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Turkey crown - help please!

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kittylester Mon 23-Dec-19 10:07:49

I've never cooked a boned crown before but collected one from the butcher on Saturday.

My dilemma is - I am cooking the stuffing separately so can I leave it in the elastic net thing or should I take it out and tie it up myself? I also have a couple of boned thighs also in the net!

I've tried ringing the butcher but they are not answering the phone. Think they might be busy!

shysal Mon 23-Dec-19 10:18:06

I think the net is meant to be left on. I am sure it will all be delicious, and so easy to carve!
Have a great Christmas! tchsmile

jacq10 Mon 23-Dec-19 10:51:04

Have absolutely no experience of this but if the net is elastic will it not melt with the heat of the oven?

GrannyGravy13 Mon 23-Dec-19 11:13:48

I wouldn't cook it in the net, have you tried googling?

jusnoneed Mon 23-Dec-19 11:17:44

I don't know if it's the same net but I cooked a piece of beef yesterday with some on. Just cut it off when ready to carve. I think it's supposed to stay on but if you'd prefer to tie it with string I cannot see a problem.

tanith Mon 23-Dec-19 11:19:26

I’ve had other joints like pork and ham with netting on and the instructions say to remove the netting after cooking. I’d assume it’s meant to be left on the crown for cooking. I’m sure it’ll be lovely.

kittylester Mon 23-Dec-19 12:11:26

Google says you can leave it on but it will take any flavour topping will come off with it. All I'm doing in lots of butter and pancetta which i will lift off first anyway.

It was the elastic bit that bothered me, jacq.

I have cooked other joints with net on but not for such a long period in the oven.

Tying with string is not my forte!

kittylester Mon 23-Dec-19 12:33:42

Just looked on the Turkey Association or something like that!) site and it says leave on! Phew.

Thank you all!!