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Covid italian mother-in-law

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Naty Fri 13-Mar-20 03:48:15

Ignore the title. It's just a way for me to get people to read this...

Hi everyone! I posted about my italian in-laws coming over unannounced and asked them to stop kissing my baby.

I was both torn apart and supported on these I'm back to update you all yet again to implore you all to take things very seriously.

I am now in Canada with our baby for a planned trip, booked before the rampant outbreak. I will not be flying back until things settle.

Please please take heed: the situation in Italy is dire.

Socially isolate as much as possible. Don't mix with people. Wash your hands. Stay inside.

All of our friends and family in Italy are fine, but they cannot go outside or visit people. They cannot travel. They cannot see their grandkids. Grandchildren can be asymptomatic carriers and kill their grandparents. 2 week incubation period. Old people are more susceptible. There arent enough respirators for everyone and the doctors have to choose between who to save and who not to. This is NOT fake news! Please, I implore you to socially distance yourselves.

Canada has announced 3 weeks off of school, but they are saying it's an extension of our march break so that people don't panic.

Please stay safe!

BlueBelle Fri 13-Mar-20 06:58:55

Thank you for your concern Naty
I think we are well educated with all the news about the virus we have been filled on an hourly basis
Of course it’s right that if you only have equipment for one person the younger and healthier gets it no point in saving a person at the end of their life if a younger person is in need These decisions have always had to be made and will be more relevant than ever now

We may get to the stage of Isolating like Italy but it’s not happened yet i am still working in the general public still shopping still going on the bus Others have chosen to be more Cautious what is right for you is right for you
Each person must make that choice based on their own feelings and their own health until it is made for us on a national level

My main message to everyone is ‘stay grounded’ social media is now awash with Conspiratorial theories from terrorist attacks to population management to money making vaccines

Stay sensible and cautious and follow guideline but keep level headed and do not panic, as they say ‘this too will pass’

M0nica Fri 13-Mar-20 07:51:27

I doubt the choice will ever be between a young and 'fit' and an old and ill. It will be between an old, but fit and a young person with compromised health.

Reducing what will be difficult and complex choices to blindingly obvious ones, is neither illuminating nor helpful.

GagaJo Fri 13-Mar-20 07:56:49

That DOES worry me, Naty. I'm planning to go home to stay in the UK in my home with my family. It's school holiday anyway and my flights have been booked for a while. BUT my grandson... There is no way I can be in the house with him and not interact with him.


Missfoodlove Fri 13-Mar-20 08:43:57

Naty, what a well timed break!
We are in contact with my husbands elderly Nanny in Turin, she is 82 and healthy but so missing her normal routine of shopping, socialising and being with her grandchildren.
It is a frightening time.
As a couple we are in semi isolation, no gym, restaurants, supermarkets etc.
I really believe that if we all cut out unnecessary travel and outings we could reduce the spread dramatically.

lemongrove Fri 13-Mar-20 09:05:35

Naty .....we are not in the same position as Italy at the moment, and have all the advice we need.Thanks anyway.😃

aggie Fri 13-Mar-20 09:08:57

Naty I hope you are following the same guidelines in Canada?

MawB Fri 13-Mar-20 09:17:08

We may not wish to think about this but the “three wise men” protocol of rationing care or treatment when there are insufficient resources has existed long before now. I believe it was first developed during the 2009 Swine flu epidemic. Under it three senior consultants in a hospital may give priority to those who are most likely to benefit or make a recovery.
An uncomfortable thought, but who among us has not thought or said in the past that they would wish their children (and now grandchildren) to receive treatment before ourselves?

GagaJo Fri 13-Mar-20 09:18:42

We SHOULD be doing what Italy is doing. Halt it in its tracks.

Jomarie Fri 13-Mar-20 09:49:20

Agree entirely MawB no question about it imo

tickingbird Fri 13-Mar-20 10:00:20

Naty Thank you for that. We are aware of the situation in Italy, although it isn’t anywhere near as bad as that here but I’m erring on the side of caution and staying put as much as possible and even keeping away from my grandsons as much as I can. My sons and friends think I’m overreacting but I’m taking this seriously.

Hetty58 Fri 13-Mar-20 10:08:31

lemongrove, very true 'we are not in the same position as Italy at the moment'. No we are not:

'We have half as many intensive care beds per capita as Italy has' (Dr Ron Daniels, NHS ICU Consultant)

..and yet our government still fails to take appropriate action. Why are 3000 Madrid fans coming over to Liverpool - just for a football match? It's insane!

GagaJo Fri 13-Mar-20 10:14:47

Well said, Hetty.

Naty Fri 13-Mar-20 17:25:53

The Prime Minister of Canada's wife has covid from the UK!

You aren't in Italy's position yet.

The governments need to respond quickly and people need to take this into their own hands through social distancing as much as possible.

Tangerine Fri 13-Mar-20 17:34:20

Thank you very much. I wish you well.

Chewbacca Fri 13-Mar-20 17:38:45

You're still anxious aren't you Naty?

MawB Fri 13-Mar-20 17:39:44

Am I detecting an element of “blame” in some comments- as if we in the U.K. are to blame for Sophie Trudeau’s virus?
Any transatlantic flight carries risks and who is to say where or from whom she caught it.

BlueBelle Fri 13-Mar-20 17:42:21

I guess it had UK written on a little flag MawB

tickingbird Fri 13-Mar-20 18:00:26

The latest figures from Italy make sobering reading. I felt quite emotional thinking about the poor doctors and medical staff having to let so many die. Their psychological wellbeing must be being compromised along with their own immune systems as they are under such strain.

Callistemon Fri 13-Mar-20 18:21:02

Gagajo but Italy has not managed to halt it in its tracks.

Stay where you are, Naty and stay safe, best not to fly like Sophie Trudeau did! She could have caught the COVID-19 anywhere.
Babies and young children apparently do not seem to be so susceptible to the virus.

Some sensible posts on this thread, Bluebelle, MawB.

I think far more people have had this than we realised.

Callistemon Fri 13-Mar-20 18:24:43

Sophie Trudeau was here on the 4th March - was she incubating the virus and did she bring the virus to the UK?

GagaJo Fri 13-Mar-20 19:04:39

But Callistemon, they are doing everything in their power to try. They are doing what China did (without the new hospitals).

They're not willingly letting it spread throughout the population.

Callistemon Fri 13-Mar-20 19:58:53

So, when it returns next year with a vengeance, there will be no herd immunity. What then ?

giulia Fri 13-Mar-20 20:10:22

Naty I am writing from the centre of Italy and, yes, the situation is just as you describe.

If only I could get my dear ones in Britain to take this seriously: my daughter and husband still go out to the pub most evenings. She says if they close the pubs in Britain there will be a revolution and laughs!

My sister gaily left on a trip to Normandy this morning (coach and ferry) to see the Bayeux Tapestry. I felt she was mad to go, suggested she wore gloves on the journey for hygiene reasons. She hadn't even thought of that. Anyway, got there to discover all museums are closed.

Here the doctors and nurses are exhausted. I have seen photos of their faces, bruised and grazed from the masks and protectiveglasses they wear for hours at a time.

However, should I fall ill I would rather be cared for here in Italy than anywhere else in the world.

Callistemon Fri 13-Mar-20 20:17:55

Italians have been ignoring the risks, though, haven't they.

Why is it worse there than anywhere else in Europe? and now has spread out from Italy, with visitors to Italy bringing the virus home to the UK unwittingly and spreading it in schools here.