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Early pregnancy feeling very sick

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pigsmayfly. Sun 12-Sep-21 10:54:30

Advice please Grans. What did you do to help with constantly feeling sick in early pregnancy (6weeks). Mum to be starting new job tomorrow, can’t tell anyone yet and not sure how she will cope.

CafeAuLait Sun 12-Sep-21 10:56:56

I put on a good front when I had to and then slept when I got home. Not great advice or helpful, but I never found a good solution. I did tell people I was pregnant early and that got me a bit of understanding. What a tough time to start a new job.

pigsmayfly. Sun 12-Sep-21 11:03:15

Indeed Cafe au Lait. I never suffered like this tbh

Daisend1 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:05:43

I was fortunate to have a FEMALE boss.

JaneJudge Sun 12-Sep-21 11:07:46

I always had to tell my work as I was really rough but are you worried it will put her new workplace off?

Hetty58 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:10:46

I remember it well - still! First, move very slowly and carefully. Allow plenty of time for everything. Find out what helps you, individually.

I used to eat dry cream crackers (or something starchy) before even attempting to get out of bed - and during nauseous moments. (My sickness lasted most of the day). I ate glucose tablets and lost weight.

I found toast and lemon marmalade was a good bet for breakfast - but coffee or tea was a no no. The lemony scent of citrus helped. Travel to work required a sick bag and water bottle.

There was no way I could hide it at work - as colleagues were worried that I was seriously ill, with all the sickness and fainting. I was sent off to hospital a few times!

With my third and fourth pregnancies I was extra bad. By that point it was futile trying to avoid being sick. I'd get it over with instead.

I'd have a pint glass of water at my bedside,, to be drunk first thing - to dilute the inevitable. There was no way I could have managed to also go to work by then!

GagaJo Sun 12-Sep-21 11:19:13

If she is sick ALL the time, there is a possibility she has hyperemesis gravidarum. IF that is the case (and I really hope it isn't, for her sake) she will eventually end up off sick. It's really important for her to talk to her doctor. Unfortunately, they know very little about it BUT it should go into her records. I think some anti sickness medication is OK and safe in pregnancy. The only thing that REALLY helped my DD was Vitimin B6 (given to her overseas) but they don't allow that to be taken here.

Things that helped my daughter. Ice. She would suck ice most of the time. It seemed that the cold helped to calm her stomach a little and helped her to retain some of the fluid. At times, lemon flavoured water (as in, a piece of lemon, NOT a bought drink).

I agree with Hetty. Not putting off vomiting for as long as she can. Although my daughter vomited 7 or 8 times daily, she felt a bit better immediately after vomiting and would for a short window of time be able to eat. Most of it would come up again, but some nutrition would be gained.

nanaK54 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:22:20

I second the ice, maybe one or three ginger biscuits before getting out of bed too
Poor thing, I hope that it is short-lived for her

pigsmayfly. Sun 12-Sep-21 11:31:51

Thanks Grannies. I’m passing this on as the suggestions come in. You are a wonderful lot!

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:34:15

A cup of tea, and rich tea biscuits before getting out of bed in the morning. Of course....she’d need someone to bring it for her!

Congratulations, and I hope all goes well for her.

GagaJo Sun 12-Sep-21 11:35:04

The only positive thing about HG is that for most people, it stops at 12 weeks. My poor DD was one of a tiny number for whom it lasted for her whole pregnancy. She vomited for the last time immediately after giving birth.

DiscoDancer1975 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:37:28


The only positive thing about HG is that for most people, it stops at 12 weeks. My poor DD was one of a tiny number for whom it lasted for her whole pregnancy. She vomited for the last time immediately after giving birth.

Aww, how horrible for her. Has she had any more?

Katyj Sun 12-Sep-21 11:38:33

Oh poor thing, it is horrible. I couldn’t work at all, I was so dizzy and sick. Mints helped a bit, and trying not to get hunger pains by eating little and often. If she can’t carry on the Dr will be able to help with medication. Good luck, hope she’s okay 🤞

ExDancer Sun 12-Sep-21 11:41:13

As for the new job, put on a brave face and hide it for a week (if you can). Then confess you are pregnant.
BUT remember Kate duchess of Cambridge's e

ExDancer Sun 12-Sep-21 11:42:56

somehow pressed 'send' sorry.
Kate was hospitalised, so if you are very bad do get checked by your midwife or GP as it can be serious.

Lincslass Sun 12-Sep-21 11:46:18

Ginger tea, biscuits and dry toast, if it’s really bad then you need to get advice from Midwife/GP. Not sure a good idea to start a new job, and not telling them you are pregnant.

Grandmajean Sun 12-Sep-21 11:47:42

Really horrible - I remember it well. In fact I waited four and a half years after the first baby before having a second ! Couldn't face the nausea. Didn't help that I am a bit emetophobic and avoided vomiting as often as possible ! I was prescribed a tablet which I don't think they use nowadays ( Debendox ) but Cyclizine is considered safe if you can't keep anything down and I think it is what they put in the drip if you are hospitalised. Plain biscuits and water before getting out of bed might help a bit but , as another poster says , you need to have somebody get them for you. Avoid any food or drink that you can't even bear to think about.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 12-Sep-21 11:49:30

Nothing worked for me for the whole 9 months, I had some pills from the Dr, which were better than nothing, but I had been in my job for a couple of years and I was able to go in late and stay after hours, no one minded me popping into the loo every hour or so.

I’m not sure how accommodating a new boss would be to find that she is pregnant, so she might find it awkward, hopefully it will soon pass, salty crisps always helped for an hour or so. Cracker biscuits didn’t help.

Nell8 Sun 12-Sep-21 12:03:29

I had to stop work for a couple of months until things settled around 12 weeks. I felt hellish and lost lots of weight. The GP didn't offer any help (40 years ago) other than reassurance that the baby wasn't suffering and would find all the nutrition it needed... He's 6'2" now! Oh .. and the GP said it would be a great contraceptive as I wouldn't want nookie again for ages. He was right!

Shelflife Sun 12-Sep-21 12:07:40

She has my sympathy. I was very sick with two of my three pregnancies. Driving to work was horrendous! Fortunately a short journey, on arrival I headed straight for the loo. For me, I sipped hot orange squash
( Ki ora) remember that anyone? Took toothbrush and paste to work , couldn't put the brush in my mouth without throwing up ! Luckily it did pass after about 14 weeks. Not nice but hopefully it will pass for her too and will not be the more serious sort of morning sickness.

Kalu Sun 12-Sep-21 12:09:37

Ginger works for settling the stomach. As mentioned, I second ginger tea and ginger biscuits. Keep fresh ginger in the fridge and add a slice to a glass of water, also take a bottle of ginger water to work.

Good luck to your DD. Poor girl feeling like this when she is about to start a new job.

25Avalon Sun 12-Sep-21 12:38:34

Cream crackers or other dry biscuits with thinly spread marmite. Twiglets also quite good.

With 3rd child I could only eat mashed bananas and drink lemonade and felt terribly ill.

BlueBelle Sun 12-Sep-21 12:46:54

First pregnancy I was living in the tropics and just kept fainting as well as feeling so sick wasnt so bad with second and third but it did seem to go on for ever
Gingers good but don’t have too much it can work on your bowels a fresh orange is helpful too otherwise it’s just a case of getting on best you can

Ladyleftfieldlover Sun 12-Sep-21 12:47:10

My first pregnancy was dire. I was rushed to hospital at 11 weeks and put on a drip. I probably worked no more than 3 days out of 5 for most of the pregnancy. I was sick every day and always had a carrier bag hanging from the dining chair to be sick into! My boss was very sympathetic. My daughter was four weeks premature so I didn’t have much time off after leaving work and giving birth! I nibbled on plain biscuits a fair bit, which helped.

Luckygirl Sun 12-Sep-21 13:33:27

Graze - just nibble all day - dry biscuits, ginger biscuits etc. Melissa drops are also helpful.