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So Who Do You Look Like?

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TheFrugalPiggy Fri 26-Jun-20 10:50:03

In my youth I was often likened to Sarah Ferguson, but with dark brown hair. I also had/have some of her personality traits - the good ones I'm sure. wink. When I look in the mirror I believe I can see the resemblance.

So who have you been likened to and do you agree?

GrandmaMoira Fri 26-Jun-20 11:03:32

In the 80s I was likened to Jan Francis in Just Good Friends and Belinda Lang in 2.4 Children, both of which were quite flattering. I believe my fashion sense and style were similar to the Penny character in Just Good Friends.
In the 90s I was likened to Zoe Wanamaker.

Kate1949 Fri 26-Jun-20 11:13:50

In my late teens I was always being told I looked like Susan Hanson (Miss Diane from Crossroads). Bizarrely someone once told me I looked like Paul McCartney!

Marydoll Fri 26-Jun-20 11:17:01

When I was in my late forties, I was a dead ringer for Anne Robinson. My pupils thought it was hilarious to call me that.
I was just as scary! wink

fevertree Fri 26-Jun-20 11:18:45

I look like my mother grin

BlueBelle Fri 26-Jun-20 12:01:45

I ve been told by a few people Denise welsh, we have got similar hair so it may be that
I did one of those silly ‘what would you look like as a man’ things that popped up on fb and was completely knocked aback as it was my Dad looking at me, even my kids went OMG its granddad

Newatthis Fri 26-Jun-20 12:19:08

I was told I looked like Wonder Woman - Linda Carter. In fact, I was out shopping one day and was asked for my autograph and the person got so excited he started shouting 'It's Wonder Woman'. I quickly signed his book and escaped into the nearest shop!

paddyanne Fri 26-Jun-20 12:24:03

My sister ,we often get taken for each other.Its a real shock ,my late mother always called her the "beautiful one" while I was the one with her head stuck in a book !!

travelsafar Fri 26-Jun-20 12:46:49

When i was younger and my specs where quite large i got called Dedrie the character in Corrie. Now i just look like my mum as i get older.

Sussexborn Fri 26-Jun-20 12:57:12

Back in the sixties I was told I looked like Jane Asher.

OH drove an ice cream van during the college summer holidays and a group of children kept insisting he was Georgie Best despite his protests. After a while OH gave up denying it hoping they would buy more ice cream.

Jimjam1 Fri 26-Jun-20 13:01:21

In my younger years Twiggy. Now in later years Joanna Lumley. Both I take as a compliment 😄😄😄

TheFrugalPiggy Fri 26-Jun-20 13:19:57

Paul McCartney! Perhaps his very pretty sister?

Auntieflo Fri 26-Jun-20 13:35:19

Princess Margaret, in the 50's and 60's.

Now I look like my mum, which I am happy about.

Puzzler61 Fri 26-Jun-20 13:41:11

Glenda Jackson. My face is characterful.
As most photo’s of Miss Jackson don’t show her smiling, I try to smile more.
I certainly smile a lot inside, even if it doesn’t show.

Dottydots Fri 26-Jun-20 13:55:51

I'm unique! [smile ]

Dottydots Fri 26-Jun-20 13:57:57

Let's have another go at my smile. smile

Judy54 Fri 26-Jun-20 14:01:43

I am the absolute double of my Father I see him every time I look in the mirror.My poor Mother found it hard that I did not resemble her in looks but we did share the same sense of humour and fun and were louder and noisier than my Dad.

Maggiemaybe Fri 26-Jun-20 14:44:42

travelsafar, I got the Deidre from Corrie comparison a lot when I had those huge glasses...and Nana Mouskouri when I had some severe black frames. They’re nothing like one another. grin

I’ve also had that famous old actress, the dead one, who turned out to be Greta Garbo.

Curlywhirly Fri 26-Jun-20 15:01:36

I have been told that I look like Sally James (of Tiswas fame) and Maggie Philbin the TV presenter. Neither look like each other! Of the two I think I do have a slight look of Maggie Philbin, same hair and eyes (but different mouth). When I was in primary school I was told I looked like Davy Jones from the Monkees! It must have been because I had the same coloured hair and haircut that he did, a short bob with a full fringe!

Kate1949 Fri 26-Jun-20 15:11:42

Ha ha Frugalpiggy At the time I had very dark Mary Quant hair (which resembled a Beatle cut I suppose) and big eyes. The person actually said 'You remind me of Paul McCartney. He always looks surprised and so do you'

MiniMoon Fri 26-Jun-20 15:30:28

I've never been likened to anyone.
The person I most resemble is my Granny.

kittylester Fri 26-Jun-20 15:31:14

Sunbathing round a pool in the sixties someone asked me for my autograph convinced I was Sandie Shaw. I have fewer lines than her but she is still quite a bit slimmer than me.

Now, I am told that I resemble Brenda Blethyn. I can only see my Mum!

morethan2 Fri 26-Jun-20 16:29:59

Everyone used to say I looked like Julie Walters. I can’t see it myself but there you go.

GranEd Fri 26-Jun-20 17:26:27

About 40 years ago I was sitting in the audience watching a show at a holiday camp when the spotlight zoomed in on me
and I was ‘introduced’ to everyone as Olive from On the Buses! Hardly flattering ..... but possibly true!! 🤓 😂

Callistemon Fri 26-Jun-20 17:27:58

Boris at the moment
(It's the hair)
And no, I don't do it for effect.