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teachkate Tue 25-May-21 14:33:57

When to you think it’s ok to stop displaying your children’s graduation photos? Our adult children are now 40,38 & 35.
We’re redoing our house & I’m wondering is this now the time to leave them down? 😳 🤔

Lucca Tue 25-May-21 14:35:04

Do you like the photos ? If not specially then you don’t have to !

Doodledog Tue 25-May-21 14:36:49

Are they there because you like looking at them, or because you are 'displaying' them for others to see?

If you like them, leave them where they are, and if not, take them down. My MIL has a photo of us on our wedding day (40 years ago) on her mantelpiece, but the only family photo I have is a small framed one of my children when they were 2 and 4 years old. Each to her own,

silverlining48 Tue 25-May-21 14:37:23

I put our now 40 something dds grad photos in much smaller frames and moved them upstairs on the landing ( where no one sees them ).

Ilovecheese Tue 25-May-21 14:41:31

We've still got a couple of ours up with children now in their forties, but they are just on the wall on the landing so not prominent or in the way. Not all our children went to their ceremonies so we never had them all up or in any sort of pride of place.
Maybe start to relegate yours gradually, out of the main room, into the hall, up the stairs etc......

Peasblossom Tue 25-May-21 14:42:41

It’s supposed to be bad Feng shui to have photos of the past prominently on display. It drains your forward energy.

Why not have some happy photos of the people they are now🙂

Chestnut Tue 25-May-21 14:43:33

I don't have the graduation photos in a frame because they're a bit boring to look at after 20 years. I'd rather have family pictures which have some colour or laughter in them.

Calendargirl Tue 25-May-21 15:11:29


It’s supposed to be bad Feng shui to have photos of the past prominently on display. It drains your forward energy.

Why not have some happy photos of the people they are now🙂

We have a couple of our wedding photos on the wall in the hall, almost 49 years old.

Don’t know about draining forward energy! I just like to glance at our 19 and 21 year old faces, and fondly imagine that’s how we still look!

BlueBelle Tue 25-May-21 15:31:22

There is no set time/age and no one can decide for you
It is for you to look at and as far as I know no one has ever defined a rule of say ‘at the age of 30 you take down all adult children’s photos’ Some people will keep them up a year or two some will keep them for ever and some will never put them up totally personally to you and your husband
No one can advise you

Callistemon Tue 25-May-21 15:39:24

Well, they might be miffed if I did that!

Buffybee Tue 25-May-21 15:44:35

As you’re re-doing your house, you could put the photos in a drawer and if no-one comments on them not being on show, then it should be fine.
If someone mentions, you could always say, you haven’t got round to putting them out yet.
I doubt any of your adult children will even notice.

Franbern Tue 25-May-21 15:45:19

When I moved I took down and put away the Graduation photos of my kids. Eight in total (as Ihad for two of them both their Bachelors and Master pictures).
Have not put these back up in my flat, all packed away carefully. However, I do many family photos as part of my decorations.
I particularly love one photo of my six children from back in 1978, and that is displayed on top of bookcase along with a photo of the six of them at one of their weddings in 1999.. Unfortunately, by the time of the wedding photo of the next one, there were just five of them, so those two pictures are very precious.
I have lots of photo of that six child who died when he was 25 years of age. (19 years ago). He is always with me to look at.

Some years back, some kindly meant gentleman offered to photoshop him into a family photo taken a few years after his death - do not think he really understood my total horror at this.

I do have about four painting (all done by my Dad many years ago), but most of the pcitrues I have on display are of my children and, of course, some of my g.children.

Chestnut Tue 25-May-21 16:16:23

Franbern Some years back, some kindly meant gentleman offered to photoshop him into a family photo taken a few years after his death - do not think he really understood my total horror at this.
I agree! I would never in a million years want a deceased person added to a photograph. It has been happening for quite some time. I have seen a family photo from 1911 with a young woman added. It looked fake of course, but someone must have wanted it done.

Judy54 Tue 25-May-21 16:48:29

If you love them keep them on display teachkate it depends on if they bring you joy or not. I do so agree with Franbern and Chestnut the idea of adding a deceased person to a photograph is totally abhorrent to me. By all means keep pictures of loved ones who are no longer with us but please please do not add them to other photographs of say Grandchildren who never met them. Horrible!

Cabbie21 Tue 25-May-21 16:57:29

My son used to present me with huge photos, including his graduation photo. Having a small house,I have not put many of them up, and specifically not his graduation photo.
It is up to you, teachkate. It sounds as though you would be glad of an excuse not to display them any more. I am sure nobody would mind.

foxie48 Tue 25-May-21 17:00:55

Gosh I didn't know I was meant to display them I just put them in a drawer!

Chestnut Tue 25-May-21 17:11:27

Re the deceased family members, it would be nice to create a collage of them including deceased, where the pictures are separate. That would include them all but as separate photos. I would like that.

varian Tue 25-May-21 17:29:50

I know someone who did that with photos of the deceased. Her daughter calls it "the dead zone".

annodomini Tue 25-May-21 17:59:46

The biggest grad pic I have is of my first DGD. GS2 managed to look his usual scruffy self even in his graduation gown, but is there on the mantelpiece in a small double frame with DS1 in uniform the day of his passing out parade in the police. Several GC still to come. No wedding photos as DS1 is divorced and DS2 and partner have never married.

Gingster Tue 25-May-21 18:01:08

Yes time to put them away.

SueDonim Tue 25-May-21 18:17:16

I never got around to displaying any of my DC’s graduation photos. blush The oldest graduated in 1997 so I guess it’s a bit late to start now. The youngest only graduated last year so I suppose I could bung her in the loo for a bit. grin

Regarding the OP, do what makes you happy! If you want to see them, put them up. If you feel it’s time for a change, put them away. smile

teachkate Tue 25-May-21 20:03:06

Thank you all for your wise words - in the drawer they go 😂

teachkate Tue 25-May-21 20:06:23

Thank you I like a decisive response 👍🏻

Nansnet Wed 26-May-21 05:43:16

Our DS & DDs graduation photos have been relegated to the half landing upstairs. We now have a beautiful painted portrait of our old dog taking pride of place!grin

Grandma70s Wed 26-May-21 06:14:20

My sons’ graduation photos are still up, though not prominent. They’re in their late forties.

I also have photos of my two grandchildren, of my mother aged about 3, and a gorgeous one of my father aged 4 in 1912 - sailor suit, wide-brimmed straw hat and teddy bear! I have formal studio portraits of me aged 3 and my brother aged 5. I have my son’s wedding photo, one of my parents, grandmother, brother and me when I was ten, and one of me aged 12 in a tutu.

I love to have these visible reminders of family history.