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Siblings sharing a bed

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Missfoodlove Thu 20-Feb-20 17:59:53

Your views on this please.
Is it right for siblings a boy 7 and a girl 4 to share a bed?
This is not when staying away but the normal home routine.

sukysue Thu 20-Feb-20 18:02:44

I shared a bed sometimes with my big brother until l was about 7 he was 12 . I enjoyed it, we used to keep warm and had the dog in with us.

crazyH Thu 20-Feb-20 18:05:00

Nothing wrong I think, unless the little boy is very precocious.

Sara65 Thu 20-Feb-20 18:07:06

Still very young, I can’t really see a problem. Obviously not ideal, but maybe the children in question don’t have an alternative.

BlueBelle Thu 20-Feb-20 18:09:07

When I divorced four of us slept in a double bed me up one end and my son and two daughters down the other they were 3, 7 and 9 We spent a year like that then got a council house
Guess each family has its own ways and own taboos Looking at the ‘dolls house’ sized cottage my Dad grew up in with four siblings I would imagine they all doubled up too
I would imagine many families have no choice

rosenoir Thu 20-Feb-20 18:15:52

I do not see a problem if the children are happy to share, what is your opinion Missfoodlove

Greymar Thu 20-Feb-20 18:16:24


Missfoodlove Thu 20-Feb-20 18:19:53

Rosenoir, I am really not sure. There are other bedrooms so it is not necessity.

March Thu 20-Feb-20 18:23:22

If they get a good night's sleep and it's what they want, yes?
It wont last forever.

Greymar Thu 20-Feb-20 18:25:33

Is this in India or Scotland?

rosenoir Thu 20-Feb-20 18:32:06

If it is not a necessity then it must be their preference.

TrendyNannie6 Thu 20-Feb-20 18:42:47

I don’t see a problem as they are both young, you say there are other bedrooms

BlueBelle Thu 20-Feb-20 18:59:46

I think you ve got the wrong poster greymar the poster with the granddaughter in India or Scotland is missadventurefalls

I don’t see it as a problem perhaps they sleep better not being on their own in individual rooms perhaps if they were given their own rooms they would keep waking or not getting off to sleep They are still very young In many cultures there is only one bedroom

Greymar Thu 20-Feb-20 19:03:55

Sacre Bleu! I have confused my Adventures.

TerriBull Thu 20-Feb-20 19:13:06

My grandchildren aged girl 10, boy 5 share the king sized bed in our guest room when they stay. I've offered them separate rooms, but they like to stay together, at the moment anyway! They have separate rooms at their own home.

Buffybee Thu 20-Feb-20 19:25:41

I would say it was fine, 7 and 4 is very young.
Would people think it was wrong if the siblings were both boys or both girls?

V3ra Thu 20-Feb-20 19:53:44

The NSPCC say children should have their own room over the age of 10 years.
Rightly or wrongly I don't think anyone would have any qualms if the older child were a girl and the younger child a boy....

M0nica Thu 20-Feb-20 19:54:49

Why not top and tail them, if you have worries. Neither will be tall enough the have the other child's feet in their face.

grannypiper Thu 20-Feb-20 20:34:11

i often used to climb into my brothers bed with him when i was 4 and he was 14, for the best part of a year i wouldnt sleep without him, in the end up he got fed up with my knees in his back he begged Mum to put my bed in his room, which she did so he could get some sleep. One day i decided i was a big girl because i had started school and went back to my own room.

JuliaM Thu 20-Feb-20 21:00:47

Local housing associations move families with two children of the opposite sex out of their two bedroomed house and in to a Three bedroomed property as soon as the eldest child reaches its 10th Birthday. My youngest two Grandchildren are a boy 7 and a Girl 8, they share a room and sleep in Bunkbeds at the moment, but as soon as the Girls 9th Birthday arrives they will be placed back on the housing register to give the children a bedroom each, much to my daughters annoyance because she really likes the house she has got, and is even considering asking if it would be possible for her to share a double room with her Daughter, using twin beds.

Davidhs Thu 20-Feb-20 21:15:42

Not a problem when the girl is older than the boy, boys can be very “precocious” even at 7 or 8, remove the risk, do you really want children of that age to think touching is normal.

gillybob Thu 20-Feb-20 21:31:46

My DGC (14,12,10 and 22 months ) all share a bedroom at mine in various combinations I only have 2 Bedrooms .

I have a double bed , a pull out single and a travel cot . If they are all staying together I have the travel cot in with me as the older girls tend to act up in the school holidays .

Grammaretto Thu 20-Feb-20 23:18:50

Sharing a room is one thing. Sharing a bed is anothvv ger.
Do they get a decent nights sleep?
I always shared with either a sister or a brother and longed for my own room. I shared a double bed with my sister for about a year. It was awful. We kicked eachother.

BlueBelle Thu 20-Feb-20 23:26:18

Oh gosh what an outdated view david
your thoughts not the children’s

sodapop Fri 21-Feb-20 08:39:54

I wonder why you felt you had to question this with such young children Missfoodlove has there been something you are uncomfortable with or a comment made by someone else ?