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Luckylegs Sat 10-Aug-19 11:34:18

We are on holiday with our daughter and 9 year old granddaughter. In an effort to get her off her iPad, we’re teaching her card games. Apart from the usual ones like sevens (obviously snap etc) what else can you suggest? We’ve got a Rummikub which is going down well too. Thanks for any suggestions.

MissAdventure Sat 10-Aug-19 11:36:58

I don't know the names of some of the games we play.
Black Jack, I think, is one.

Calendargirl Sat 10-Aug-19 11:40:46

We play one called Hearts where hearts are usually trumps, but some rounds are different. Sorry , cannot remember all the connotations, but it’s good fun for that age group.

fizzers Sat 10-Aug-19 11:57:58

Fish! was always a favourite with my daughter and nieces and also my grandkids

Jane10 Sat 10-Aug-19 12:04:33

Hearts, Rummy and whist are all fun. Our youngest DGS is really enjoying dominoes at present. Try that?

EllanVannin Sat 10-Aug-19 12:21:21

Pontoon was always a good game.

MiniMoon Sat 10-Aug-19 12:42:14

We used to like playing whist when I was young. Go Fish is another good one.

Here are some more with the rules.

ninathenana Sat 10-Aug-19 12:46:04

Our GS love Pontoon 7 y.o. likes to show off his maths skills.

Floradora9 Sat 10-Aug-19 21:48:11

We bought the Monopoly card game and DGC 9 and 7 love it. It is quick unlike the board game .

Luckylegs Sat 10-Aug-19 21:58:18

Thanks for the suggestions. We are a road and we haven’t got any dominoes with us but we will use them when we get home. I’m going to go through the suggestions. Go Fish sounds a good one. I don’t know Hearts, any idea how to play it please? I’ll try and google it.

Luckylegs Sat 10-Aug-19 21:58:37

Abroad not a road.

Tangerine Sat 10-Aug-19 22:05:45

Perhaps teach granddaughter how to play Patience so she can play by herself sometimes when she gets home.

I remember playing it on the floor as a child.

Greyduster Sat 10-Aug-19 22:42:13

We play a version of ‘pig’ but with spoons. Instead of putting a finger on your nose, you lay out a number of spoons on the table one less than the number of players, and pass cards round the table in the same way as ‘pig’. The first player to make a set says nothing but quickly takes a spoon. Once a spoon is taken then everyone else must quickly take a spoon and the one who misses out on a spoon loses a life. A player losing three lives is out and you reduce the number of spoons by one. Play proceeds in this manner until two players and one spoon remain. It’s a bit cut and thrust but lots of fun!

Greyduster Sat 10-Aug-19 22:44:14

Newmarket is another good card game but you need a pile of pennies!

chocolatepudding Sat 10-Aug-19 23:03:48

Try the card game Stop the Bus

Jomarie Sat 10-Aug-19 23:08:02

Pairs is a great one to play - spread all the cards out (on the floor or table) face down then select two cards randomly until you get a pair (then you get a second go) until all the cards are matched Lots of opportunity to allow younger ones to win - putting up a good fight, of course, to alleviate any ideas of cheating.

Draw the well dry is another good one but less chance for helping smaller one to win - game of chance like snap but with mathematical bonus,

Both games I learnt from my granny and am passing on to my grandchildren when they are old enough,

Happy memories for me and hopefully for my grandson/s/d

WOODMOUSE49 Sat 10-Aug-19 23:58:17

Cheat. Brilliant but cruel.

agnurse Sun 11-Aug-19 01:44:25

Hearts is actually pretty straightforward. Here's how it works.

You need four players and a standard 52-card deck. Each player gets 13 cards. On the first round, you pass 3 cards to the player on your left, on the second round 3 cards to the player on your right, on the third round 3 cards to the player across from you, and on the fourth round you don't pass.

Once you've received your cards, you play the first trick. (Hearts is a trick-taking game.) The player with the 2 of clubs plays it. Then, you check your cards. If you have the same suit, you must play it, if not, you may play any card you wish. Each player plays a card. The person who has the highest card of the leading suit (in this case, clubs) wins the trick, i.e. gets all of the cards. This person plays the first card in the next trick, which is called leading the trick. After the first trick, a player can lead with any card, but can only lead with a hearts card once hearts have been "broken" (i.e. someone has played a hearts card in a previous trick because they didn't have a card of the leading suit), or if they don't have any other cards except hearts. Again, the person with the highest card in the leading suit wins the trick and begins the next trick. The goal is to avoid getting hearts cards. Once all 13 tricks have been played, players display the cards they have won. (Once a card has been won in a trick it is out of play.) A player earns 1 point for every hearts card they have, plus 13 points for the Queen of Spades. The goal is to try to avoid getting points. The only exception is if one player is able to win all 13 hearts AND the Queen of Spades in a single round. This is called "shooting the moon" and means that the player with all of those cards gets no points, while everyone else gets 26 points each (1 per heart x 13 and 13 for the Queen of Spades). Then you shuffle and deal the cards again, and this time pass 3 cards to the right.

The game ends when one player goes over 100 points, and the person with the lowest score is the winner.

agnurse Sun 11-Aug-19 01:57:28

Another card game that's great for adults and older children is Go! Go! Go! But the rules are very complex, so it isn't best for young ones. This game was a feature of the old NeoPets virtual community that was popular when I was a teen. That's where I learned it.

Everyone starts off with nine cards. Three cards are laid face-down in front of the player immediately without being looked at. These are your face-down cards. Three cards are laid face-up in front of the player so everyone can see them. These are your face-up cards. The other three go into your hand, so only you can see them. The rest of the cards are put in a stack.

A card is pulled from the stack and played. Play goes clockwise. Each player tries to play a higher card than the card that was previously played. Aces are high, twos are wild. If a three is played, the next card played must be an odd number (including Jack and King; a two cannot be played on a three). If a four is played, the next card played must be even (including Queen). A player may play more than one card at a time from their hand as long as they have the same face value (e.g. two sevens). Initially, each player will pick up a card from the stack to replace each card played.

If a player is unable to play, he or she must pick up all of the cards that have been played so far, and add it to his or her hand. Play then continues. If a player plays a 10, the 10 and all cards on the played pile are cleared away out of play, and that player gets to go again. The same thing happens if a player plays all four of the same card, or completes a set of four with the player just previous (e.g. Player 1 plays one three, Player 2 plays three threes).

Once the stack is empty of new cards, players continue to play from their hands until they run out. Again, the same rules apply - if you can't play, you must pick up the pile and add it to your hand. Once a player's hand is empty, he or she plays from the face-ups. Only one face-up can be played at a time. If a player can't play, his/her lowest face-up is added to the pile and the player must pick up the pile, which then becomes his/her hand. Once again, the player must play from his/her hand until it is empty.

Once the hand and face-ups are exhausted, a player plays from his/her face-down cards. These are played blind - the player simply picks up a card and tries to play it. If the play is illegal, the player picks up the card and the pile and this becomes the player's hand. Once again, the player must play from the hand until it is empty, then the player can return to playing from the face-down cards.

The winner is the first player to get rid of all of his/her cards.

LullyDully Sun 11-Aug-19 08:02:17

Do you know Beat your neighbour out of doors?

Whist and dummy are good as a foundation for more complex games later on.

Is Hearts the same as Chase the Lady?

Cheat is fun with two packs of cards and several people.

Tish Sun 11-Aug-19 10:10:03

UNO... you need a special uno pack tho...

Mauriherb Sun 11-Aug-19 10:13:29

We play "shithead" . Obviously you would want to change the name for the children!
but it's a good game and you can Google the rules .

TillyWhiz Sun 11-Aug-19 10:24:07

Playing the card game Old Maid was a big hit with my 8 year old granddaughter last week.

rugbymumcumbria Sun 11-Aug-19 10:38:01

Great suggestions here. We are having our 10yr old niece to stay for the first time without her parents next week and are anticipating exactly the same dilemma !

Davida1968 Sun 11-Aug-19 10:46:28

My DGC love Cheat and also Gin Rummy. "Go Fish" is also an enjoyable and easy game - rather like an American version of Happy Families.v It can be played with ordinary playing cards, just collect cards which are the "same", into a "set of four", e.g. all the sixes or all the queens. (Rules available on Google.)