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Cnash Tue 08-Dec-20 10:11:47

I am looking for a processor that will chop and grind but also mix for pastry and cakes. I haven’t bought one for years so out of touch. Any recommendations from anyone who has bought one recently??

Marydoll Tue 08-Dec-20 10:46:12

I'm on my third Magimix. I absolutely love it! I'm only on the third one, as I damaged the spindle on my previous one, my own fault.

I have been using them for the last twenty years.

Mamissimo Tue 08-Dec-20 11:14:02

Magimix for me too - my DS inherited my DM's (well he asked if he could have it) and ten years on he's still using it regularly. They're not the cheapest but they do the job efficiently and reliably.

annodomini Tue 08-Dec-20 11:25:47

I also love my Magimix. It can do so much more than mixing. I can grate a kilo of Cheddar in half a minute, make bread with the big bowl and breadcrumbs with the small bowl.

Urmstongran Tue 08-Dec-20 11:32:17

Are Magimixes all the same? Or are some models better than others please?

Marydoll Tue 08-Dec-20 11:44:37

This the model I have. I'm unsure what the differences are. Expensive, but workhorses and long lasting.

Welshwife Tue 08-Dec-20 12:13:10

I have a Kenwood - very good and last well - does the mixing and grating etc.

Urmstongran Tue 08-Dec-20 12:24:34

Thank Marydoll. I’m planning to treat our Covid warrior to one soon. . Maybe not for Christmas - does that seem too much like buying someone a vacuum cleaner? Or, is it? Maybe it is an acceptable gift as it’s something she hasn’t got because of the expense and low priority with a young family.


Urmstongran Tue 08-Dec-20 12:27:17

Perhaps one for them both to share (son-in-law likes baking and cooking too, like a lot of men these days) with a couple of bottles of nice wine to share as well?

Marydoll Tue 08-Dec-20 12:42:45

It has certainly made my life so much easier. More so now that my hands are useless and painful! I would thank you for one, but I like cooking and baking!

Urmstongran Tue 08-Dec-20 12:59:29


LadyGracie Tue 08-Dec-20 13:02:19

I’ve got a Kitchen Aid and love it. I had a Kenwood for years, till it stopped working. The Kitchen Aid does more and has more attachments but I wouldn’t day it’s better.

Marydoll Tue 08-Dec-20 13:04:01

I'm embarrassed to say I have both. If I could only keep one, I would have the Magimix! They sit on my worktop, as they are used most days.

Nannarose Tue 08-Dec-20 14:36:00

My Magimix is nearly 20 years old and excellent.

Jumblygran Tue 08-Dec-20 14:46:08

My magimix is also nearly twenty years old. I also think it is excellent.

Doodledog Tue 08-Dec-20 14:55:14

Another Magimix fan here. I am on my second (which is not bad in 40 years of marriage) and have a smaller one in my caravan. I did buy a cheaper one for over there, but it was false economy, and I ended up replacing it with a Magimix.

I would advise getting a large capacity one if space allows, as they come with smaller bowls if you only need to mix smaller amounts, and the extra power is useful. The small one does take up less bench space, however, and it is definitely a good idea to keep it out if possible, as you will probably use it less if you have to drag it out of a cupboard and set it up each time.

Ermilou Wed 09-Dec-20 10:12:11

Magimix all the way here too. When my bowl wore out I bought a new bowl from a spares company. They just go on and on. I would though have a look at a Kitchen Aid as I have one of their blenders and its fab. Neither are cheaper though. It all comes down to how often you use it really.

ClaraB Wed 09-Dec-20 10:19:06

I love my Magimix

AJKW Wed 09-Dec-20 10:19:59

Kenwood Chef Titanium. Does everything, including a sausage making/mincer attachment.

schnackie Wed 09-Dec-20 10:26:24

I am frustrated (daily!) by the tiny size of my kitchen and teeny weeny amount of counter space. In fact I have a fold-out table and often open it up in the living room and put things on it, just to clean the surface counter! So does anyone have any suggestions for a version of this appliance that is very small? Thanks in advance.

Doodledog Wed 09-Dec-20 10:29:59

Have you read the rest of the thread? Magimix do a small version with a smaller footprint than their larger one.

nipsmum Wed 09-Dec-20 10:41:15

I bought my Kenwood 50 years ago. Its been serviced once in all that time. I use it frequently for baking. I have a few of the fittings and for some reason 2 mincer attachments. Its been worth its weight on gold to my over the years. It cost about £45 when I bought it.

Applegran Wed 09-Dec-20 10:49:45

Magimix! I had one for decades and cracked the bowl - you can get replacements for the bowl and other bits, and then the basic motor which makes it all work keeps going. It felt like getting a new appliance for a fraction of the cost. I asked in a kitchen shop about the best food processor and they said with no hesitation that Magimix was the best. I did have a Kenwood, but the motor gave up and I didn't replace it - it took up lots of space.

HappyAmI Wed 09-Dec-20 11:15:50

I have a Magimix which I love. I use it for everything except bread and cake making. For these I have a 40 year old Kenwood Chef which was originally my mum's.

libra10 Wed 09-Dec-20 11:17:07

I've just bought a Magimix 3200XL food processor, and love it.
It cost around £250, and takes up little counter space. The machine does so many things, grating cheese, chopping veg, cake mixing etc. It saves lots of time, and I would recommend.