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Freezer defrosted, advice please.

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Buffybee Mon 12-Aug-19 08:41:54

I need advice quite quickly.
My daughter has just been on the phone and 'someone' has switched the freezer off by mistake.
It's full as she restocked this weekend, chicken, fish, seafood etc. and she was asking if she could refreeze it all.
I've told her that I don't think that she can do but she could cook it all and re-freeze it.
Is that right?

Foxyferret Mon 12-Aug-19 13:45:36

I have written on all my plugs in black permanent marker so it clearly says “freezer”. My mum has done the same as she has a lot of multiple plugs.

jocork Mon 12-Aug-19 14:05:57

A couple of years ago my power went off while I was on holiday. It was still off when I got home and looking at what had recorded from the TV I knew it had been off about six days so everything had to go. My excess on the insurance meant I couldn't claim for anything and as both freezers were uprights, the leakage into the horrible 'flowtex' carpet smelt terrible. After soaking up the worst with old towels I had to keep the back door open during the day for quite a while to dry everything out and get rid of the smell! In the end I never put one of the freezers back on as I realised I was storing stuff I'd long since forgotten, and lots of old bread and other low value stuff. I now shop more carefully and plan better and I must have saved a fortune in electricity by only having the fridge freezer on and not the small stand alone freezer.
Recently I accidentally left the door ajar overnight but I shut it as soon as I noticed and although things were a bit soft they hadn't completely thawed so I kept everything and so far so good - no illness, just slightly altered texture in the re-frozen icecreams, all gone now though!

Buffybee Mon 12-Aug-19 14:48:04

Good idea putting duct tape over the plug switches and labelling the plug 'freezer', I will do that myself and pass on the brilliant Gransnet advice to my daughter.
Thanks again everyone!

Elenkalubleton Mon 12-Aug-19 14:50:16

You can refreeze anything,except fish and ice Cream ,this told to me by someone who owned a freezer shop.

Buffybee Mon 12-Aug-19 15:00:06

Thanks Elenkalu, there was only some tuna steaks and prawns and she's going to cook them today.
No icecream, it was mainly meat and some veg.

Bijou Mon 12-Aug-19 17:22:47

I once inadvertently didn’t completely close the door of my freezer overnight. The thermometer I keep at the front registered 6 degrees and goods at the front were still very cold and those at the back were still frozen but there was a lot of frost which I brushed off and promptly shut the door and turned up to maximum. I don’t eat ice cream so no problem there.

arosebyanyothername Mon 12-Aug-19 18:16:22

All good advice above. I think frozen food probably partially defrosts more than once on its way to us anyway.
During re-stocking in supermarkets for example

glammagran Mon 12-Aug-19 19:13:16

The fuller the freezer the more likely it is to remain cold. I’ve done the same once and just refroze it all. Can’t remember if it was winter or summer though. We lived.

Saggi Tue 13-Aug-19 07:17:52

If it’s not been 12 hours it’ll be fine. After that ... cook it.

Granarchist Tue 13-Aug-19 09:54:38

sniff test. I look after a house abroad that often has power cuts we know nothing about. The icecream regularly defrosts and refreezes. the owners happily eat it - no deaths in over 20 yrs.