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Bed covers in the heat - ideas?

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kittylester Sun 04-Aug-19 09:52:48

Just that really!

We dont like nothing covering us but if we just use a sheet, we lose it - usually under dh!

I've read about 1 tog quilts - does anyone use them?

Any other ideas?

aggie Sun 04-Aug-19 09:54:03

separate sheets ?

Parsley3 Sun 04-Aug-19 09:59:51

I am using a thin, cotton, quilted bed spread that I bought years ago and rarely used. It is cool and light but heavier than just a sheet so doesn’t slip off.

fizzers Sun 04-Aug-19 10:02:21

I use a lightweight bed throw, I'm sure I saw some 1 tog duvets in Dunelm the other week.

kittylester Sun 04-Aug-19 10:05:12

I've seen one tog duvets in M&S but wondered if they were any good.

Sussexborn Sun 04-Aug-19 10:07:04

I am using a super king size duvet cover without the duvet. Linen on top and cotton underneath. I look out for covers with natural fibres in the sales as I am a bit of a fuss pot and still get hot flushes. Harder with such changeable weather.

kittylester Sun 04-Aug-19 10:09:15

We used an empty duvet cover last night too but it wasnt quite heavy enough!

It's much more of an issue with the summers we are having now!

NfkDumpling Sun 04-Aug-19 10:14:06

Sleep starkers?!!

Nandalot Sun 04-Aug-19 10:23:40

We just use a sheet but I tuck the bottom corners in and that is enough to keep it in place. I don’t like being completely tucked in.

sodapop Sun 04-Aug-19 10:27:05

I use a top sheet too with hospital corners at the bottom. I have a bedspread as well if it gets cooler.

jusnoneed Sun 04-Aug-19 11:30:04

I use just the duvet cover, slightly heavier than a sheet and find it stays in place fairly well.

dragonfly46 Sun 04-Aug-19 11:34:21

We have a king size honeycomb cotton blanket and it is perfect. We find any tog at all is too much.
I found it online somewhere years ago and get it out every summer.

lemongrove Sun 04-Aug-19 12:43:45

In Summer we have a cotton sheet ( if you use a king sized sheet and just tuck it in at the bottom of the bed it stays put.)
We also have a 2.5 tog duvet, left folded back, which can be grabbed if we need it.

Grannyknot Sun 04-Aug-19 12:50:17

I bought an all-cotton honeycomb bed cover from Ikea - it's the best thing we've ever had for Summer, much better than other options 4 times the price.

We also like to be covered with more than a top sheet ...but something light.

Mine is in a lovely dark teal blue.

ninathenana Sun 04-Aug-19 12:51:37

We don't have any covering on the bed in hot weather but a friend puts a light weight blanket inside her duvet cover.

jura2 Sun 04-Aug-19 12:53:24

I take the duvet out and used duvet cover- so like a double sheet- not too hot but a bit more 'weight'. We do not have a double duvet these days- but our own duvet each- so much better.

midgey Sun 04-Aug-19 12:55:25

I have a one tog duvet, I find it ideal. Don’t think Marks sell them anymore but Dunelm do.

shysal Sun 04-Aug-19 12:57:46

I agree with others that a larger sheet will stay on if the bottom and corners are well tucked in.

I have a 1 tog duvet but it is too hot for a summer night. I usually sleep under a sheet all year round as I am a hot body. The thin duvet was bought in case of extra cold weather but is still too hot for me on those nights.

Cooling gel mats within the bed are useful to calm the 'hots'.

kittylester Sun 04-Aug-19 13:18:49

MandS do still sell them but they gave none in stock - surprisingly!

I'm going to look at ikea!!

Cressida Sun 04-Aug-19 13:25:55

I use a cotton cellular blanket.

grandtanteJE65 Sun 04-Aug-19 13:28:16

DH is happily still sleeping with his winter duvet in a flannel cover! I am using a single cotton sheet.

dragonfly46 Sun 04-Aug-19 13:36:53

I found this one which looks similar to mine

mosaicwarts Sun 04-Aug-19 15:49:00

I have a cotton patchwork eiderdown I use, just has slight wadding. Tried a sheet but woke up tangled in it.

glammanana Sun 04-Aug-19 15:54:41

A kingsized cotton sheet well tucked in at the bottom,and a cool shower before going to bed.Tall fan at the end of the bedroom facing the pillows works wonders.

Auntieflo Sun 04-Aug-19 15:59:38

Mosaicwarts, that sounds like mine.
We bought two, as bedspreads, in China, but not used them until this summer, when the largest has been a blessing.