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Fairy lights in a bottle. How?

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Urmstongran Sun 05-Jan-20 18:39:26

Hi everyone - help please!

I have a lovely bottle that I’d like to put fairy lights in. Has anyone done this? I thought it would be simple. Buy some lights and push them down the neck.

Then I looked on YouTube! Drilling a hole (!) in the bottom of a glass bottle to thread the lights through?

No way José that sounds too risky for me!

Has anyone done this? Battery? A plug?

Thank you!

Iam64 Sun 05-Jan-20 18:48:20

Nope - anything complicated, electrical and or technical gives me the heebie jeebies. I've kept out two lots of fairy lights and draped them (artistically of course) over a couple of mirrors and book shelves. WE need all the light we can get . If anyone comes up with a good idea Urmstongran, I'll have a try, it sounds lovely

aggie Sun 05-Jan-20 18:52:21

You buy lights on a battery specially for bottles

tanith Sun 05-Jan-20 18:53:27

I bought some tiny lights in Tesco sale they are battery fed and would easily fit in a bottle. I’ll post a pic in a sec.

bikergran Sun 05-Jan-20 18:53:34

Urmstongran you can but the micro lights and they have a little cork shaped battery pack, they slip/sit inside the neck of the bottle.

Have a look on Amazon/Ebay . think they have them across at Oswaltwistle mills near me.

I would buy from reputable place.they sell the bottle in our £1 shop complete with the lights.But not sure about he quality of the lights if you wanted to put them in your own bottle.

GrannyLaine Sun 05-Jan-20 18:53:53

You can buy tiny strings of lights attached to a rubber cork with tiny batteries. You should be able to find them quite easily on Amazon & I've seen them in most garden centres this year. Google bottle lights.

GrannyLaine Sun 05-Jan-20 18:54:41

Ha! crossed a few posts here.....

J52 Sun 05-Jan-20 18:54:58

I’d use the ones on a very thin clear wire. Thread then down into the neck of the bottle and tape the remaining wire to the back of the bottle and plug them in.

I did a table decoration with sand, driftwood, shells and lights. The battery was hidden in the sand, but the arrangement was always disturbed when turning the lights off and on.

Yorksherlass Sun 05-Jan-20 18:55:39

I’m too scared to drill glass too so I got some small battery lights , dropped them in but kept the battery box on the outside hidden round the back 🙂

tanith Sun 05-Jan-20 18:57:21

I think they’d work

Urmstongran Sun 05-Jan-20 19:03:19

Oh aren’t you all lovely responding so quickly?

Thanks tanith for the photo. That helps.

Also, I like the idea of seeing them on sale in a garden centre GrannyLaine as I rarely do Amazon and have never done eBay (not techie enough!).

Urmstongran Sun 05-Jan-20 19:04:40

I’m with you Iam64! Such a scaredy-cat.

Jodieb Sun 05-Jan-20 19:06:26

We have a great battery charger for aa's. Charges in minutes.
Led lights are ok in containers

Urmstongran Sun 05-Jan-20 19:07:13

Iran has placed an $80million bounty on Donald Trump's head and threatened to attack the White House in response to the president's warning that any strike on American interests in the region will bring massive retaliation.

Urmstongran Sun 05-Jan-20 19:08:41

Bless you Jodie you’ve posted on the wrong thread - but thank you about my ‘ask a gran’ question on fairy lights.

Urmstongran Sun 05-Jan-20 19:10:11

Oh no!
It’s ME who’s WRONG‼️

Urmstongran Sun 05-Jan-20 19:11:06

I’m having a bad day .... 🤭

GrannyLaine Sun 05-Jan-20 19:22:12

Here you go Urmstongran, this is the sort of thing you need

GrannyLaine Sun 05-Jan-20 19:25:24

Aw sorry, I was hoping it would show a pic. Try this

Urmstongran Sun 05-Jan-20 19:47:30

Thank you! Soft not harsh white lights too. Looks perfect GrannyLaine I will order these and report back. Maybe with a photo!

BradfordLass72 Mon 06-Jan-20 07:14:03

Urmstongran It gave me a great laugh because I read it right to the end....
Iran has placed an $80million bounty on Donald Trump's head and threatened to attack the White House in response to the president's warning that any strike on American interests in the region will bring massive retaliation

.... expecting to read you were doing an illuminated Trump in a Bottle!

And being a Northern lass, you will no doubt be familiar with that meaning grin

Beechnut Mon 06-Jan-20 07:25:57

Mostly I do the same as Yorksherlass with the lights in tanith photo. This year I bought some proper cork top bottles lights from a garden centre but didn’t think they were bright for very long. Yesterday I looked at replacing the batteries but it would seem it’s cheaper to buy a whole new unit.

Urmstongran Mon 06-Jan-20 09:31:09

bradfordLass my erroneous post did seem fitting in a way ha!

henetha Mon 06-Jan-20 09:37:26

My grand-daughter gave me some lights in a bottle and it's lovely. It's just an ordinary bottle which she decorated with some glitter etc., then a battery operated set of fairy lights
stuffed inside with the lead coming out of the neck of the bottle, hidden behind the bottle with the battery box and switch. She chose pink lights for me as it's my favourite colour.
I packed all my Christmas decorations away yesterday so can't add a photo. (I'm not sure how to anyway!)

Urmstongran Mon 06-Jan-20 10:34:53

If I get my lights into the nice bottle I plan to use it all year round in the bedroom.

Photos are easy to do henetha.

Take your photo.
Then under the message box when you post just outside it you will see ‘images - choose file’.
Click on the ‘choose file’ grey tab and your photos come up.
Preview then post.

Hope this helps!