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What time do you go to bed?

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Fennel Mon 20-Jan-20 19:24:27

I'm beginning to think that I've got days and nights mixed up.
Especially during these short winter days.
Thank God I've still got a husband and he goes out every morning before 7am and we get up around 5-6 in preparation.
So by now I'm thinking of having supper of toast and jam and going to bed. We have our main meal at lunchtime.
I do read in bed for an hour or so.
Are we abnormal?

Marydoll Sun 09-Feb-20 23:39:11


mike28939 Sun 09-Feb-20 23:33:24

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drifter Sun 02-Feb-20 02:59:02

Im retired and single.its great.i can go to bed any time i have a few late nights but by 3-00 am im ready for my bed

drifter Sun 02-Feb-20 02:55:04

3-00am when i hit the sheets

Alishka Mon 27-Jan-20 20:18:41

"A few of us fell asleep during the talk which is of a religious nature"gringringrin

craftergran Mon 27-Jan-20 20:05:52

I also am up early, and therefore in bed early, asleep by 10. I struggle with staying asleep when daylight breaks. At the moment I am sleeping til about 7.45am which is good for me but when the clocks go forward I can forget being asleep after 6 - 6.30am

Fennel Mon 27-Jan-20 19:06:47

17.55.43 - Alishka good for you.
Last night I went to bed at 19.30, the earliest ever.
Tonight will be later because I made a huge effort and went to my old ladies group from 5-6pm.
A few of us fell asleep during the talk which is of a religious nature. But I do remember some of it.

Alishka Mon 27-Jan-20 17:55:43

I'm in bed listening to r4, Sailing By comes on, and it's nighty night from mesmile

MissAdventure Mon 27-Jan-20 00:35:27

Oh me too!
I haven't had a good sleep for a few years now, and I sometimes have to be up at 5.30am.

newnanny Mon 27-Jan-20 00:27:31

I have problems sleeping and often still up at midnight. I get up about 8am. I am often awake reading or on Gransnet atc3amnthough. I wish I coukd sleep.

Buffybee Sun 26-Jan-20 23:52:15

Another owl here crazyH and I should get to sleep.
I've had my youngest Gs for the weekend and need to be up early, as quite a drive to take him to school. 😳

crazyH Sun 26-Jan-20 22:33:26

Am I glad I'm not the only owl !!!

Daisyboots Sun 26-Jan-20 22:27:58

Thank you * Joplin* I hope so too.

Joplin Sun 26-Jan-20 15:16:56

Daisyboots - good luck with your blood tests on Friday. I do hope the results are positive.x

Daisyboots Sat 25-Jan-20 20:12:53

Now we are retired and neither in particularly good health. He has PTSD and me cancer so I think we must spend more time in bed than most of you. Depending if there is something we want to watch on TV (we can only watching UK TV through the internet which doesn't always work well) we go up to bed between 8 and 10pm but dont go to sleep much before 11.30 to midnight. I might need to go to the bathroom in the night but am usually straight back to sleep. Except for Thursday, when our cleaner comes so we have to be up at 8am, we rarely wake or rise before 10am or later. The other day he was feeling down he slept for 13 hours but did feel better for it. I have blood tests at the hospital at 8.30am this coming Friday so will have to be up for 7am. Horrible!! My eldest DD and SIL are visiting for 4 nights next month so we will have to revert to a more normal timetable.
Roll on the longer days when you dont feel so much like hibernating.

Joplin I am so sorry to hear about your pain and lack of sleep. For me bed is where I have less pain and I can take off the horrible full length back brace which is very uncomfortable to wear.

grannymy Wed 22-Jan-20 18:46:09

I go to be around 9ish and watch some stuff on my tablet. I gradually drift off to sleep, often with it in my hand! They say such things are a bad in bed but it doesn't bother me. Sometimes it's the only way I can catch up with programmes. I get up around 6.30 - 7 a.m.

Barmeyoldbat Wed 22-Jan-20 18:42:28

I could sleep for Britain, always been the same even as a kid. Mr B and I go to bed after the news at 10. Luckily we are both the same and we seem to sleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow. I might get up once during the night for the loo but not always and then it straight back to sleep. At the moment I am sleeping until about 8.30 to 9.00. Mr B gets up earlier about 8.00 when the water an heating comes on. I wake up earlier during the lighter mornings.

Fennel Wed 22-Jan-20 18:38:26

Joplin - very sorry to hear about your pain and lack of sleep.
It puts my problems into perspective.
Though I don't always spend all my time in bed asleep, but I'm still resting.

Evie64 Wed 22-Jan-20 18:27:55

I am, and have always been, a night owl. Like others on here I go to bed about 1am and read for an hour or so and then sleep until about 9am. Suits me and DH

vampirequeen Wed 22-Jan-20 13:36:46

It depends on the season. When the nights are longer I sleep more. When the days are shorter I sleep less. Atm we tend to go to bed about 8.30. DH then gets up around 5am because he's had enough sleep. He wakes me up at around 7.30am otherwise I'd sleep on until 10ish. But in summer we go to bed later and I naturally wake up around 6am.

paddyanne Wed 22-Jan-20 11:25:17

Joplin I'm sorry about your pain lovely daughter also cant sleep because of pain and sometimes we;ll "chat" on FB until 4 or 5 or on Sunday 7.30 am .She gets her kids fed and then tries to sleep until they come in from school.Its not good and she only managed to get out of the house 19 days last year.As I hope for her I hope you'll get some relief from your chronic pain .It rules her life and I'm sure you must feel the same.Best Wishes x

Candelle Wed 22-Jan-20 11:15:19

Joplin, I am so sorry to read your entry. I think that if I let myself, I, too, could not be ready for bed before 3-4.00 am.

Although I try to make myself go up 'early' (1-2.00 am) I am frequently awake until the very small hours too, as pain is also often a factor for me. Only when it is often becoming light am I tired enough to slip into a few hours of slumber.

What is most annoying are the articles in the newspapers regarding sleep: ' you'll die early if you don't receive enough' etc. Fine and probably true but what are we to do about it?!

I started a 'Sleepio' course (find it online) but have yet to complete the course (my fault, although I do intend to do so). I think the precepts of the course are sound but they cannot help if pain is the problem.

I guess we'll just plod on and pop our clogs early (sigh)...

Joplin Wed 22-Jan-20 02:31:22

Oh dear - it seems I'm more of a night owl than any of you. I'm trying to do something about it but it's getting worse. I've always had to stay up late, from the age of 7, when I needed to listen for my parents rowing & had to rush in to their bedroom to stop them. College days in London, with many late nights if I was lucky enough to get a practice room ( piano) meant I'd get back & to bed between 2-3 am. I've never gone to bed before 3 but now it's between 4 - 4.30 am. For many reasons, pain being one of them as it hurts so much to lie down & I doze rather than sleep. Also feel safer when I'm awake. It's amazing what you can get used to but I wish I could change it. I don't seem to fit in with the rest of the world. 😰

Sawsage2 Wed 22-Jan-20 01:12:55

Bed 1-2am. Up around 10am. Always been like this so hated starting work at 8am

Candelle Wed 22-Jan-20 00:45:13

Glad to see that there are a few owls around!

We go up anytime from midnight to 1.00 am. The various bedtime routines take a minimum of 20 minutes then it's winding down with a good book for half an hour or so, so approximately 2.00 am is 'sleepytime'.

I am a rotten sleeper (but Mr C is extremely annoying with him being comatose within 15 seconds, grrrrrr) so may still be awake several hours later.

I wake about 9.00 am, knowing I should rise but sometimes have a bit of a snooze (depending on length of overnight sleep).

I usually doze off watching the box at about 9.00 pm but only for ten minutes, then I am 'good to go' again.

We are all different and there is no right or wrong way to sleep. Whatever suits is right.