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Have you ever had you're 15 minutes of fame?

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Evie64 Fri 06-Sep-19 23:02:44

I used to work for RCA Records in London, in their Credit Control Department. My BF worked for Track Records (The Who's own label at the time). It was around 1971 if I recall. They were making a promotional video for American TV. She invited me along and I had to dance around Keith Moon and his drum-kit. I've seen it once on the TV. Also, I saw Queen on Xmas Eve 1975, the year that Bohemian Rhapsody was released. I was right at the front. Have seen that on TV a few times. The camera goes on me and what am I doing? Scratching my head! On the shame....... blush

callgirl1 Sat 07-Sep-19 00:40:43

I was on Fifteen to One in July 1997, didn`t win though.

whywhywhy Sat 07-Sep-19 01:22:31

I entered a music quiz back in 2007 on Radio 6 music. I didn't win but several of my friends heard me. Also I recently got a hug from the singer from Mungo Jerry at a festival and I have the photo to prove it.

stella1949 Sat 07-Sep-19 02:33:07

I don't know if you'd call it "fame" but I did end up doing a series of TV interviews and newspaper articles a few years ago. I'd survived ovarian cancer, and had done a course in phone counselling for the Gynaecological Cancer society. They were looking for someone to be interviewed for an ovarian cancer awareness campaign, and I was recommended.

I ended up being on TV and the print media for a while - it was when ovarian cancer was still fairly unknown so I was telling my story to raise women's awareness of the early symptoms . It was really fun, I met some wonderful people and found out how the media works from the inside. And I still have the tapes of me being interviewed .

absent Sat 07-Sep-19 05:46:13

I had my photograph in the Sun – no, not on page three! My colleagues and I had been on strike and the dispute had just been settled. After days on a picket line it was a joy to be able to dress up for the celebration party that evening. As I walked from the station to the venue, all dolled up in my somewhat décolleté glad rags, I was stopped by a journalist who was "interviewing" passers-by about HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who was approaching her seventy-fifth birthday. I declined to say anything about her and he responded, "Oh God, please. We haven't managed to get anything from anyone under the age of 60". So I relented and said that I thought she was very stylish. He asked me what my job was and I laughed as I told him that I was a journalist – although I worked on magazines rather than newspapers. He groaned and I then went on my merry way.

A few days later, the birthday edition appeared. Sure enough, there were little pictures of the "public" – everyone apparently over 60 apart from me – with their sycophantic comments underneath. My "very stylish" had an addition which read "I think she deserves a medal for what she does", a thoroughly annoying expression that I had never used in my life then, nor since. What was worse, I was described as "25-year-old London beauty from XXX XXXXX Road, Barnes".

But the story doesn't end there. I was bombarded with mail – my surname is unusual so it wasn't hard for the PO to direct it helpfully to the right address, given the newspaper had so helpfully included the name of the small street where I lived in Barnes. All of it was from men wanting to meet me, wanting to date me, wanting to do rather more than either of those, and even several proposals of marriage. The postman thought it was hysterical, but I just reached the point when any letter addressed with handwriting I didn't recognise went straight in the bin. Of course it was a nine-days' or, more probably, a three-days' wonder.

Marydoll Sat 07-Sep-19 06:25:54

I as on holiday in Spain and my daughter on I went to the first day of the sales in El Corte Ingles. I hadn't known it was sale day, so I was quite excited.
The first time I visited Spain, I was a poor student visiting my friend in Seville, who was doing her compulsory year abroad at a Spanish university.
I was very young and naive, and thought El Corte was so sophisticated!
Anyway the doors opened and there was a mad rush to get in. The next thing I knew, I was being interviewed by a TV reporter. DD fled and left me to answer the questions in my limited Spanish. She was so embarrassed, I of course, loved the excitement!
We saw ourselves on the news that night, but unfortunately no-one else 1I knew saw it, so I remained a non celebrity!!!

BradfordLass72 Sat 07-Sep-19 06:53:27

I've been on TV several times over the years. Done many, many interviews on radio and for print media.

As I used to write comedy scripts for TVNZ, I learned more than I wanted to know about how 'the telly' works.
It's a callous world.

Urmstongran Sat 07-Sep-19 07:05:16

I went up to David Beckham in the Trafford Centre. Victoria was, like me, shopping in ‘Next’ (wow!!). Brooklyn was about 2y and in his buggy. David was with him, stood waiting for Victoria.

I congratulated him on winning ‘Sports Personality of the Year’ (it had been on tv 2 days earlier and randomly I’d tuned in by mistake!)

He flashed a gorgeous smile and said ‘thank you!’.

He’s actually taller than I thought. And was gorgeous with his blond hair and no tattoos! Just a diamond stud in each ear ...

Nortsat46 Sat 07-Sep-19 07:41:15

I met Danny Boyle, in 2012 in the pre Olympics preparation. He visited a primary school and I was part of the group of guests meeting him.
He was absolutely charming, travelled to the school by bus and paid every attention to the children.
When we spoke after the children's musical performance, I found he had an extraordinary ability to listen intently to what you were saying. He made you feel as if you were the only person in the world and that what you were saying was of the utmost importance to him ...
A truly lovely man ... (in the course of my work I have met a number of well known people, but with Danny Boyle I think I was a bit star struck!)

DanniRae Sat 07-Sep-19 08:11:27

Mr R and I went to a recording of "Antiques Road Show" and when it was on tv there was the pair of us in a queue to see an expert. My husband had said something to make me laugh and for all of 5 seconds my laughing face filled the screen. I was so proud .......however not one of our family and friends saw it!

vena11 Sat 07-Sep-19 08:11:54

I am still waiting for my 15 minutes .

TwiceAsNice Sat 07-Sep-19 08:16:46

I came third on a Pontins talent show on my first holiday without parents at 16. Does that count!!grin

Grannybags Sat 07-Sep-19 09:09:25

In the 70s I worked for VW in their head office and when they launched the Golf photos of me sitting in one went in all the papers and motoring magazines.

I'm even in the Observer's Book of Automobiles!

quizqueen Sat 07-Sep-19 09:12:15

I've appeared on several tv quiz shows.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 07-Sep-19 09:13:58

I know several people in "the public eye" my idea of hell!

Maggiemaybe Sat 07-Sep-19 09:19:57

I came third on a Pontins talent show on my first holiday without parents at 16.

My DS4 was adamant he wanted to enter a children’s talent show last week. He was following the compère round with his hand raised, and claiming he was 3. He’s 2. We can’t imagine what his act was going to be.

I was 6th in the Rummikub national championships. grin

Maggiemaybe Sat 07-Sep-19 09:22:11

I was 6th in the Rummikub national championships. grin

Covered by the Guardian with a full page spread. In which I did not feature.

KatyK Sat 07-Sep-19 09:26:24

I saw lots of famous people in concert in the '60s. Beatles a few times, Rolling Stones, Kinks, Roy Orbison, many, many more. I met Tom Jones. David Attenborough, Michael Caine at book signings. But my claim to fame is that I have a photo of myself sitting on stage behind The Beatles (I have bored with this many times on here). George Harrison, my hero, also chatted to me and a small group if girls through an open window once. Sigh. smile

Gonegirl Sat 07-Sep-19 09:27:52

Sort of. In a small way. It lasted longer than fifteen minutes though. Was fun.

BeeWitch Sat 07-Sep-19 09:36:48

The programme Inside Out did a programme from our office and I (well at least my hands and side view) was on screen working on my computer surrounded by case files. My now husband was interviewed on local TV when the new aquarium in Birmingham opened a good few years ago.

annodomini Sat 07-Sep-19 09:43:43

Gonegirl, please don't leave us in suspense. We want to know if we are in the presence of a celebrity. [Hmm}

annodomini Sat 07-Sep-19 09:44:19


Urmstongran Sat 07-Sep-19 09:44:33

Gonegirl 😉

Jane10 Sat 07-Sep-19 10:15:03

Obviously you know that my real name is Meryl Streep

Nonnie Sat 07-Sep-19 10:54:12

Been on TV twice, local news when I was protesting and one of those daytime antique/junk shows. I had been looking round the saleroom and saw the cameras so did my best to avoid them and thought I had succeeded until an ex-boyfriend of 50+ years ago tracked me down and told me he had seen me!

Also was a member of the audience and called onto the stage as part of the show!

Anything else has been reflected glory from other members of the family.

Maggie I had no idea there was a Rummicub championship! We love it and I think DS2 might well be a contender in such a competition. Well done.