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I’m simply fuming! Am I being unkind?

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Abuelana Tue 26-Nov-19 16:10:24

Our house is up for sale and 6 months ago I gave my husband a file of all paperwork receipts etc that estate agents ask for. Just in the process of instructing another agent. And my husband is asking for the same paperwork which he should have hard copies and emailed copies. All I’m getting is his bad temper saying he doesn’t have them etc.
He went to golf this morning (some peace I thought) and returned almost immediately. Stating he had so much to do and in a foul temper. Caused a huge argument, literally screaming at me he needed the paperwork for the new agent who is visiting tomorrow.
He’s forgetting things / doesn’t even listen / is openly hostile. Is definitely going deaf or has selective hearing?
What I find most upsetting is the temper tantrum today when he should have been on the golf course.
Sorry for the rant but what to do ?
He and I once ran a hugely successful business together and retired early, seems all our communication skills have disappeared regarding each other! Help !

agnurse Tue 26-Nov-19 17:03:12

If this is a recent change, I'd suggest that he get a full checkup. It could potentially be the onset of dementia, but it could also be something organic. (For example, men do experience a natural drop in testosterone over time. It's called andropause. It doesn't affect all men the same way.) Even something such as diabetes or low thyroid could cause the signs and symptoms that you're seeing. It's also possible that he could be depressed due to his retirement - some people believe that they've sort of outlived their usefulness once they retire, and it does take some time and adjustment.

His provider will be able to do a full evaluation and determine if there is a cause for concern and what can be done.

sodapop Tue 26-Nov-19 17:14:56

I agree with agnurse there could be several reasons for the change in your husband's behaviour Abuelana . People under estimate what a big life change retirement is for couples. There is a lot of adjustment to be made and you need to talk to each other about your expectations of this new stage of your life.

Abuelana Tue 26-Nov-19 18:02:10

Interestingly the biggest change we’ve had is a granddaughter 5 months old. We will care for her 4 days a week until Feb. He is besotted with her so not sure that is a problem.
He retired 5 years ago and had seemed happy. We’re both fiercely independent so enjoy our time and also time apart. Feels like life has been blown apart atm.
Thank you your comments throw a different light on things.

threexnanny Tue 26-Nov-19 18:08:02

Stress from the house being up for sale and having to live in a show home ?

grapefruitpip Tue 26-Nov-19 18:10:53

mmm, I think the move is significant. Are you both entirely happy about it?

Could he enlist some help with the paperwork?

Tangerine Tue 26-Nov-19 19:15:09

If he is not normally bad tempered, it might definitely be that he's ill in some way. Sorry to say something so pessimistic but it is a possibility.

Abuelana Tue 26-Nov-19 20:56:27

He’s always had a bad temper it has worsened I’d say over the last year. He completely ruined his 50 year old daughters birthday in Sept. ruins dinners, if the restaurant doesn’t suit him the list goes on! We are beginning to call him (not to his face) Mr my way or no way.......

ElaineI Tue 26-Nov-19 22:29:18

TBH I think that is men! World would be much nicer without them though we wouldn't procreate!

BradfordLass72 Wed 27-Nov-19 08:46:01

ElaineI Yes we would. I know of at least one couple who have decided to have a baby with the aid of a sperm bank - not a willie in sight. smile I'n told this is quite common now.

Plus, as Artificial Intelligence proceeds apace, and Artificial Insemination joins it, we are looking quite seriously at a world where men as procreators will become redundant.

Your AI robot will give you all the cuddles and conversation you need, with none of the demands.....or bad temper.

I hope the OP gets her curmudgeon to the doctor.

eazybee Wed 27-Nov-19 09:21:14

Your husband is in a foul mood because he knows he has lost the paperwork he needs, which you gave him. He returned early to search for it, but is venting his bad temper on you, because he won't accept that it is his fault.
If he could calm down you could both search for it together, and very likely find it; then it would make sense for you to keep it.

leyla Wed 27-Nov-19 09:39:09

He’s a grumpy old man. When my husband speaks grumpily to me I ask him whether he thinks his friends speak to their wives like that and say that I am fairly sure that they do not. I am fortunate in that it never lasts too long with him and I usually receive a fairly swift apology. Does your husband recognise that he has behaved badly after the event (and apologise)?

Lilyflower Wed 27-Nov-19 10:03:31

My 62 year old DH has turned into Mr Grinchy-Eyeore at times. He is often miserable, sulky, grumpy, ranty, ungrateful mean spirited and selfish. It pains me to say this. He was a very nice man once, full of love and optimism. His self pity, given that he is fortunate and blessed in every way, is horrible to see.

Abuelana Wed 27-Nov-19 10:05:39

I did get an apology this morning. I left him to stew yesterday to find what he had lost.
Amazingly, this morning on my desk was an envelope with copies of all relevant papers and a note to say could you keep these in a safe place and I have another full set of copies. To which I agreed.
Will let this one go and encourage a visit to the doctor. Thank you all it’s good to know he’s not the only grumpy old man around.

Babs758 Wed 27-Nov-19 10:08:02

I would take that as an apology and showing trust in you rather than him to look after the paperwork! What is it about men over sixty? Grrrrgh!

POBCOB Wed 27-Nov-19 10:17:15

Our house is up for sale and we didn't have to supply any paperwork to the new or old agent, doesn’t that comes later to the solicitor.

jaylucy Wed 27-Nov-19 10:18:22

My son has done something similar (without the golf) over paperwork that was important. He found it in the glovebox in his car after all! He's in his thirties!

mrsmopp Wed 27-Nov-19 10:36:50

Is it possible that he doesn’t really want to move house? The whole business can be very stressful, I know from my own experience. Have you found a property you want to buy?
I found it terribly stressful and vowed never again.
Does the change in his behavior fit in with the timing of the moving process?

TrendyNannie6 Wed 27-Nov-19 10:41:07

I’d suggest a check up with the dr too as others have suggested especially when you say he’s forgetting things and his temper worsened over the last yeAr, of course it needn’t be a health condition at all, but the change would concern me knowing we had a close family member with dementia and it started like this

maryhoffman37 Wed 27-Nov-19 10:56:00

This thread has turned into a grump against men! There is no need for men to become like this or for women to tolerate it.

Chaitriona Wed 27-Nov-19 11:01:07

And they say women are the hysterical ones. There may well be a health issue here. But some men find it difficult to express distress, anxiety, fear, unhappiness in any way other than anger. Older men especially were brought up not to cry, not to show weakness. They were taught to suppress these expressions of emotion from a very young age.

Yellowmellow Wed 27-Nov-19 11:43:46

If he's always been like it he's unlikely to change now.

Teetime Wed 27-Nov-19 11:54:51

My experience of male golfers which is significant as Lady Captain is that golf makes them all very grumpy as none of them are as good as they want to be. The courses are saturated at the moment so he probably thought better of playing especially if it was pouring as it always seems to be at the moment and/or his partners may have let him down. But I think its the house move one of the most stressful things you can do. Hopefully this will blow over.

sodapop Wed 27-Nov-19 11:56:41

And some people turning it into a Loose Women anti men thread. Not all men are like this in the same way as not all women are perfect.

Rocknroll5me Wed 27-Nov-19 11:57:45

find the paperwork yourself. and deal with it all yourself. You are not his secretary.