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kittylester Sun 11-Oct-20 17:40:22

For our wedding anniversary a friend face us a molton and brown candle. I have never used candles before but I love it.

However, I looked at the price and was shocked.

So, can anyone suggest some lovely candles or some where to get Mokton & Briwn candles at vastly reduced prices.

And, which 'flavours' do you like?

kittylester Sun 11-Oct-20 17:41:56

Gawd - kitty - proof read.

Molton and Brown!!

BBbevan Sun 11-Oct-20 17:44:55

Try TKMaxx. They usually have loads of lovely candles.

GrannyLaine Sun 11-Oct-20 17:46:22

I don't know about Molton Brown but my eldest daughter buys me Diptyque Tuberose which I simply love. I know its hugely expensive but it gives me such pleasure.

Chewbacca Sun 11-Oct-20 17:48:34

Oh kitty I love my candles! grin I burn an awful lot of money!
My boss bought me a Jo Malone candle, lime, basil and Mandarin and it was lovely at £49, it --should be too-. However, I read on Mumsnet that Aldi do smell-alike candles for £3.99 and so, being a skin flint, I tried one. And they were right! Aldi's own brand, multi wick candle No1 is beautiful and I, personally, couldn't tell the difference between that and the UK one.

Chewbacca Sun 11-Oct-20 17:50:05

Not UK one....JM (Jo Malone)

Patsy70 Sun 11-Oct-20 17:50:08

grin I love candles too, Kitty, but some are, as you say, so very expensive. I have bought them from Aldi, which are similar to Jo Malone's candles, but a fraction of the price. Also, I would recommend Wilkinson's candles, which are very reasonable. If you have a TK Maxx near you, it's definitely worth a visit. They have a large stock of designer candles at discounted prices. Happy hunting!

Patsy70 Sun 11-Oct-20 17:51:22

Sorry to have repeated what others have suggested!

Ellianne Sun 11-Oct-20 17:58:25

Diptyque for me too. John Lewis do a good range, but they are expensive.

NannyJan53 Sun 11-Oct-20 18:00:07

Another vote here for Aldi Candles similar to Jo Malone!

GrannyGravy13 Sun 11-Oct-20 18:11:35

I am a devotee of Jo Malone and White Company candles (I have one in the sitting room, one on the landing and one in the kitchen burning at the moment, I have been cooking chutney and trying to get rid of the smell of vinegar). DD uses the Aldi ones and they are extremely good copies

Molton Brown usually have good deals on line if you sign up to their website/newsletter.

Grandmabatty Sun 11-Oct-20 18:24:11

I'm sniffing away to an aldi candle at the moment. Definitely worth it and much cheaper than the alternatives.

ElaineI Sun 11-Oct-20 18:33:01

Yankee candles are nice too. Lots of shops have candles heading for Christmas though predominantly things with smells associated with the season. SiL uses candle to get rid of curry smells. He gets Aldi ones.

Chewbacca Sun 11-Oct-20 18:48:24

I used to love Yankee candles Elaine1 but I'm wondering if they've changed the recipes for them recently? They no longer seem to burn evenly, even with the wick trimming and burning them for 3 hours minimum. Also the throw of scent doesn't seem to be as good as it used to. The ones I have now will be the last I think; don't think I'll bother buying anymore Yankee.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 11-Oct-20 18:51:35

We have Sicilian Lemon and Wild Fig Yankee Candles and I agree that they are not the same as they used to be.

EllanVannin Sun 11-Oct-20 19:16:04

The last Yankee candle I bought ended up outside. I'd never seen so much smoke. You'd have thought I was electing a new Pope.
The jar was black----never again.

I bought some Aldi reed diffusers online and they smelled lovely and lasted ages. I think it was Number 1.

GrannyGravy13 Sun 11-Oct-20 19:27:01

EV I think No.1 is the smelly likey Lime Basil and Mandarin Jo Malone?

Chewbacca Sun 11-Oct-20 19:30:14

Yes GG13 it is. 2 wicks, burns for 40+ hours. £3.99 Bargain!

Maggiemaybe Sun 11-Oct-20 19:34:23

I used to love scented candles, but have switched to reed and oil diffusers because of the emissions, which even the soy candles produce, though they’re not as bad as the paraffin based ones.

I did once read a report on how bad the emissions are from different brands. The Aldi ones produced a lot more than the Jo Malones, though I agree they do smell as nice.

Maggiemaybe Sun 11-Oct-20 19:42:10

Apparently the Yankee Candles are worse though.

mancgirl Sun 11-Oct-20 21:54:32

I had 2 Jo Malone candles for Christmas last year. I burned one constantly because the smell was so nice. I used the second one sparingly because I wouldn't pay the price for one myself. Heard about the Aldi one and bought it. Fragrance is similar but the difference is, it is more smokey and burns faster. A good copy though. I also use Aldi's reed defusers which are lovely - and a fraction of the Jo Malone one!

Granof5 Mon 12-Oct-20 09:42:38

My son introduced me to wood wick candles, they have some lovely fragrances, they seem to last longer than normal candles and they crackle as they burn

Dee1012 Mon 12-Oct-20 09:43:19

Wickford candles are brilliant...the Gingerbread one is beautiful and scents the whole house.
£2.99 from Home Bargains.

MadeInYorkshire Mon 12-Oct-20 09:46:08

Jo Malone are brilliant but a brilliant price! Best ones I have come across for smells lasting are the Aldi equivalents at very cheap prices.

Other one which was lovely was M&S Rhubarb, delicious but don't think they do it anymore?

ToadsMum Mon 12-Oct-20 09:53:19

Yes the Aldi ones are really good and the Sand and Sky ones from TK Max/Homesense. A friend bought me a reasonably expensive one from Oliver Bonas - I was thrilled as love other stuff from there. It didn’t smell anything like it’s unlit fragrance when burning so thankful then it did not last as long as it was supposed to !
I can’t stand Yankee Candles (ooh contentious?) they smell so sweet and also “chemically”.
Jo Malone lovely but expensive. Neom are lovely too. But day to day? Aldi or TK.