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Camelia3 Mon 23-Mar-20 08:15:49

Should I travel to visit my sick brother? He has had half a lifetime of respiratory problems but continued to work as a firefighter until retirement. He has been admitted to hospital as he has contracted Covid19. He is very poorly indeed. His lovely wife is also ill with the same, but has no underlying health conditions. They are both 69. Should I travel the 170 miles to see them. I fear the worst for my brother 😔

GagaJo Mon 23-Mar-20 08:21:12

So sorry to hear that. I'm not sure the hospital would even let you in Camelia3.

No real comfort I know but at least he got it early so there are hospital beds available and he's getting the best care possible.

Marydoll Mon 23-Mar-20 08:26:07

Camelia, I'm so sorry to hear that. You must be worried sick.
I would be surprised if the hospital let you in.
Could you phone the ward and ask for advice? Do they have children, who could give you info?
The other thing you have to think of is your own health, your age and any underlying conditions. You will be of no use if you become ill.
It sounds harsh, but these are exceptional times.
I hope your dear brother and SIL pull through. flowers

Susan56 Mon 23-Mar-20 08:27:21

So sorry that your brother is so unwell Camelia.As Gaga says the hospital probably won’t let you visit.Maybe check the situation with your sister in law re visiting.You would be at risk of contracting the virus yourself.

MattJo Mon 23-Mar-20 08:28:06

I am really sorry to hear this and for your dilemma but I would not advise you to go. You would be putting yourself at big risk even just by travelling. In addition, you may not be allowed to see him when you got to the hospital. I realise this is very hard and your natural instincts are to go but, in these very strange times, you have to do the right thing and stay away.

EllanVannin Mon 23-Mar-20 08:28:32

I see no reason why you shouldn't be allowed to see him. I'm sure that those who are very ill will have special visits such as is organised for end of life patients.
Phone the hospital first should you decide to go. I hope your brother comes through this alright and wish him well.

ninathenana Mon 23-Mar-20 08:33:38

So sorry to hear about your family
Sadly the advice I read was to not try and visit CV patients. You will not be allowed near them. It also asked for people not to ring the ward as staff are to busy to answer the phone. This was written by a senior nurse.
I do sympathise with your predicament.

BlueBelle Mon 23-Mar-20 08:39:15

ellenvanin why would you expect the hospital would let her visit I think that’s very poor information
The poor man will be in a special unit and I very much doubt that they would let anyone, anywhere near except doctors and nurses
It’s not only your own health but you will be free to pass it on to anyone else when you come away from the hospital
I m really sorry for you camelia and the worry of anyone having relatives ill it’s really really scary
Ring each day perhaps if he improves you ll be able to speak on the phone or do a video call Let’s hope as a ex firefighter he will be a strong man
Good luck 💐

BlueBelle Mon 23-Mar-20 08:40:32

Sorry just read nina post about not ringing perhaps if and when he improves he ll have a mobile with him

Hetty58 Mon 23-Mar-20 08:47:26

Phone instead. You won't be allowed in and/or he won't even know that you're there. Stay safe!

“A very high number of patients receiving critical care are needing level three care, in which they are anaesthetised and have a tube put down their throat and the ventilator takes over the work of their lungs while they are unconscious,”

EllanVannin Mon 23-Mar-20 09:02:23

BlueBelle, it was only a suggestion. !

Visiting is allowed for critically ill patients under strict supervision/ guidelines by staff.
It depends a lot in which area you are as well.

EllanVannin Mon 23-Mar-20 09:06:46

Like I said---area. Obviously anywhere in London is a no, no and will remain so for the next 12 months judging by the amount of people who are totally ignoring the situation.

Hithere Mon 23-Mar-20 09:09:10

No visit

Camelia3 Mon 23-Mar-20 09:23:35

Thank you everyone. Instinct is to go to him and SIL but if situation was reversed I wouldn't want them to put themselves at risk. So therein lies my answer. But I had to 'think outloud' to get there 💕

GrannyGravy13 Mon 23-Mar-20 09:45:43

Camelia3 sending a virtual hug to you at this very difficult time (((())))

Sar53 Mon 23-Mar-20 09:52:17

Camelia3 so sorry to hear about your brother. Hugs and flowers x

Alexa Mon 23-Mar-20 09:54:46

Camelia, I am very sorry but if you visit him you will likely get Covid19 too and there may not be an intensive care place for you. Coronavirus is deadly infectious unlike anything ever seen before.

Alexa Mon 23-Mar-20 09:55:15

Except perhaps smallpox.

harrigran Mon 23-Mar-20 10:32:20

No travel, no hospital visits. Sadly people are dying alone but has to be done to protect the rest of us.
One person catches the virus and they potentially infect four others, do the maths and you realise how quickly it becomes pandemic.

M0nica Mon 23-Mar-20 10:43:55

The best thing to do is check with the hospital, they, and they alone can tell you whether visitors are allowed and if so when.

Happygirl79 Mon 23-Mar-20 10:46:13

Sorry to hear about your brother
Please phone the hospital and seek direct advice before setting off hoping to see him
They will tell you what to do

Aepgirl Mon 23-Mar-20 10:55:04

Hospitals are now allowing visitors, so I think you have to rely on the phone and FaceTime.

grannytotwins Mon 23-Mar-20 11:03:45

My DS’s MIL is in ICU with pneumonia. Coronavirus ruled out. Family are unable to visit even on her 70th birthday. They get a phone update daily and that’s it. I’m so sorry for your predicament, but you won’t be allowed near him.

EmilyHarburn Mon 23-Mar-20 11:17:11

So sorry about your brother. You need to get confirmation that you are allowed to visit.

Maremia Mon 23-Mar-20 11:17:20

Sorry to hear this Camelia 3. As one of the posters said, your darling brother is in time to get proper treatment before the surge happens. EllanVannin, the sad thing is that you are not allowed to visit for this illness. Another point, about travel, is that in some countries it is now restricted to essential workers. Stay at home, those who can, and stay safe.