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What do your grandchildren call you?

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LadyHonoriaDedlock Sat 17-Oct-20 15:05:51

My grandmothers, in an industrial Lancashire town, were Nanna on my mother's side and Grandma on my father's.

I don't have grandchildren (does that make me a fraud here?) as my daughter, now 40, has shown no maternal tendencies. If I did I'm not sure what I'd want them to call me except that I really don't think I'd encourage 'Gran'. But that's just me.

Calendargirl Sat 17-Oct-20 15:09:53

Granny and Grandad.

Personally, I dislike Nan or Nanna, but each to his/her own.

Always said if Granny was good enough for the Queen....

tanith Sat 17-Oct-20 15:12:21

The grown up ones it’s Grandma now used to be Nanny, the Grt Grandchildren call me Gaga, I really don’t care what they call me it matters not one jot.

Ashcombe Sat 17-Oct-20 15:12:26

Whilst my Mum was alive, she was called Grandma by my children so, when they had offspring, I chose to be Grandmum. After she died, I decided to honour her memory by becoming Grandma.

Jangran99 Sat 17-Oct-20 15:15:56

I’m ‘gran’ to my 4 grandchildren and love it. ‘Nana’ always makes me think of the dog in Peter Pan. I called my own grandmothers ‘granny’.

AGAA4 Sat 17-Oct-20 15:28:07

I chose to be called Nana and the dog in Peter Pan was lovely.
There are some terms for Grandmother that I don't like but wont mention them as could cause offence.

NanKate Sat 17-Oct-20 15:31:43

I used to call my grandmother Sis (short for Priscilla) I never thought till later that that is what we all called her and she seemed to like it.

I’m called Nan or Nanny and love it.

Jangran99 Sat 17-Oct-20 15:34:05

No offence meant AGAA4 just word association. Whatever they call us is the sweetest sound.

Grandma70s Sat 17-Oct-20 15:35:55

I’m Grandma and the other one is Granny. Thankfully nobody suggested Nana, Nanny etc, which I wouldn’t have allowed anyway. I’m not a children’s nurse, or a dog.

AGAA4 Sat 17-Oct-20 15:40:14

Jangran99 I wasn't offended by your post. As I said I don't mind being called the same name as the sweet dog in Peter Pan.

Beauregard Sat 17-Oct-20 15:40:54

I'm Mamma. As was my mum and her mum, so it seemed natural.

However, my ExH's wife also decided she wanted to be called Mamma, so there's two of us. Confusing for the GC.

I wish I'd chosen something else now.

EllanVannin Sat 17-Oct-20 15:44:15

I'm Nanna to my GGC to distinguish me from my D, who is Nanny. My mum was always Gran/Granny.
Mother-in-law was Grandma and her husband was Grandpa.

AGAA4 Sat 17-Oct-20 15:46:38

I do love being called 'Nana'! My grandson once told me "Nanas are lovely". Enough said!

ginny Sat 17-Oct-20 17:12:19

Nana to little one, . Have progressed to Nan with older DGS. Happy with that.
Didn’t want to be Grandma or Granny. Those just don’t sound like me.

lil57 Sat 17-Oct-20 17:18:01

Grandma and Grandad, two of my favourite words !

Oopsminty Sat 17-Oct-20 17:18:43

I'm a Grandma.

It's only recently that I've learned Grandma is a bit fuddy duddy but I'm quite happy with it!

Chewbacca Sat 17-Oct-20 17:19:27


B9exchange Sat 17-Oct-20 17:19:53

19 month old grandson has refused to call my husband 'Grandad' as all the other six DGC do. He has another 'Grandad' on the other side of the family, so this might be why. He has decided he will accept my husband's Christian name, and calls him that instead! Sounds very strange coming from such a young child. Perhaps when he is allowed to mix with the other six, he may change his mind!

Newquay Sat 17-Oct-20 17:21:16

My Mum was Nana-v traditional in the Potteries but I chose Granny after MIL said being called Nana people will think you’re staff!
When our DD2 was expecting I asked her (lovely) MIL what she wanted to be called. She said, as she thought she’d never be a Gran at all, she’d be happy to be called anything! As I was already Gran she chose Grandma. I said if it’s your heart’s desire to be Gran we can accommodate that.

FlexibleFriend Sat 17-Oct-20 17:22:44

I'm Nana, that was dil's decision and I'm not bothered what they call me.

NotSpaghetti Sat 17-Oct-20 17:23:42

This question comes up regularly doesn't it?

My grandchildren call me by my name - just as I call my husband and my children and my grandchildren by theirs! like it that way. They have their own special ways of saying it.

I do not call my husband "husband" or my children "child", "son" or "daughter". These are not names to me. I know others wouldn't like this - but it works well for us and we love each other just as dearly.

Lexisgranny Sat 17-Oct-20 17:26:54

One ‘set’ of grandchildren have four sets of grandparents, (divorce and remarriage) so the ‘Steps’ are all known by Grandma or Grandpa + their forenames. I am Granny. As Calendargirl says if it’s good enough for the Queen...!

LadyGracie Sat 17-Oct-20 17:29:21

We’re Nanny and Nandad, we love it.

DanniRae Sat 17-Oct-20 17:33:38

I became a grandmother when my daughter, at the age of 45...take note LadyHD..... gave birth to my adorable grandson. I have chosen to be Nanna - he can't say it yet but if you say "Where's Nanna?" he looks at me. BTW after waiting all these years to be a grandparent my son and his wife are expecting a baby next year. It's going to be a girl and I shall be Nanna to her too smile

LadyHonoriaDedlock Sat 17-Oct-20 17:39:10

My nephew, when he was very little, decided he had a Grandma (my/my sister's mum) and a More Grandma (his dad's mother)

My daughter had Grandma (my mum) and Nanna (partner's mum)