, but that idea got short shrift! Help!!

giulia Mon 06-May-19 14:08:22

Try going onto JIGIDI free jigsaw puzzles online. All levels and all subjects. A lot of exchanges among members too, for example: if he's interested in gardening he could try the plant section.

phoenix Mon 06-May-19 14:10:02

Could he plant some seeds, prick out seedlings, a bit of pruning etc?

HildaW Mon 06-May-19 14:10:47

Lego or an Airfix kit?

phoenix Mon 06-May-19 14:11:14

giulia good suggestion!

mumofmadboys Mon 06-May-19 14:12:10

Play scrabble together?

Elliepops Mon 06-May-19 14:12:54

He can go in the garden and potter.
Remind him,if he lifts anything,he could end up back in hospital.look through the window ,or sit out there with him, take a book, or crochet, just in case he forgets.
It's not for long, be patient.good luck.deep breaths.

glammanana Mon 06-May-19 14:13:52

Can you find him a box of older photographs (if you have any) and get him to catalogue them into order in some albums/PC etc.I did this when my OH had surgery and couldn't keep himself still for 5 mins.

MiniMoon Mon 06-May-19 14:18:40

He's been out in the greenhouse and potted up everything that needed it. I'll remind him about his tomato seedlings on the kitchen window sill, the look big enough to prick out.
He doesn't care for puzzles either, if he did I'd have given him plenty to be going on with. As for word games, he's rather dyslexic! Thanks for the suggestion though.

Oldandverygrey Mon 06-May-19 14:18:55

Perhaps a crossword book may help him to pass the time.

giulia Mon 06-May-19 14:20:35

glammanana I think your idea is brilliant! I have boxes of old photos. If my husband gets chairbound for some reason Iwill suggest this to him!

ninathenana Mon 06-May-19 14:26:48

DH loves painting by numbers. He can't draw a straight line but will happily spend 2-3 hrs at a time on this.
He buys quiet sophisticated ones on line.

J52 Mon 06-May-19 14:38:02

There are quiz books devoted to the topic of gardening. Perhaps they would keep him amused and might increase his knowledge.

eazybee Mon 06-May-19 15:05:42

smile wink grin blush

Nannyxthree Mon 06-May-19 17:08:15

If you are able to drive you could plan some outings to gardens so he can get ideas for when he is better. If you are not able to drive a local coach company might be offering trips to same.

Telly Mon 06-May-19 18:22:43

Brain training apps? Might be worth a shot!

KatyK Mon 06-May-19 18:37:16

I wouldn't have a problem. Just put non-stop football on TV and he would be happy.

ninathenana Mon 06-May-19 18:37:25


Why is this so funny ?

hugshelp Mon 06-May-19 19:44:33

Seed catalogues to browse or gardening mags to read? An audio book?

womblekelly Mon 06-May-19 19:54:43

Box sets .... just get him info,veg with a box set .. we have been busy catching up with line of duty captivating

Happychops Mon 06-May-19 20:00:58

Perhaps planting cuttings in pots, so they could be sold in a charity shop might help. This might give him some satisfaction of helping others and he wouldn’t be lifting. If you drive you could deliver them and he would also get to chat to the people who would be selling them and could even offer advise. I hope his grumpiness improves. Good luck

Urmstongran Mon 06-May-19 20:08:39

eazybee was thinking sexy thoughts ..... as I was hehe!

MiniMoon Mon 06-May-19 21:14:13

It's his birthday tomorrow. I'm taking him out to meet his sisters at a local garden centre. Afterwards we might go for lunch, to the pub that our son is running with his partner.
That will make a change of scenery for him.
He's actually doing very well. No analgesics needed today. And it's only a week since his operation.

Urmstongran Mon 06-May-19 21:57:40

Sounds as though you’ve come up with an answer yourself MiniMoon
Well done.
Hope your husband continues to recuperate well.

Charleygirl5 Mon 06-May-19 22:19:00

What about cooking or does he need a map to find the kitchen?